Saturday, March 24, 2012

Commissioner Anderson Urges Support for "Boise County's Bill"

Dear Community,

As a result of constituent input at Boise County Commissioner’s three special meetings this past week, Representative Ken Roberts has prepared a new version of HB 585aa to include a majority vote of the people. The bill is on the House Revenue and Taxation Committee calendar for 9:00 AM, Monday, March 26, 2012.

Representative Roberts specifically asked two individuals who previously opposed the bill to testify Monday morning. Their support and your emails and messages will create an opportunity for Boise County Commissioners to ask our voters to weigh in on a plan to get the Alamar debt behind us. There is no bill number yet and Representative Roberts suggested calling it “Boise County’s Bill.” Please send in your short messages to every member of the House and Senate, as Representative Roberts is hoping that the Idaho Legislature will be able to secure passage before they adjourn Sine Die as early as Wednesday, March 28. I cannot praise Representative Roberts enough for his efforts on behalf of Boise County.

Boise County Commissioners will be in their regular meeting Monday, March 26th, and will begin making necessary plans to prepare the ballot question if this legislation passes. There is a March 30th (Friday) deadline for the Boise County Clerk to have the question certified to the Secretary of State. We will also be requesting additional assistance from our Bonding Attorney.

I am committed to getting the work done and communicating our progress. I want to thank all the citizens for their diligence and patience to find solutions. Please share this announcement with anyone who may have an interest.

Friendly Reminder: Governor Butch Otter will host Capital for a Day in Garden Valley on March 28th (Wed.) from 9-3 at the Crouch Community Hall. Lunch will be provided.

Thank you again. It is an honor to serve the citizens of Boise County.

Jamie Anderson
Boise County Commissioner

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