Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Draft of Amendment to H585aa Will Require Vote!

Contributed by Jayne Reed

Rep Ken Roberts listened to Boise County residents and has responded with all due haste and effort to help us. He spent 3-23-12 drafting an amendment to H585aa that will require a vote of the people!!! The bill retains all of the good points, (as follows below): 

Statement of Purpose
The purpose of this measure is to provide any non-school taxing district facing a judgement by a court of law, including interest, costs, and attorney's fees in excess of one-third of the total property tax revenues, a means to levy beyond the 3% budget growth limitation in order to pay the judgement over an extended period utilizing redeemable warrants, bonds or other lawful forms of payments, only after a majority of voters approve such action. The exemption from the budget limitation is tightly restricted and may be used only in extraordinary circumstances.
The legislation will grant authority to the State Tax Commission to certify a levy up to 0.1% of assessed valuation for the purpose of paying such judgements.
Fiscal Notice
No fiscal impact to the State General Fund. The effected local taxing district will absorb the tax increase to pay for the judgement.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The levy is only permitted to exist until the judgment is paid off. Then the levy rates go back to pre-bond, not what they will be at the end of 5 years...back to 2012 rates. The county will now have bonding authority, with our vote, so we can pay off Oaas/Laney. We, the county residents will not be giving Oaas/Laney a yearly income through the 5.5% interest on top of the judgment. We will pay a bank. With the authority to bond, the county will be able to participate in the bond bank to receive an interest rate of approximately 1.5-2%.

Representative Ken Roberts now needs our help. The legislature is going to try to recess on 3-28-12. Ken has gotten a print hearing with the House Revenue & Taxation committee on Monday morning. IF he can show that Boise County residents support this bill, he thinks the committee will send it to the House floor Monday afternoon. We need to flood both the committee and the full House with emails and phone calls in support of this bill. The bill doesn't have a number yet, but can be referenced by RS 21565 (or "the new version of H585aa"). 
This weekend, please join me in contacting:

House Rev & Tax Committee Secretary, Janet Failing 332-1125.

If you go to>><< you will be able to contact House Representatives. You can also leave a message at 332-1000.

Rep Ken Roberts>><<

Remember that you must include your name and address on all emails and messages.

Rep Ken Roberts has earned my respect and support with his willingness to listen and help find solutions.

Please forward to everyone in Boise County.

Thank you, Jayne Reed

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