Saturday, July 20, 2013

Garden Tour Saturday

Garden Tour is for Sharing
Anita Sherwood doing what she does best--
although if she's singing in the garden,
it's a double superlative!

  Well-known local gardener, Anita Sherwood, has been behind the annual Garden Valley garden tours for fourteen years, though the defunct Garden Club was headed by Heidi Simpson until she became a full-time mama. “This year the theme is ‘Vegetable Gardens’,” says Anita. “We’ll see some very marvelous vegetables and see what can happen in spite of deer, weather and shade.”

  The free tour on Saturday, July 20, will include five houses with generous gardeners eager to impart knowledge they’ve gathered from experience. One garden is practically on straight hillside, which can present a great challenge—find out the secret to success.

  “This tour is so worthwhile,” enthuses Sherwood, “people want to share what they’ve learned, the dos and don’ts, what grows here…they will address the soil, whether it’s crushed granite, and how to work it. Sometimes they have starts they’ll give you—you can ask for a little piece—gardening doesn’t have to be expensive. Gardeners really share with one another; it makes them wonderful people.”

   Everyone is welcome to participate in the tour. Parking is tight in some locations, so it is provided by the Senior Center, at 261 S. Middle Fork Road, in Crouch and car pools will head out from there, at 3:30 p.m. The tour will last approximately one-and-a-half hours.

  You are advised to wear a hat and bring paper, pencil, and a water bottle. “Some gardeners will have treats—different houses do different things,” says Anita. “We enjoy carpooling—it makes it nice and friendly and we get to know each other. For information, call Anita Sherwood at 462-2500.

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