Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ye Haw Times at Uncle Billy Bob's!

They told me, “One night me and papa was sittin’ on the toilet drinkin’ Ripple—we couldn’t figure out how the seat keeps goin’ up and down, but we was entertained on it all night long!”

“Wal, it’s one o’those self-closin’ toilet seats Diane got jes fer fun,” I says. “Haw!”

Oh dear. Spend an hour looking at Uncle Billy Bob’s Redneck Trailers with owner, Diane Caughlin, an yew jes’ cain’t help tawkin like dis!

So, just one of the charms of this trailer I’m viewing is the half-circle of toilet seating around a tree in front of a fire-pit, and another charm is the view of downtown Crouch from my throne—great for July 4th.

Caughlin says that after a slow year of long-term rentals, she got the “hair-brained idea” to turn one trailer into a vacation rental. “I thought if I made it funny, maybe somebody would appreciate it.”

That was Uncle Billy Bob’s 1, which is always redneck Christmas, with garlands, beer cans, and Rudy, the Party Antelope. “People started adding things,” she says, “an old sombrero,’s really fun. Guys around town bring things by.”
#1 has two bedrooms and Redneck Billy Bob says, “Yep, it’s got a bathroom too; it’s indoors now and that’s mighty nice in winter.” How about a dishwasher? “Wal, yes sirree Bob,”he answers, “you can name your own, whoever is in the dawghouse or who’s a Type A personality is always my pick.”

From the fire pit in front of this quaint trailer is a splendid view of the Middle Fork River and surrounding mountains. Reviews for number one stress how clean the accommodations are. “Even if it is ugly on the outside, it is comfortable and great inside,” says one visitor. 

When Caughlin got back the car lot above the Longhorn, she told her friends she needed new redneck decorations for Billy Bob’s #2. “The plumbers brought in my fabulous toilet seating. The bowling alley seats came from Joseph, Oregon, via Teri Belle, who stays here on week-ends with her friends.”

Caughlin traded two nights at Uncle Billy Bob’s for Sean McInally’s Cadillac couch, now in the living room. She grins, “Just buckle in the kids and you have a free babysitter!”

The decor is too classy for Uncle Billy Bob, methinks, and the kitchen here, as in #1, is also set up for great culinary pleasures. Trailer #2 sleeps eight, with two bedrooms, a pull-out sofa, and yes sirree, two of those indoor potties.

Even though the rental fees are a great deal, Caughlin offers a $20 a day discount for those on active military duty, saying, “I think they deserve something. I know when Joe was in the army, we had zero money to go away and do something like this.”

They had a kick-off party when she opened this trailer. “I put Thunderbird and PBR beer on ice in the back. Everyone loves it. I tell people, if you don’t have a sense of humor, you probably ought not rent, cuz like Paw Paw always says, ‘You can only polish a turd so much’,” says Caughlin. “I think it’s a great place to get rid of relatives on holiday. The price is right and not too close. Think Uncle Billy Bob’s!”

For rental information, go to www.unclebillybobs.comor call 208-462-5262.



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