Monday, July 15, 2013

Where is the Old School Bell?

  The Crouch city clerk and Crouch Garden Valley Historical Museum board would love to solve the mystery of the old GV School bell, which was the old Tucker family bell donated to the school. It was last seen on the old school campus, after it fell to the ground.
Crouch Historical Museum in Syringa Building
  A variety of residents provided clues but each led to a dead-end. The bell was not moved legally but if it shows up in the museum yard, no questions will be asked, and it will be happily welcomed to the bosom of museum caretakers.
  Ed Griffith, chairman of the museum board, says they are in search of more and more items for display—“we need hard-fact stuff--any tools of interest.”
  City Clerk, Vickie Chandler, elaborates, “We would love household appliances and other home items and machinery. Placerville has two museums, with themes. We’d like to do that—a mock-up classroom, kitchen—the more we have, the more people will be inspired to help.”
  In process is the organization of family genres, like Charters, Mills, Castle and Ostner. The Syringa Club will have a corner exhibit in the entry, for memorabilia of the club, which initiated the library in the current building of the museum.
  Chandler explains that they finally took the museum sign down because visitors kept coming in and saying, ‘Is this it?’ We didn’t really have a museum. Steve Ally donated a cultivator and we’ll have a photo of him with it beside the machine.” They have also acquired an old logging chain.
  Griffith says, “The new sign will be up this Friday and the building is freshly painted—we are looking for grants to pay for it. We are also looking for some good people to join the board, as we have lost some, due to busy schedules. There are two people doing most of the work, along with Vickie.”
  The board would welcome anything with interesting history, including photos. Residents can either donate, for a tax-deductible receipt, or offer things on loan—these would be covered under city insurance.
  “Naturally, we are looking for donations to enhance the budget to do other things,” says Mr. Griffith. “Hard items or cash will be appreciated…and we will be doing more fundraisers.”
  The board of the Crouch/Garden Valley Historical Museum wants to thank all those who have helped, and welcomes the assistance of valley residents. For information, call Vickie Chandler, at 462-4687. The Museum is located in the Syringa Building next to Crouch Community Hall.


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