Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Senior Center Wants to Adopt Lowman School!

Board member Chuck Crooks, new ad hoc Treasurer Carol Wyckoff, Board Prez Ron Richter, new Meals on Wheels Driver Debbie Shambaugh & EOA Coordinator Marcie Pyorre pan for the cam.

The Garden Valley Senior Center has been busy making decisions this week. The board held their regular meeting two weeks late in the month to accommodate Boise County Commissoners in regards to a memorandum of agreement to use the Senior Center building for congregate care of victims of emergencies or disasters in the Garden Valley area. Board members were disappointed and not a little frustrated when, after years of trying to negotiate and making plans to help out the County, it was a no show.


Not people to let a gathering of the board go to waste, they set about other business. With money burning in the Granny's Closet account, it was decided to donate $1,000 to the Garden Valley Library, to use as they see fit. Granny's head honchette, Ruth Richter, said, "There are things we can do to give back to our community--the library needs money to finish up the building."

The Senior Center has a stove problem: Burners are getting iffy and the ovens don't heat evenly. Granny's will help with a good used (or new) professional stove, by supplementing what is needed after a fundraiser by EOA Coordinator Marcie Pyorre and Cook Darla Knights. They have concocted a plan to sell Avon products, with an 80% profit going to the Center's stove. When you see them coming, just remember it's for a great cause!

The board got excited when Ruth Richter told a little story about being told Lowman School needed books, because of cuts in funding. School Superintendent Mike Tomlin assured me that there is no funding cut affecting any book purchases for the Lowman School. The Lowman School teacher is paid more than than if she were in Garden Valley, and the Lowman Budget is more than any other classroom. He said, "The last time I was there, we had a shed completely full of books and curricular materials, far beyond what any other classroom has." Well, Ruth wasn't to know and any appropriate books at Granny's were given to teacher Pam Dovel and Richter sent off more afterwards. The board voted to adopt the Lowman School, providing the school accepts the offer. The plan would be to get lists of supplies and books needed and give Senior Center members the opportunity to help the kids out. Tomlin remarked, "I don't want to dampen the Senior Center's gracious enthusiasm. And helping the kids with their supplies is a great idea!"


Another plan is under way to give more thrills to Center members and hopefully GV School youngsters, by re-instating the Seniors & Kids Reading Program. Some teachers have been polled, with positive responses, and Principal Bob Vian will be contacted. Keep your fingers crossed, because it used to be a fun project for all concerned and the Center looks forward to helping out. It looks like Fridays will be a perfect time, because of the 4-Day week, which leaves some kids available for storytimes. The board decided, if the teachers want us, all they have to do is call.
The Garden Valley Quilters Guild has been a wonderful boon to the Center's economy, by regularly renting the building. Board President Ron Richter said about them: "They are good campers--they leave the place better than when they arrived!" The Guild recently donated a lovely quilted American flag by Sue Whitted to the Center. Drop by to check it out.

The board wants to thank board member Judy Meserth for her gracious help with keeping the books. Volunteer Carol Wyckoff will be taking over this daunting task, as ad hoc treasurer.
So far the Center has no takers to help out with the new maintenance list; it goes on for miles.
Volunteers are welcome, for such items as taking down old Christmas lights, painting the green trim, tighten loose railings outside building, removing protruding wires that have no purpose, cleaning vents, treat deck, nail down threshold boards, seals on doors, replacement desk for computer, cover built over trash cans...and on and on. The Center has no problem with providing materials.
Pay attention to announcements for the Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest.

Flu Shots will be given at the Center on October 20, between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m.

Be sure to do your shopping at the Holiday Bazaar, November 6 and 7. Hand-made crafts, homemade treats to take home, and have lunch at the center, with soups, chilis, pies & cakes.

Mark your calendars for Veterans Day, Thursday, November 11, when the Center will honor all Vets, no age limit!, with a free meal and kudos.

For information on Meal on Wheels, seniors programs, exercise and anything else, call 462-3943. The Senior Center is located at 261 S. Middle Fork Road, GV/Crouch.

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