Saturday, February 23, 2013

All Roads Lead to Granny’s $3 Bag Sale

     Her little gem of a shop is a scavenger’s dream—there is not much you won’t find here at one time or another. Continuing this week (3/1-3/2), fill a paper or plastic bag full of clothing, shoes, belts, gloves, hats, unmentionables, jammies, and scarves, and pay Granny 3 bucks.
  Be sure to pick up those little things you need at home—sewing, linens, dishes and glasses, toys and hardware. Open Fridays, 12-5, and Saturdays, 11-4.
  Donations from her generous patrons are what she lives for, but please, no TVs. Her grannies are not decrepit, being tough mountain women, but these televisions put them through motions not needed. All televisions go to the dump and why trouble your sweet grannies, who work so hard to wash and mend and sort and display the merchandise they offer at so little cost. So, NO TVs, PLEEZE!
  FREE TAX SERVICE: Dan Gasiorowski, tax-aide volunteer for AARP Foundation, will do your taxes and e-file them for you. Assistance will also be offered for you to receive your Idaho Grocery Credit. Bring all documents to the Center, on Wednesday, February 27, at 2:00 p.m. Call Judy if you need information, 462-3943.
Breakfast at the Center is a great place to meet your
buddies and get caught up. Or just stop in for a cuppa.
  DINNER is on the way home, at the Senior Center, every Wednesday and Friday, so why cook? Bring the family at family prices: $4, kids under 12; $5, over 60, as suggested donation only; and $6, under 60. The Center offers comfy, relaxed dining with friends.
  Home Delivered Meals are available at no cost, so no reason for house-bound folk to go hungry—we deliver seven meals a week. Call Judy.
   BREAKFAST is always ready for you on Thursday morning, at 9:30, at low prices: $3, kids, $4, suggested donation for over 60; under 60, $5. All beverages included.
    Exercise for free with Ione and the girls—well, it’s not just for girls, but no boys have shown their bums here to move and groove…yet…but covered bums, boyz! Wear loose clothing—it’s easy but seriously efficient and happens every Tuesday and Thursday, at 3:00 p.m.
  Rent this building—for your tea party, fashion show, or regular meetings. Reasonable prices make it even more palatable – Judy will be happy to help you figure it out.
  The Center is open Wednesdays and Fridays, noon til 7, and Thursdays, 8-11. Bring in your laptop and use our free wifi. If you’d like to relax in the Center during Granny’s hours, let them know. Reach us at 462-3943 or We are located at 261 S. Middle Fork Rd, Crouch/GV.
  Volunteers are welcome at this Center for all Ages, and we can always use the skill of handypersons. Come on in!

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