Thursday, February 7, 2013

Garden Valley Market for your Valentine!

Lloyd Ingle knows how to treat his sweetie!

Ready for a special Valentine’s Dinner next week?  We are bringing in 6-7 oz Lobster Tails and will pair with New York Steaks for your convenience.  Fresh Salmon and Cod will once again be available this weekend, as well as Fresh Vegetables and Greens found in our Produce department.

With Valentines approaching, check out our selection of card/candy packs for school kids and school parties, as well as gifts and candies for that special someone.  Silk Roses as well as fresh flowers also available - Fresh Roses courtesy of Syringa Floral and Gifts and will be available next week.

The Market is running a very good 30-day Flyer this month (although Feb only has 28 days!).  Many Western Family products are on sale with great savings.  Some examples include:

WF Gourmet Dog Food 5.5 oz can  3 for $1
Western Family assorted cat food 5.5 oz can  3 for $1
Blue Diamond Almonds 2 for $5
Western Family Good Choice Cereal 21 oz   2 for $6
Western Family 32 oz Pasta $1.99
Ghirardelli Brownie Mixes  18 – 20oz box 2 for $5
Cotton Balls 300 count $1
Toothbrushes $1
WF Milk of Magnesia 12 oz $3

You'll see that we will begin building up our inventory as we approach Spring, as well as introduce new items we know you'll enjoy. One of those is the K-Cup refills for those with Keurig K-cup coffee makers.  Dawson Taylor has been our house coffee since we moved into the new building and they are introducing some new flavors into our section.  You can buy the whole beans or freshly ground.

We look forward to your next visit,

Greg and Gerold
Garden Valley Market

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