Friday, October 12, 2012

Autumn Colors at the Market

Apples are here!
Fresh, crisp, sweet, tart – Golden Delicious, Red, Rome, Fuji, Jonathan, Honey Crisp, Pinova and more – all priced to move and fresh from Emmett and Caldwell area orchards. Fresh pears and peppers and pumpkins are also in our Produce Department. Check out the Pumpkins – all sizes and shapes only 19 cents a lb!
Pallet Season continues. This week you’ll see Betty Crocker cake mixes and frostings – only $1.99 each
Western Family Toilet Paper – 36 rolls only $9.99 and 18 roll double packs also only $9.99
Western Family Paper Towels 15 count – only $9.99
C&H sugar 4lbs only $3.99
Campbells Chicken Noodle or Tomato Soup – 69 cents a can. These are very popular with our shoppers
Western Family cream soups only 79 cents and Campbells cream of Mushroom or Chicken only 99 cents
Western Family Chicken Broth regular or low sodium only 89 cents
Do you like Coke products? 2 liters are on sale for 99 cents and 20 pack cases are only $4.99. That’s the best sale price we’ve had all year.
The good values are throughout the store, so come on in and give us a look!
Just a friendly reminder to save Box Tops and redeem them here at the store for gift cards. 100 box tops are worth a $10 gift card and it goes up in $10 increments up to 1000 box tops for a $100 gift card. These box tops are on many common items you purchase, so don’t forget to check the packaging. You’ll find them on frozen, canned, boxed, plastic wrap and even paper products, so check carefully.
Have a great weekend and here’s a shout out to the Garden Valley Girls Volleyball and Boys Football teams – both having a fantastic season!!!!!!
We look forward to your next visit.
Greg and Gerold
Garden Valley Market

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