Sunday, August 25, 2013

Higher Boise County Budget Proposed

Contributed by Jayne Reed Hello Boise County Taxpayers- I am sure that you all remember that we are paying off the Alamar debt with a bond that we voted on last year. When deciding to tax ourselves to get rid of this debt, we wanted the County Commissioners to follow strict guidelines with the remaining tax dollars that we give the county. They are supposed to use any leftover funds from any account to help pay the bond. The Commissioners are supposed to hold the budget level or reduce it. WELL, if you look at the corrected budget that the paper printed this week, the Commissioners are proposing a higher budget. Commissioner Anderson stated in several meetings that she wants to keep the promise to the taxpayers and NOT have increases. The two new Commissioners, Barbara Balding and Vicki Wilkins, are not sure that the people understood that holding the budget level or reducing it, could POSSIBLY mean cuts in services until the bond is paid off. So consequently, Balding and Wilkins are “not comfortable” making those cuts without hearing from the people. Tell the Commissioners to keep the promise that was made last year and make the cuts to the budget! Our deadline to comment and hope the Commissioners will decrease the budget is Monday, August 26 at 5pm. We can fax comments to the clerk’s office at (208)392-4473, or send emails to all of the Commissioners:,, and The other option is to show up at the budget hearing on Tuesday, August 27 from 6-8pm at the Miner’s Exchange in Idaho City. Thank you, Jayne Reed


  1. Yeah, they lied to us. But what can we do? NOTHING!

  2. Thanks Ms. Reed. We really have to wonder about the future of small community self-government. The county is broke because of stubbornness. The Garden Valley school district still faces two lawsuits, unless one has been settled now. Either way the people will pay.

    It is more than a little depressing.

  3. The GV school district faced one lawsuit, not two. If a settlement is made, I'm sure it will be a bargain.

  4. I think you are right, a settlement will be a bargain for the taxpayers compared to a court verdict should the school district lose. Those things are never certain.

    Court records show only one suit currently filed. The assault and hostile workplace suit against the board and the one trustee may have already been individually settled without filing, or it may still be in the wings.