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Mosquito Rejects Claims in CuMo Appeal of Forest Service Assessment

April 6, 2011
Mosquito Rejects Claims in Cumo Procedural Appeal of Comprehensive
U.S. Forest Service Environmental Assessment

Boise, ID – Mosquito Consolidated Gold Mines, Ltd., today announced that it
has received notice that an administrative appeal was filed by the Idaho
 Conservation League and other environmental organizations regarding the
 Environmental Assessment conducted by the U.S. Forest Service for the
CuMo Exploration Project. By rule, the Forest Service has to act on the
appeal within 45 days.

“The appeal by the environmental groups is a fully expected tactic, even where
a company proposes only mineral exploration on public lands. The delays
involved in such appeals are not welcome, of course, but it’s not a surprise
and has been included in Mosquito’s proposed work schedule,” said Shaun
Dykes, CuMo project manager.

Based on its review of the appeal so far, Mosquito believes the environmental
organizations’ position to be without merit. “We believe the Forest Service’s
 Environmental Assessment will be affirmed,” said Dykes. “We will remain
prepared to conduct our exploration as scheduled.”

"The Forest Service spent hundreds of hours of thorough and detailed scientific
analysis to complete their due diligence on the Environmental Assessment.
We trust in their finding that the exploration will result in few measurable
environmental impacts, and in fact, will improve conditions over those anticipated
under the ‘no action’ alternative,” said Dykes. "In addition, we heard from many
residents of Boise County during the hearing process and nearly 80 percent are in
support of the project with the confidence that our environmental practices were
among the most stringent in the industry."

Mosquito says many of the appeal’s claims are simply inaccurate. For example,
although the appeal asserts that road setbacks from riparian areas are inadequate,
Dykes explained that Mosquito not only meets, but exceeds, the existing standard.
“The riparian set-back standard is 300 feet. We will stay at least 500 feet away.”
Another example is the appeal’s assertion that too few shade trees will be
protected in riparian zones. Dykes pointed out that no shade trees in riparian
zones will be affected by any of the exploratory work. “The same goes for water
temperatures in streams, contrary to the claim in the appeal,” he commented. As
to the appeal’s claim that the exploration will increase sediment in local streams,
Dykes stated that “Mosquito’s strict adherence to the terms of the EA and
applicable permits will actually result in a decrease in stream sediment loads.”
Additional inaccuracies in the environmental organizations’ claims will be identified
as a full analysis of the appeal document is completed.

Mosquito expects the Forest Service to evaluate the appeal and issue a final
decision within 45 days, or by May 19, 2011. "We've talked to all constituent
groups, including the environmental community, in a process that started in 2008
 and have remained committed to working with them throughout the process,"
said Dykes. "We're confident that our scientists, geologists and environmentalists
have examined all aspects of the exploration and certainly the U.S. Forest Service
has responded to this with a comprehensive Assessment that supports our
state-of-the-art methods. This is not a mine proposal; it is a project seeking to
 drill a mineralized zone so that we, the Forest Service, and the public can obtain
the facts as to whether a mine is feasible.”

Mosquito Consolidated Gold Mines Limited is a mining exploration and
development company with a diverse portfolio of high potential precious and base
metals projects, located in low political risk environments in North America.
The company’s primary focus is developing its Idaho-based CuMo project, one
of the world’s largest molybdenum deposits. For more information about the
company, please visit and

Doug Cole
Scott Peyron & Associates, Inc. (
211 Main StreetBoise ID 83702
Mobile: 208-841-4300

Shaun M. Dykes
Director and Exploration Manager
Mosquito Consolidated Gold Mines Limited
1616 West 3rd Avenue, Ste. 100Vancouver, BC V6J1K2
Office: 604-689-7902
Cell: 604-520-6511
Fax: 604-689-7816

John R. Moeller, Ph.D.
Forsgren Associates, Inc.
415 S. 4th St.
Boise, ID 83702Office: 208-342-3144
Cell: 208-863-7343
Fax: 208-345-7532
(Engineering consultant to Mosquito)

Background on Mosquito Consolidated Gold Mines:
Mosquito Consolidated Gold Mines Limited is a Canadian mining exploration
and development Company with a diverse portfolio of high potential precious and
 base metals projects located ineconomically sound and politically stable
environments in North America. The Company’s name derives from Mosquito
Creek Gold Mining Limited which was the Company’s name from 1971 to 1987.

Mosquito maintains low-cost operations, is well financed, and has little debt.
The stock is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange – Venture (TSX-V) under the
trading symbol MSQ. Mosquito holds four molybdenum exploratory projects in the
United States. In addition, the Company isdiversified with multi-element projects
 including significant gold interests.

Mosquito’s primary focus is developing its Idaho-based CuMo project,
an exploratory effort thatcould involve one of the world’s largest molybdenum
deposits—a strategic metal that is proving to be instrumental in pushing the limits
of performance and tolerance in ecological, high temperature,
corrosive, and other precision applications in science and industry worldwide. For
more information about the Company, please visit and

Investor information:
This news release was issued on behalf of the Board of Directors of Mosquito
 Consolidated Gold
Mines Ltd., Brian McClay, President.
Mr. Shaun M. Dykes, M.Sc. (Eng), P.Geo., Exploration Manager and Director
of Mosquito, is the designated qualified person for the CuMo project.
He prepared the technical information contained in this news release.

This news release was prepared by management, which takes full responsibility
for its contents.

The TSX-VENTURE exchange does not accept responsibility for the adequacy
or accuracy of this release. This news release includes certain statements that express
 management’s expectation or estimates of future performance and may be deemed
“forward-looking statements.” These forward-looking statements include plans,
estimates, forecasts, and statements as to management’s expectations regarding the
CuMo project. These forward-looking statements involve assumptions, risks, and
uncertainties. Actual results may vary materially. For these reasons, shareholders
should not place undue reliance on such forward-looking information.
United States residents are cautioned that some of the information that may be
 published by Mosquito may not be consistent with United States Securities and
Exchange Commission disclosure rules and may be materially different from what
 the Company is permitted to disclose in the United States and, therefore, United
States residents should not rely on such information.

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