Monday, March 26, 2012

Have An Itch To Sew A Tote Bag?

from Christy Jauregui
GV Friends of the Library

Hello Friends and Quilters!

Tote bags are on the calendar again, at long last! We will be at the Community Room of the Library this coming Thursday and Friday (March 29/30) from 10:00 to 4:00, sewing them together. These are a little different design (easier, and familiar to some...) from our previous model, but very fun, and very, very easy! We will provide instructions, fabric, thread and needles (also coffee, punch and coffee cake). Bring a bit of lunch if you like, and the following:
~ ~
*Sewing machine in good working order
*Empty Bobbins    
*If you have a walking foot, roller foot or Teflon foot, they make
working on vinyl much easier.   
*Scissors or thread snips   
~ ~

We'll complete as many as we can, then decide if we need another tote-sew-day. I'll have extra sewing machines, should yours be on the fritz, so don't let that hold you back! If you're not a seamstress/seamster, come along anyway, and we'll put you to work turning, pressing or running errands! We'll have fun together and I really think you'll be pleased with the finished bags!

Feel free to call me at 462-2437 if you have any questions. I'll be at the Library Monday and Tuesday getting everything ready, if you'd like to stop by and get a preview...

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