Friday, April 8, 2011

Mountain Rendezvous: Idaho Off Road Club Looking for Demonstration Location

The Big Guys are looking forward to "The Mountain Rendezvous" this year.
We all see this event as a wonderful event for the Garden Valley community
and The Big Guys encourage the local folks in Crouch and Garden Valley to
be a part of this year's event.

As a new feature, The Idaho Off Road Club (I.O.C.) will be attending and
would like to do a short demonstration of their vehicles, to make the
community aware of their club and activities.

They would like to have your help to find a location with rocks, that might
allow them to do an event like you see in this video clip:

To learn more about The Big Guys and their event, they would also like to
 direct you to their MOUNTAIN RENDEZVOUS Face Book page:

While this event has started out as a motorcycle event, they welcome
everyone to attend and enthusiasts of motorcycles, hot rods and trucks
to participate.
(See Flyer Below) 

If you have questions feel free to call or email, check their sites and,
more than anything, participate in their event.
Lonny R. Willis (208) 250-8507

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