Friday, November 16, 2012

Thanksgiving Week at GV Market

As we enter the Thanksgiving Holiday week, all of us here at the Market wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!
Each year we recognize many visitors come up to the Valley to celebrate and some will forget something important (and this happens with us locals too!), so once again, we will be open on Thanksgiving Day for 4 hours only from 10am to 2pm. This will not include liquor sales or hot deli service, but salads and cut meats will be available.
If you or someone you know is not having family and has nowhere to spend Thanksgiving, the Market and the Longhorn are teaming up for our 3rdannual free community meal. This will be at the Longhorn from 2 –5pm. On the menu is Traditional plus Salvadorean Turkey. The bar will not be open, but soft drinks will be served. If you are considering joining, please let the Longhorn know and perhaps bring a pie to share.
Speaking of pies, we’re baking plenty of fresh pies here at the Market and have a broad selection of frozen as well.
As you begin or complete your shopping for the Holiday, please consider stopping here first and check out the great values you’ll find. One example is our sale on Coke products. We have 2 liter bottles for 79 cents and 20 pack cans for only $4.99. Wow!!!! We only get 1 delivery from Coke each week, so our stock on hand is truly while supplies last. For grocery products, we will have a delivery on Sunday and on Wednesday of next week, so between the two deliveries, we hope to meet all of your needs. If something runs out this weekend, we’ll have it for you in time for the Holiday (with the exception of Coke).
When you visit, pick up a coloring sheet for the kids in your family and return the pictures so that we can display them in the market. Each child receives a small treat upon return of the competed picture. Coloring sheets are available for pick up on our Deli service Counter.
Finally, don’t forget that next Saturday, November 24th, Santa will be visiting the Market from 12noon to 4pm. He’ll be seated next to the Deli Fireplace and is expecting lots of children to visit with him. We’ll have a photographer available for your convenience!
We look forward to your next visit and hope you have a great weekend!

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