Friday, September 24, 2010


Granny's Closet is the Senior Center's answer to every department in America. What does she say? "Why spend your hard-earned or easily gotten bucks in those over-priced black holes? We won't suck your money out of your pocket and we will fill your bag with gently-used treasures our wonderful residents have donated." Need a cozy blanket for a late evening picnic by the river? How about a some warm jackets, gloves and hats to keep out the chill? Hardware, kitchen supplies, gifts and a good book on just about anything. 261 Middle Fork Road, Crouch/GV. Open Fridays, 1-5 and Saturdays, 10-4. Shop Granny's!
Sit next next to the most beautiful football field in Idaho and watch the Wolverines tromp the Tri Valley Titans for HOMECOMING! 4 p.m. Friday, at Garden Valley School. Homecoming Kings & Queens will be crowned too. The excitement doesn't stop there. Head inside for Volleyball games and fill your tum with the PTO's yummy concessions.
So many things to do in Garden Valley. Our rivers and the woods in the fall are tamer and cooler, and when you need munchies and something for dinner, check out Crouch Farmer's Market, Wild Bill's, The Longhorn and The Merc, Downtown Crouch.
You can have your hair done (Sun Country 208-462-4554), buy great gifts, get new duds, find a babysitter, get your car fixed, buy pet food (208-462-4420), take flowers home, and browse in the bookstore. Speaking of books, the library is open Friday, 10-6 and Saturday, 10-4 (support our new library--buy totes to carry your buys and ask about other items for sale).
The Merc is just too darned small to keep its summer inventory now, so get in there and get the deals. Greg says, "Come on down and check out our great “2 for” sale on selected items through the end of September; here are a few examples."
Previously viewed video’s $2.99 each or 2 for $4.00.
Bread in a Bag $4.99 each or 2 for $8.00.
BBQ selected tools 2 for $3.00 (tongs, basting brushes, grill brush) – other BBQ tools also on sale. White knit picker work gloves 2 pair for $1.50.
Brown jersey gloves 2 pair for $1.50.
Kids toys- Bubble Wand – giant bubble blowing sets $9.39 each or 2 for $14.00.
Mini BBQ’s for hunting or camping – 2 for $8.00.
100ft Clothesline 2 for $7.00.
Opaque Shower liners 2 for $8.00 .
Kids – kites 2 for $6.00 .
2 for $$$$$ storage containers, candles, Hot Shot insect sprays, NOS energy drinks, Full Throttle energy drinks.
In addition to the fun items listed above, how about these:
Patio Propane Heaters – only 3 left. $139.00. Check out Lowes and Home Depot…on sale they are going for $150……and here, you get an additional 5% with your card. How fun to sit out on the patio on a chilly night with the warmth of one of these heaters!
Hammocks – store for next year – must go - only $39.99.
It’s that time again. Garden Valley School has the opportunity to earn $$$$’s through the redemption of box tops taken from General Mills products. We carry many of the products, but no matter where you shop, the box tops can be dropped at the Merc or at the School to be used by Garden Valley. The Merc will donate 500 box tops to get things rolling, so join the fun and drop the tops when you shop! Look for the display at both the Merc and the School.

It’s been awhile since we highlighted what’s happening at the Chevron and since then, many new convenient items have appeared to help with that road trip, quick breakfast, lunch or snack.
Blue Bunny Hand Scooped Ice Cream
Regular Cone w/one scoop .99
Waffle Cone w/one scoop 1.49
Each additional scoop .50
Or we can put in a cup w/spoon
This week we have Huckleberry, Cookies ‘n’ Cream, Peppermint Stick, Praline Pecan.
We keep the Huckleberry all the time; other flavors change as we run out.
NEW!!! Freschetta Foldover Flatbreads. Three Meat Italian, Spicy Buffalo Chicken
Three Cheese. Excellent eat on the run item. $2.99 each
As always, great Chester Fried Chicken – call ahead for large or special orders.

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