Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween in Crouch

TRUNK OR TREAT!             
Fire-dancers blazed, even in the rain. Ghouls dripped and smeared,
making them them scarier.
Golden Eagle Radio 97.5 blasted music
over the frenzy
and we were so possessed,
no wonder some of the names got lost!
No matter--a picture is a thousand words.
 3rd Place Winner for Trunk Decoration
Not bad for first timers!

Steamer Bill "Doctor Doom" Harder,
of Eagle Radio, never scared a tyke!
 Les Bois Credit Union employees with their
 gruesome display of loggers, winning them 2nd Place.
Greg and Gerold really do have a life outside of the Market.

Dee Polley performed a sexy fire dance.
Dexter pleaded for his life and won 1st Place Trunk;
Jan Solecky and Billie Da Volt gave him treats all night
 but he's such a ham, he would have done it for free.
Fire Chief, Jon Delvalle, made no distinctions
in his candy hand-outs.

Rex LeFevre got off his horse
to help vote for Trunks.

Nathaniel Crawley was 1st Place winner.
97.5 Witch, Babe Boomer, said,
 "Simple is always best!"

Steamer Bill "Dr. Doom" Harder of Eagle Radio
was loved by all the kids.

He won 2nd Place costume but this ghoul got lost in the crowd,
after taking the bucks.

The Haunted House took over
after Trunk or Treat
Drake Roberts won 3rd Place Costume

This Family of very-like Oz characters was made up of
 Flippins, Baileys, and Atchers

The eery wagon moved like a phantom through the crowd of revelers
--no one noticed as people disappeared.

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