Friday, February 15, 2013

Desirea Goff Earns Distinguished Student Award

  Each week throughout the school year, Channel 7 KTVB profiles one outstanding high school senior. Students from the Southwest, East, North, and South Central parts of Idaho are chosen by the United Dairymen of Idaho, from nominations based on student achievements. School principals, counselors and/or teachers are the only people eligible to nominate a student.
   On Thursday, January 31, KTVB aired an interview with Desirea Goff, who is a senior at Garden Valley High School and the latest choice for the Distinguished Student Award in Southwest Idaho.
  Goff was recognized as a well-rounded senior who excels as a leader in academics, athletics, volunteerism and extra-curricular activities. She earns straight-As and is number one in her class, while holding a week-end job caring for a couple of adults with mental disabilities.
  Ms. Goff has been a Wolverine star on the volleyball courts, and coaches from the Long Pin League voted her in as the league MVP. She has put in over five-hundred hours of community service and has sent thousands of dollars worth of coupons to military families at a United States base in Italy, saying, “They do a ton for us—a lot of times it goes unnoticed.”
  This accomplished young woman plans to achieve a university degree in Business, with the intent of being a midwife. “Most of my family members have had their children at home—my mom had all four kids at home. I think there’s something very special in this.”
  Kristin Goff says she is thankful that she and her husband, Pat Goff, made the decision to put Desirea in Garden Valley School four years ago, as they reside in Horseshoe Bend. “It was a hard decision, but ended up being a real good one,” she says. “We feel that Desirae is ready for the challenge of college because of her hard work and dedication. Also, because of the great high school teachers that have helped her along and given her the opportunity to take about twelve credits worth of college already.”
   The Goffs want to thank the United Dairymen for picking their daughter out of the nominations. They are grateful to Doug Petcash, of KTVB, and his cameraman, for being professional and down to earth with Desirae: “They did a great job and made her feel comfortable.” 
   “I just want to say that it's an honor to have received the award,” says Desirea Goff. “I want to thank my teachers and the GV School District, but more importantly, my parents and family for their support in whatever activity, sport, or project I happened to take on. I would especially like to thank my grandma and her coffee friends for helping me with my couponing for the military families. It was awesome to see all of the kind words from everyone, after the interview aired.” 
  Ms. Goff will receive a plaque which will highlight her achievement. Her school will be awarded $100 for its general academic fund, from Idaho’s Farm Families. At the end of the school year, one student will receive a $5K scholarship.

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