Sunday, September 26, 2010


The outside painting of the new Garden Valley Library began last week and she's looking pretty. What a fine building it is and I believe we need to get with the program and take pride in this project. I am getting excited, anyway. I look forward to many more new books and DVDs, sitting in the reading area with a coffee on the table next to me, seeing kids with rooms of their own and research materials for projects--and there are many along with me who will be using and really appreciating that new community meeting room.

Not that there is anything wrong with our wondeful old downtown Crouch Library. There is a soft spot in my heart that wants to keep it there forever, but we move with the times. I'm including here an old photo I took of two of my favorite people (and librarians) awhile back (L, Carol Lynde & Lois Hefernan, R). Rushing in with costumes and "cigars" of cardboard, I insisted they get into them and shoved the cigars into their hands with an image of Groucho Marx in mind. Carol balked, saying she wasn't sure the cigar was a good image for the children to see! "Deadbeat", I said.

Lately, the Friends of the GV Library have been selling Tote Bags, with the project being headed up by Christy Jauregui and Kathy Passie. Hand-made by many volunteers, the Totes come in fun fabrics and are waterproof--great for "tote-ing" produce, wet bathing suits, plants and of course, anything else, not to mention BOOKS! They will be sold at the Crouch Farmers Market every Saturday morning til the October closing and are available at the library for $15, regular and $20, large. Also for sale are library t-shirts and notecards. All proceeds go to the Building Fund.

The library is not to be missed by anyone visiting Garden Valley. Check it out before it is too late to enjoy the ambience, friendly reception and funky, old structure. Ask for a book on the history of it and you'll appreciate this town all the more!

Let's face it--there are taxpayers out there who are not happy with some of the library board's decisions. If we look at the process they were involved with and consider each step (Rodes' property, yes; then, an offer for a great deal that turned out in the end to not be what it seemed; meanwhile, residents hollering "where's the beef?"), perhaps we should forgive and get behind this beautiful project.

To contact the library for information on materials, programs, products and financial pledges for the building fund, phone (208) 462-3317 or

The library is now utilizing LiLI Services, which allow members to find books locally and worldwide and put holds on library books; you can also access magazine articles for free.

The Teen Reading Program, headed by Angie Waters, meets every other Tuesday evening, from 6:30 to 8:00. Call the library.
Pre-school Story Time, for 2 1/2 to 5 year-olds, is every Wednesday morning, 10:30 to 11:15.

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