Thursday, August 22, 2013

La Flambé Poi Dancers are Poetry in Motion

  Poi is a form of dance executed by gracefully swinging tethered weights in rhythmic and geometrical patterns. Rooted in the culture of the Māori people of New Zealand, who dance with poi in traditional ceremonies, poi has merged with modern day dance and is popular around the world. Contemporary poi spinners use flags, LED poi, and other tools which express beautiful, dramatic patterns.
La Flambe performs Saturday, August 24, at 9pm, Downtown Crouch

  La Flambé was born when former Garden Valley resident, Marilyn Rich, began poi instruction at the Garden Valley Fitness Center, in 2009. Current members say that Rich’s passion, along with the joy that poi conveys, “was contagious and caught on like wildfire among the women”.

  When requests started coming in to spin fire, ribbons, and LED poi at fund-raising, special, and just-for-fun events, the performing arts group, “La Flambé”, was born. Their skill sets include LED, fire and ribbon poi, along with hula hoops and fire fans. Long after Marilyn Rich moved away, the group continues to thrive and demonstrate the enthusiasm Marilyn inspired.

  On Saturday, August 24, at 9 p.m., La Flambé will perform a free fire and LED light show in front of Golden Eagle Radio in downtown Crouch, to drum up support for their dream to attend workshops at Lake Tahoe Flow Arts Festival this September, where
they'll learn from top artists from around the country.

   Raffle tickets are on sale now, which offer the chance to win prizes, including a professional-grade hula hoop, a hypnosis session, or a signed and framed picture of the Springs Fires, by local, esteemed Idaho photographer, Kari Greer. Raffle tickets will be drawn and winners announced at the show. Tickets may be purchased from La Flambé members and at Boardwalk Stores--Syringa Floral and Gifts, Red Rooster and Raven's Nest--which will be open for the evening, with special sales offerings and light refreshments.

 Though you need not be present to win items on the raffle list, there will be a few select raffle items not on the list, including a carpet cleaning service and hair care at Sun Country Salon, that will be drawn only for those present.
   This is a sassy group of women that you don’t want to miss: Sophia Plonka lives with her grandparents, though she traveled all over the world with mom and dad, while they were with the circus.  Dee Polley works, walks, gardens and spins in Garden Valley. Liz McInally is a joyful hula-hooping madwoman, who can be seen selling hoops everywhere she can.

  Anna Ross, owner of Raven’s Nest, creates gorgeous jewelry and leads mandala painting classes and other workshops.  Courtney Ignatich brightens the lives of patrons at the Garden Valley Market with her wit and smile and as a juxtaposition, just won the Cross Fit Paleo challenge. Melanie Elenes has a beautiful voice and performs at various functions. Bela Elenes, 12-years-old and fearless, loves to perform, and inspires everyone.

  Stacie Smith is a year-round athlete, participates in school and
community events, along with a full-time job, and active family (whew!). Mila Ignatich is going into second grade and loves to read, giggle, spin poi, hula hoop and live life.  Sharon Svenson is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and sells a line of Life Changing CDs: Check her website and Facebook at Svenson Hypnosis.

  To find out more about La Flambé, or if you are considering booking them for a special event, see and like them on Facebook @ LaFlambeSisters or email:

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