Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The September 13 regular meeting of the Garden Valley School Board had lots of positive business to attend to and good news to impart.

The board voted to appoint savvy local realtor and construction company owner Dawn Smith to fill the Zone II vacancy left by Pete Wier. Smith displays her smarts as president of Crouch City Council, and with her business acumen and solid demeanor, she comes to the board prepared.

The $2.7M biomass boiler is ready for work and the receiving building is about finished.

In regards to the Boise County Community Justice Program,Val Delyea spoke about the memorandum of understanding being considered between the School District and the Program. Several patrons spoke in favor. The Superintendent will gather input from the board on desired aspects of the MOU.

Georgianna Goetsch announced efforts to build the baseball field on District grounds are still underway, using volunteers and donations.

Mark Dixon, representing Harlows Bus Service, related amended bus routes. A five-year contract with Harlows was approved, along with bus routes and safety busing stops.

New principal Bob Vian hasn’t missed a beat, since he joined the Wolverines. He’s been in and out of each classroom, doing walk-throughs and giving feedback. He says the instructors are looking good.

Mr. Vian announced that over half of the seniors are electing to participate in the Laptops for Seniors programs, checking out a school district computer at no cost for the school year.

The 4-Day Work Week schedule was outlined, with the school meeting more days than required by the State (990 hours for HS). The District adopted the schedule that would hold school on the Fridays following Monday holidays. The great news is that, though attendance can often fall on those Fridays, the first one after Labor Day was well attended by students.

Superintendent Tomlin reported that over 300 firefighters moved onto the old campus and set up headquarters and operations facilities to respond to recent forest fires. The school district was paid for use of the facility and Dr. Tomlin applauded the firefighters for leaving the grounds in better shape than they received them.

The Auditor's letter, from the Annual District Audit, showed that finances and financial practices of the district are in order.

Dr. Tomlin announced the District stands to receive $69,000 over the next 27 months, from the Jobs Bill. When the money is received, decisions will be made on how it will be used.

During the first week of school, Ward's Green Houses donated $400, to be distributed equally to each of the 3 new teachers (Kindergarten, First Grade, and Business Technology) and the music program.

The District provided a Community Forum for the board meeting, in which speakers were limited to three minutes each, and could not make open session comments critical of students, minor children or employees of the district. Several patrons spoke on issues of interest to them.

Though there is now the complete five member board, one member was absent and the election of board officers was tabled. It is not clear as to whether or not they will hold the vote in Lowman or wait until back in GV for November’s meeting.

The October 11 meeting will be held at Lowman School, at 6:00 p.m. For information, contact District Clerk Paula Fox, at 462-3756.