Wednesday, September 22, 2010



A few days ago I was surprised to see a dozen cars, including Sheriff and Forest Service vehicles, parked at the junction of Lightning Creek and Middlefork Roads.

I watched as a helicopter landed with a load of full-grown marijuana plants. After several helicopter trips into the forest and back, workers filled a dump truck and trailer with dozens of plants.

Days later I learned that law enforcement discovered a marijuana farm up Boom Creek about a half mile south of the Hardscrabble Campground and bridge. I often hike several of the trails around that area, including the trails up Boom Creek, Bell Creek and One Spoon trail, yet I never came across this farm. A good thing, for my intrusion would probably not have been appreciated.

Rich Smith, shown here frying burgers for the Senior Center Rummage Sale, is a retired physicist and engineering manager, who now writes from his home in Garden Valley. His first novel, Time Lacuna, originally published in 2003, was published with its sequel, New Eden (The Southern Continent) in 2009. Out of China, a true story originating from the unpublished journals of Kay Pate and published in 2005, recounts one man's harrowing five-month journey to escape WWII Japanese occupied China. Smith is currently deep into his latest novel, Powerless, so keep an out.

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