Friday, July 5, 2013

Cat Call for Help!

  You may have seen them: the dozen or so cats hanging out by the Golden Eagle Radio Station in Crouch. You may have noticed that they look healthy and act like they belong there. They are some pretty cool cats.

  Phases I and II of the Crouch Cat Roundup have been successful.  In Phase I, forty-six cats took the trip to Boise and were spayed or neutered. And in Phase II, twenty-two Crouch kittens were adopted out in Boise since May 1. More will be fixed and more kittens adopted out soon.

  Now is time to focus on Phases III and IV. Phase III involves building a team to help care for the colonies of feral cats in Crouch and Phase IV is building the little village that will house them in the winter and be a place where they are safe from dogs and can eat in peace.

 Mary Wilson would love to find a few people who can join her as caretakers. If you like knowing that these cats are cared for, maybe you can take thirty minutes a week to help care for them as well. It is a very rewarding thing to do and is so good for the city of Crouch and is wonderful for the cats. Or maybe you can help some other way. 

 Mary can be reached at 462-3538.
  The kitties Thank You!

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