Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Garden Valley Library Friends Meet Thursday

Friends of the Library January Meeting Notes
Contributed by Christy Jauregui
Edited by MacAngel
The meeting was called to order in the Community Room of the Library at 10:00 a.m. on January 9, 2013, with President Jody Mabe presiding, and Kathy Passie, Robbie Wilson, Christy Jauregui, Richard Wilson, Anjali MacAngel, Al Scharf, and Kathy Smith attending.

Jody noted Readers Bags should be made up before our St. Patrick’s Day event.  Supplies are available in the work room. (Volunteers would be welcome!)

Items currently for sale at the library are Readers Bags, Pretty Vinyl Aprons, Attractive Vinyl Tote bags, Notecards, and unique Woodblocks of the Library.  The bookmarks are completely sold out and discussion ensued regarding reordering, profit margin, and other possible sources.  Kathy and Al will investigate further.

St. Patrick’s Day fundraising AUCTION: 

The date will be March 16th, bidding beginning at 1:00 p.m. with party at 3:00 and awards at 4:00, all in the main body of the Library, with layout similar to last year. 
Kathy will update our request letter so that we can begin soliciting donations. This year, we will ask the donors to set a minimum bid and encourage “affordable”, new items for donation.  Used or antique donations will be offered in a display separate from the new items, to avoid a yard sale appearance. 
We requested Richard’s “Mild Irish Rovers” return for our entertainment.  MacAngel will assist with publicity on the radio and at the Senior Center.  Posters should go up all over town, notices placed in the Boise Weekly and Idaho Statesman, and on the Chamber of Commerce Calendar. Christy and Kathy Passie will attend the February Chamber meeting to present and especially invite Chamber members. 
It was suggested staging two desks for checking out, to move the paying winners through more quickly.  Two people on each desk would be most efficient.  Kathy Passie suggested creating a list of who will contact whom.  A sign-up sheet will also be placed in the Library, with publicity. 
Because themed baskets sold so well last year, we will encourage our donors to do so again as practicable. This year, Kathy will also send a letter to each vendor in the Crouch Mercantile March billing (March 1st), asking for donations.   
And finally, we discussed where the funds would be best spent this year (to be included in our letter).  It was decided to put them toward finishing the landscaping for the west end, to include children’s garden, and patio/picnic area. 


Jody will check Lauren Fins’ (history of chocolate and tastings) availability just prior to Mother’s Day (May 12th) and Father’s Day (June 16th).

Al will contact Ernie Lombard concerning his availability for doing his presentation in April. It was felt right after the middle of the month would be best, with the possibility of a school presentation in the afternoon. 

Jody will be checking Del Parkinson’s availability for a concert.

New Business:

Gary Eller has contacted Jody with an idea to present a concert to benefit the Library.  He proposes presenting his Chicken Dinner Road Band, and splitting gate with the Library.  We discussed the possible venues of using the new park pavilion vs. Starlight Theatre.  Jody will speak further with Gary and get back to us, with follow through after our St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser.

Kathy Smith reported on new Children’s Librarian Cass Meissner’s programs at the Library. They can be viewed on the Library’s Facebook page.

Nan is putting together an oral history website.  It will be available in Library on the server with both interviews and transcripts.  Al is still interested in doing interviews and will contact possible interviewees.  Christy is available to run equipment.

*As you can see, the Friends are busy working for our wonderful new library.
February 7, at 10:00 a.m., is the next meeting. New members and visitors are always welcome. Friends of the Library meet at the GV Library, Old Crouch Road, just south of Weilmunster Park. Bring your ideas and enthusiasm and we'll see you there!

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