Friday, October 5, 2012

Shop at the Market!

Ahh! The cooler weather is moving in but what a great run so far of an Indian Summer! If you're in town this weekend, please check out A Country Affair - a local Fall Festival being held at the Rodeo Grounds Friday, Saturday and Sunday through Oct 28th. There are old- fashioned country carnival games for kids and adults, a petting zoo, pumpkin patch and lots more. It's the first year, so let's help support it and see if it can grow and get stronger.

Speaking of Fall, we have some delicious apples, pears, prunes, squash and nectarines from our local orchards in Wilder and Caldwell. Next week, we are receiving produce from Emmett and look forward to that selection. The Jonathan and Honey Crisp apples are incredibly sweet and crisp while the Pinova apples are absolutely perfect baked and for use in pies.

Coke has another great buy this week - Three 12 packs for $11. Also, buy a pumpkin and two 2 liters of coke products and get $1.00 off. Look for 2-liter bottles, with the coupons attached.

Are you in the market for a 55-gallon household drum? If so, we have 4 just in at only $59.95.

Our Case Lot Sale is in full swing. Last day to order is Monday, October 15th. This is your opportunity to buy in bulk at great great low prices. Order forms are available at the Market and we can also email to you (one was attached to our last email). You can also enjoy case lot pricing when you come to the Market. Look for the pallets of Campbell Soup (tomato or chicken noodle) - only 69 cents a can. Western Family cream of mushroom or chicken only 79 cents a can. Campbell Cream of Mushroom 99 cents a can.

Bulk paper towels or Bulk Toilet Tissue - $8.99 and $9.99 for packaging ranging from 8 to 36 rolls.

For our customers up to the age of 12 - stop in the market and pick up a complimentary "mini" pumpkin. Decorate the pumpkin and return it for a free cookie and we'll display the mini pumpkins in our Produce Dept. We have a case of approximately 45 pumpkins, so first come first serve while they last. Pick up your pumpkin at the Customer Service Desk beginning Friday, Monday, Oct 8th.
We look forward to your next visit.
Greg and Gerold

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