Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Syringa Building Dedication Tonight

Carol and Lois in days of yore (before the Syringa Building).
  In honor of nearly a century of Garden Valley Syringa Club’s support of Garden Valley youth and school, Weilmunster Community Park, Fire Department, Crouch Volunteer Ambulance, GV Library, and the community, the Crouch City Council has decided to rename the old library building “The Syringa Building”.

    Syringa Club played a major role in the founding of the Garden Valley Public Library, winning a national prize sponsored by Shell Oil Company, for that Community Improvement Project. Though the library became a District library in 1976, Syringa Club members always continued to give many hours of personal assistance and helped raise funds.

  Since the opening of the new library in 2011, with many members helping with the move, Syringa has co-sponsored two library events: With Idaho Commission on the Arts, a reading and book-signing by Idaho Writer-in-Residence, Bill Johnson (who also worked with children at the school); and with the Friends of the Library, a reading and book-signing by Gretchen Anderson, author of The Backyard Chicken Fight. Syringa members have also been involved with the fledgling Oral Histories Project, funded for the library by a Paul G. Allen grant.

  On Wednesday, October 10, at 6:00 p.m. (just before the City Council meeting), Crouch City officials will hold a dedication ceremony to commemorate the important role Garden Valley Syringa Club played in establishing this building, which they acquired from the local American Legion and added onto over the years with help from the community.

  A commemorative plaque will be placed onto the building, which will be repaired and reincarnated as the new Crouch Museum.




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