Wednesday, November 28, 2012

City of Crouch Denies Deannexation

Donnie Cline has transformed the the old storage porch of the
Community Hall into a west exit.
At the November 14 City Council meeting, the deannexation of a few acres on the Middle Fork River, between Weilmunster Park and the Post Office, was denied. Last month, Mike Riley, representing Don Weilmunster and Garden Valley Cottage Resort, requested deannexation of the property, after P&Z Interim Administrator, Rora Canody, discovered the small piece of property was inside Crouch city limits.

  Boise County Commissioner, Jamie Anderson, said that if the City took the path of not deannexing, the property would have dual jurisdictions—“...part of the trailer park might have lights out at 10 p.m., the other at midnight.”

  City Clerk, Kim Bosse added, “That land does impact our revenue. Technically, we should have been getting a portion of the State Revenue property tax.”

  Mike Riley said if the property was not deannexed, he would sit with the county and Weilmunster and remaster the project. He disagreed with Mayor Powell’s comment that the City of Crouch is in this predicament because of the county: “You got the master plan in 2010; in January, 2011, I rented this hall to talk about the project; on January 20, 2011, I got the project approved. I spent tens of thousands of dollars to get where we are. There was ample time for the City to know what was going on.”

  City Attorney, John McFadden, responded, “99.99 percent of the time, people want to annex into the city, not the other way around. The due level of fiduciary responsibility the City did. I don’t think the City did anything wrong.”

  The Clerk announced that the Community Hall is on its way to having a usable west side door, where the wood storage used to be, thanks to a handy community service worker.

  City limit signs have been put up.

   Council is still considering the location of the sign that will commemorate the birthplace of artist James Castle, generously offered to the City by the Idaho Commission on the Arts. They would like the specially-crafted, porcelain enamel sign by impressive Boise artist and sign-maker, Mark Baltes, of Landmark Impressions, to be in a prominent location in Crouch. 

  The new museum in the Syringa Building is furnished and ready to be in use. There has been no response yet regarding the grant from the Idaho Heritage Trust, which would be used for renovation. Commissioner Anderson has helped Kim Bosse with the grant. The City received a $200 check from the GV Syringa Club, to help with the renovation of the building. The heat is running high, so the City will have it checked. Bosse is ready to start moving the city office into the building within the next month, “since we’re paying for the heat.”

  Syringa Club president, Georgianna Goetsch, requested that the club be allowed to use the Syringa Building as a meeting place. “Kim has been dealing with our memorabilia in the museum,’ said Goetsch, “It has a lot of historical significance. In 2015, the club will be celebrating its 100th anniversary—we do have an interest in the museum.” Council voted in favor of letting them make use of the building.

  The council voted to apply for a Local Rural Highway Investment grant, part of which could possibly be used for the re-design fee for the Crouch Bridge. There was discussion about the City and Boise County working together for this grant, because together, they get more points, and because the City of Crouch influenced the re-design of the bridge.

  Bosse stated that when John Cottingham returns to work on the ArtPlace Community Grant in the spring, she would be happy to work with him.

  Round two, regarding the GV Market emergency generator, got the mayor to respond, “I was here when we had the floods. It was two weeks before we had electricity. It would have been great to have that food and those refrigerators during the emergency.” The owners of the market are looking into muffling the sound. Councilmember Jackie Kraupp said, “I think we need to get with them and solve it.”

  Next council meeting is December 12, 2012, at 6:30 p.m., in Crouch Community Hall.


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