Monday, April 11, 2011

School News: Schwan's Fundraiser for Activities!

Neighborly News
From GV School Principal Bob Vian 

Schwan’s Fund Raiser
If you enjoy Schwan’s fine selection of foods,
you can help raise money for extra-curricular
activities here at school, when you purchase your
favorite snacks, pizzas, or other foods.

Jeff Corder, the local Schwan’s distributor, has
an offer for us that is too good to miss. You
can order on-line or buy gift cards to use for
your purchases (the gift card has to be used
completely on each purchase, no credits are given,
so please order the $10 cards unless you make
large purchases over $25). If the community spends
$3000 on this campaign, the school will receive
a 20% commission on all purchases.

Jeff feels we can sell $5000 plus by the end of
the May campaign, which will raise $1000 for field
trips and extra-curricular activities next school

On-Line Orders
1. Go to to see all the Schwan’s
2. Or go to  for the
online order option.
3. Enter the requested information.
4. Our fund raising campaign ID# is 33956.

Schwan’s Gift Cards
If you already have Jeff calling on you, please
order some gift cards to purchase your products
from him. They work just like cash, but he cannot
give change, so $10 cards must all be spent in
their entirety. If you have an order of $18 dollars,
use a $10 card and $8 cash, etcetera.

To order gift cards:
1. Go to and click on the Gift
Cards link.
2. Or call 1-888-Schwans and inform customer service that you would like to purchase cards.
3. Use the fund raiser ID# 33956.
4. Select Denominations $10 or $25.
5. Gift Cards will be mailed to your address of
choice and you can use them the next time Jeff
calls on you.
6. Gift cards purchased during April and May will
be credited to our fund raising, even if they are
spent later in the summer, so consider buying a
couple of extra cards if you are a regular Schwan’s

Jeff will also set up a day in May, about the
18th or 19th, when he will have his truck at
school for the afternoon serving anyone who doesn’t
get regular service at home.

Science Class
Mrs. Johnson’s fourth grade science class experienced some hands-on
learning Wednesday, with the help of Kari Wier from the U.S. Forest
Service. Kari brought a USFS trailer with sand and running water to Garden
Valley Elementary, to help students learn more about watersheds and erosion.

Track team
We are looking for 8-10 railroad ties to build a shot put pit. If anyone has

one or more, please contact Principal Vian, who will pick them up. We could
really use a couple of truck loads of cinders or pea gravel for the pit if anyone
could help.

Spring Food Drive
For the next two weeks, students will be collecting food for the Garden Valley
community.  Please drop off non-perishable food in the lobby of the school,
or send it with students.

Picture Day~
Spring Pictures will be taken on April 12th.

Student Council purchases new blinds for MPR~

The student Council has approved spending about $3000 to purchase power-
operated blinds for the Multiple Purpose Room. They will be professionally
installed for that purchase price. The blinds will operate with a remote
control and should black out almost 100% of the light coming into the room
from the windows. This will allow us to use videos and power points much
more effectively at events like graduation or when a guest speaker talks to
the students.
The student council is using funds that they have accumulated over the
history of Garden Valley student council. These monies may only be spent
by the student council. They are not taxpayer provided funds.
Choral Festival Success~
The GVSD choir (grades 6-12) participated in the Idaho Music Educator’s
District III evaluation at Eagle High School on last Thursday, the 7th.

This was the first performance evaluation Garden Valley has ever entered.
The group was rated by three judges and received a Superior Evaluation from
all three. No group can score higher than this.

Congratulations to the Garden Valley Vocal Ensemble and Mr. DeFoe.

Sixth Grade’s Experienced Friends~

Mrs. Ward’s sixth grade had some of the Garden Valley’s “experienced
adults” in,  to discuss their “personal history”. The visitors answered
questions about their aspirations as youngsters and their lives since. 
Thanks to Leta Ryals, Robert McIntyre and Karen Phillips.

Elementary Wrestling~

Elementary Wrestling began on Monday, the 4th.  Other practices will be April 11,
13 and 16. . Practice will  run from 3:50 PM to 4:45 PM. Wrestlers should
meet coach Palmiotto in the wrestling room.

Idaho Standards Achievement Tests will start April 18th. These high stakes
tests are given to students between 3rd and 10th grade in math, reading,
language, and science. Idaho requires students meet 10th grade competency
in math, reading, and language,  to graduate.

Travel Club~

The Travel Club is raising funds to travel to France and Italy next year
during spring break. Mrs. Grosvenor is the club advisor. The students
will host a Wi Night in the Multipurpose Room on April 14th between
7 – 10:00 AM as a fund raiser. Cost is $5 for “players” and $1 for spectators.
Hotdogs will be available, so there is no need to cook dinner. If you have
tasks the high school students can perform to earn funds or want to make
contributions for the group or individual students, please see Mrs. Grosvenor.


April 11: School Board Meeting in FLEX room 6:00
Golf team at Ridgecrest in Nampa 3:00
April 13: HS Track at Parma 3:00
April 14: MS Track at Horseshoe Bend 4:00
April 18: Cheerleading Awards and banquet Mult-Purpose Room 6:30
April 19: Golf team at Buffalo Peak in Union, OR 1:00
April 21: MS Track at Horseshoe Bend 4:00
HS Track at New Plymouth 3:00
April 23: Prom in MPR 8:00
April 28: MS Track at Horseshoe Bend 4:00
Junior Job Shadow in Boise 7:00 am (spend the night)
April 29: Junior Compass Test in Nampa
Golf team County View in Vale, OR 10:00
Capitol and zoo trip for 6th grade students
April 30: HS Track at Horseshoe Bend 10:30
May 4: Golf team at Terrace Lakes in GV TBA
PTO meeting in FLEX room at 4:00
May 5: Music concert HS/MS band, all choirs, elementary band and

strings~~ 7:00
May 7: HS Track at Long Pin meet in Horseshoe Bend 9:30
May 9: School Board Meeting in FLEX room 6:00
May 10-11: Senior Project presentations 3-7 PM
May 12: HS District Track at Horseshoe Bend Noon
May 14: HS District Track at Horseshoe Bend 9:30
May 16-17: State Golf at Lakeview in Meridan TBA
May 17-18: Senior Finals
May 17-20: Fifth Grade Outdoor School in Cascade
May 19: Graduation Practice
May 22: Graduation in the Multipurpose Room 6:00
May 26: Last day of school


  1. $3000 for new blinds? I understand it is 100% student council money, but really, in our economny, you expect people to be happy about that?
    Oh, and congrats to Mr. Defoe, leading our choir to such hieghts, too bad he won't be coming back...
    ~a disgruntled student

    I know I'm starting drama! But honestly, all the bickering in the community has died down at the worst possible time!

  2. so the board decided to wait another month to axe teachers,programs, extra personnel, sports. The staff will have hard time getting another teaching job this late in the year. I would take my unemployment and tell them to go to #ell

  3. The blinds are not going to happen. What was a great story about the students' gift to the school ended when the volleyball coach and a few others threw a fit about it.

    Regarding layoffs, we now know the board directed Tomlin and Vian to talk to each of those employees, and then didn't have the courage to follow up on the action they demanded, nor to speak up until too late to cover their admin.

    Anon 3:34 is spot on. Get the hell out of Dodge if you can. This community doesn't deserve the quality it has with its school. The kids do, but that's it.