Wednesday, July 24, 2013

City of Crouch Opens Bids on Water Project

  At the Crouch City Council meeting on July 10, City Planner, Jerome Mapp, and Forsgren and Associates Engineer, Gary Ashby, exhibited a map which showed the proposed 125,000-gallon water tank and 8-inch waterline that will connect to the existing well, which was put in with the GV Market.
   The Water Project map may be viewed at the City offices in the Syringa Building, next to the Community Hall.
  Bids will be open until 4:00 p.m., Wednesday, August 7. Forsgren and Associates will review the qualifications of the lowest bidder and go from there. The Council will announce the winner and award the contract at the next regular council meeting on August 14.
  On that date, Ashby and Mapp will give a progress report on the water project. Ashby said, “It’ll be a three-month project—the tank can be built in one month, but no use rushing. It will be completed in November.”
  The legal ad for bidding appeared in the July 17 issue of the Idaho World and is advertised with the American General Contractors.
  Clerk Vickie Chandler reported that the Syringa Building/Historical Museum exterior painting is completed, and she reiterated that the council was not liable for any payment—upon award of a grant, it is to be paid. Castle Mountain Homes contractor, Scott Leslie, bought the paint and donated half. The grants organization assured that they will fundraise for the money if a grant doesn’t come through. Leslie had the painting done immediately after Dick Polley completed repairs, though the funds were not available.
Lowman Log Works created this handsome new sign for the museum.
  The gorgeous new museum sign arrived right after this meeting. Lowman Log Works did the good work. Chandler gleefully drew attention to the absence of boxes in the room. The board—Ed Griffith, Terry Welch, Janeen Jackson, and John Tucker—had completed the task of organizing all the photos and pictures.
  A reminder: Donations or loan of historical items, including household, tools and machinery, will be appreciated; cash for projects is always welcome. Stop in on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, between 12—4 p.m. to gather inspiration on how you can help.
  The council discussed replacing the waterline from the Syringa Building to the Community Hall well. Acting Chair, Richard Messick, said, “It’s all old PVC pipes and we’d have to dig up the road.” City Attorney, John McFadden, advised them to “wait and see what happens with the bids—maybe you can discuss it with the contractor”. He recommended they connect with the city system and not fix the well.
  Regarding cost of utilities, Clerk Chandler said, “The city is hoping for a good surprise with the propane and electric bill, come winter,” due to the move from the Community Hall to the small Syringa Building.
  The scheduled Amended Budget Hearing did not take place because no residents attended the meeting. The next Council meeting is August 14, 2013, at 6:30 p.m., in the Community Hall. The 2014 Annual Budget Hearing will take place on this date.
 For information, call the clerk at 462-4687. The City office is located in the Syringa Building, at 342 Village Circle, downtown Crouch.

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