Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bikers Gather for Mountain Rendezvous

  The Big Guys, a core group of motorcyclists from Caldwell, joined by riders from various parts of the country, will descend upon Crouch the week-end of August 23—26, for what organizer, Lonny Willis, says may turn into a music festival as well as a bike rally.
  “This will probably take on a life of its own”, says Willis, “the county knows, the police department knows, it’s something that goes along with the motorcycle crowd. The event exposes the community to our guys—we’re not the bad asses on TV. We aren’t politically correct but we are personally responsible. We are doctors, lawyers, artists—but we are all bike enthusiasts.”

  This is the fourth annual Mountain Rendezvous, and the group hopes that this year, it will take off. “So far, we’ve gotten more response than any Big Guys events--ever,” enthuses Willis, “This is going to be a blast.”

  The blast, promoted by Big Guys and the Dirty Shame Saloon, will begin with pre-event registration at the Shame. Friday set-up is at River Pond Campground.

  According to Lonny Willis, this is a great opportunity for the community to be served by people they don’t know and enjoy bands they may not have heard.

  Registration for each bike is $35 for the week-end, $20 daily, or a $10 daily gate fee for the Beer Garden and band area, which includes one beer token. There will be a DJ at the campground all week-end long, with two bars for beer and one for liquor. Be aware that this is considered adult entertainment, though children may attend with a parent.

  Friday night, Last Man Standing will play at the campground from 6—10, and there will be a wet t-shirt contest for the ladies. Steve Wall Band will be featured at the Shame that night.

  The Motorcycle Race will take place on Saturday, at the campground, where Moto Kitty will play from 1—4. The Bike Rodeo includes Weenie Bite, Cone Race, Slo Drags, Keg Push and Bartender Races. Saturday will rock with music by Juke Daddys, from 6—10 p.m. and Blues Night happens at the Shame, with Steve Wall Band.

  Sunday’s Jam Session will include “The Cooler”.

   Games will be played throughout the week-end—don’t forget the Poker Run--and awards and trophies handed out. Pull up those shirts and pull down those trousers to show off your best tattoos. There may be a frozen t-shirt contest thrown in too. More events are being added.

  If you bring Fido, George at the campground requests that you keep him in your area, clean up after him, and use a leash when walking.

  Lonny Willis acknowledges that the event “is certainly fun!” He says, “But as soon as it’s done, we evaluate and start planning for next year. It gets intense around March. We want to do things differently to keep it fresh but also have to fall in line with the traditional. Our main agenda is to bring everyone together for a good time.”

  The community is welcome to enjoy the festivities. For details, call Willis at 208-250-8507. To register for the week-end, call the Dirty Shame, at 462-2100. For River Pond Campground, call 462-8000 or 818-860-1825.



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