Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Latest Garden Valley School Board Votes to Hire New Super

Last week, the new board of antitrustees of the Garden Valley School District voted to hire Randy Schrader as new superintendent/principal for the coming school year, at $90 grand. He has currently been serving as co-interim superintendent in Caldwell School District and "has experience in teaching, in district admin, and serving as a principal"....this is all I got from the new anticlerk of the board...after they voted to hire him...after I asked....oh, she never told me how much he would make---but I got to watch the video--lovely.

$90 Gs, when you look at other schools our size and what they pay and when you look at the bills the antitrustees and "Friends" have run up chasing dreams of malice, corruption and fun stuff. Hmm...perhaps they want it to look like they want him...and since he's been making $106K as Director of Secondary Services, why would he take a cut to come to this nest of vipers? So will he accept? Or will we be forced to accept the person the anti-children antitrustees really want? Just conjecture...


I remember last year, when the board was interviewing for a new principal and Mike Tomlin sent out gobs of info on the applicants to the entire community...and gave everyone several opportunities to meet them. I have been taken off of the mailing list for the school, as have others who used to try to keep the uglies in line...but I understand that few residents received info on these people who were interviewing for the puppet-position of SuperPrince. Guess it didn't matter to them because who cares who sits in the seat? "We are the POW-AH!"

Of course, I'm still waiting for the alpha male machismo hump-hump---too many boys, too much testosterone---Hazen, Fisher, Benedict and Gardner (David) are kowtowing to Ward, but for how long this submissive, lady-girly, take my backside, groveling at the knee and licking Ward's dust can the boys take?
Let's wait and see.

If the position is accepted, Schrader looks like a credible stand-in for the position, granted he never postures like a person who has any intelligence, and certainly not more than his inferiors, which would include all of the corrupt antitrustees now sitting on the board; maintains a provincial yokum demeanor and restrains himself from using a vocabulary past the tenth grade; and stays on the good side of Dr. Michael Koenig--and this would be the clincher.

More to watch for: Any sign of pretense to guidance, or gads! the nerve, even the suggestion of telling an employee what his or her job actually is (because we know it is their job to tell the school what their job is) ...Do not ever, no never, let pass a compliment, kind word, or offer to help, thus giving the impression he has a sense of tact or diplomacy or heaven forbid, Good Breeding--Yikes! Any of the above could bring complaints of intimidation, harassment and sexual --oh you know what happens when fat, ugly teachers take little girls for a potty and wash of the hands...any strange superintendent could walk by and say "you're welcome" and you know what happens to him--after the fat, ugly teacher goes home for the rest of the day to recuperate. Oh my GAW!

Well, lets hope this guy has no class. Let's hope this guy drinks with all the good ole boys in his office and writes out bonus checks for them--this corrupt board would love that--judging by how they and their "Friends" have run up so many bills harassing the former Supe and Board and now want to ask us taxpayers to pay for their malicious slander and libel and illegal, not to mention criminal, behavior, by passing a $600K levy!!!!!!...and gee, I didn't understand why they got to break into the Super's office and then glue up the lock and the antisheriff and the antiprosecuting attorney never even investigated.........oh yes, that's because antitrustees Rob Hazen and Alan Ward voted to not investigate themselves.....how thilly of me.

Funny, the anticlerk was sent into the dark of night to meet the Super on a clandestine rendezvous to advise the Supe to return his keys--but before 7 a.m., the school was protected by two drunken antis who are now running the school.

I remember another thing--some of us remember it all--ex-antitrustee Laurie Snyder said for the camera that the guys (Hazen and Ward) never went into Tomlin's office (how would she know?) (muddy footprints not on police report--how quaint) and Hazen Brazen-ly spoke to the audience (how he loves an audience) saying, "My name became involved somehow, I'm not sure how..."--try the police report here in front of me.

It's been grand but there is a video to watch and I'm still on vacation...Mark, though, the interesting exchange during the antitrustee process of voting. We here in GV just love watching Mr. Ward dig himself in a little deeper...smile for the camera...the lawyers are.


  1. Go get 'em, Angel! And heaven help Mr. Schrader. He's going to need it. I sure hope he's got a strong constitution and won't let the yahoos roll over him.

  2. Be very careful what you write here. I am going to be careful. People may read what you write, especially that woman reading from the front row. She will read it - I'm telling you!

    Be careful!

  3. Thanks for the warning Alan.

  4. Go get 'em Angel! Great job! Poor Mr. Schrader. Sure, they love him now. Just wait a few months. They loved Tomlin when they hired him, they loved Vian when they hired him. Then when neither of them would drink the Koolaide given out at the local church, they threw them to the curb. Trust me...it'll happen again. This man has no chance, no one does. This board wants the back woods, have a meeting behind the bar at night, drink a few rounds with friends over decisions way things used to be. I hope lawsuits come like crazy, enough to close the school!

  5. That video is priceless...what on earth was he afraid Benedict was going to say? Why so paranoid? When Bedard video taped meetings for over a year, you never saw Elmore have to warn trustees what to say or not say. You never saw Tomlin all fussed up about cameras, what on earth is this board afraid of...and why doesn't Ward let them talk? If he had something to say, let him talk, quit pulling the puppet strings!

  6. Statesman story on new supt.:

    I love the first reader comment: "Hope Randy packs his asbestos undies and body armor. The place is full of "education experts" who think that just because they went to a public school, they know how the school system should be run. Kinda like thinking that because you know how to flip a light switch, you can be an electrical engineer.

    For the kids' sake, best wishes to Mr. Schrader. The know-it-all's there make it a cesspool for education."

  7. AMAZING!!! The video is priceless. Never seen a bigger group of stupid hypocrites in my life. Good luck GVSD...hope the "new" school board get exactly what they deserve. This isn't the wild wild west anymore, Hoss! Good luck, Schrader...you just stepped into hell.

  8. We will support Mr. Schrader and help him be successful. We will also continue to scrutinize, question, and challenge school board corruption. It is pretty clear that their legal problems are only beginning.

    Why is it they think they can bully, threaten, and intimidate by pointing fingers at patrons during meetings? They are disrespectful, and "government" at its worst.

  9. Yes, let's welcome Mr. Schrader to our community and show him our best.

    Do we know anything about his family? Last year when we hired Mr. Vian, the district sent out bio's on all candidates. This year they even kept the names secret until the board meetings...

    Is Mr. Schrader bringing children to the district, is he married, does his wife work? These are important positions in our community and I think we should know these things.

    Anyway, welcome to him!

  10. The rumor is, and it is only a rumor as far as we know is that he is going to commute and not put his kids in the school at least until he gets the teachers and staff in line.

    He may be just the guy we need.

  11. $90,000 for a superintendent. Seems like a lot of money. Oh wait a second. Tomlin would be making about $76K this year as a .8 superintendent. Do the math. That puts him in excess of $90K if he were full time. And the new guy is going to also be doing the principal job. How much $ does that save? Good going trustees! They ARE watching the budget.

  12. When the community gets ahold of him, there wont' be enough money in the world to pay him to do this job! Best wishes to him!

  13. LOL, 11:22!!!!!

    Watching the budget? These yahoos are racking up more legal fees than the previous board ever did! Someone do a PRR on legal fees, please!

  14. I have asked the following two questions of the school board "trustees" twice in the past two weeks and have yet to receive a reply. Me thinks something stinks on the GVSD board.

    "1) Has any resolution been reached for the conflict of interest with Kathleen Gardner & her relationship with ClimaTech, a contracted business with the school district?

    2) Why, when you came out of executive session on 7/21/11 (last Thursday) and announced a contract for Pat Goff did you not announce what position it's for? I have it on tape that you did not. What position did he contract for?"

  15. I agree Elizabeth...they are hiding something when they won't answer questions. Everyone clearly knows that ClimaTech can not do work for us anymore since Gardners husband works for them and she is on the board. That is nepotism. As far as Goff goes, there is something going on there, and someone needs to find out. A friend of mine from HSB warned me that we didn't want them here at our school because they would take over the school and try to run it.

  16. Elizabeth:

    Apparently you missed the meeting where the Clma-tech thing was resolved. The district no longer has a contract with Climatech and they have prorated any refunds to the district as on the date of Kathleen's appointment. It's just not an issue any longer. No conflict.

    And why don't you just ask Pat Goff with the position he was contracted for is. It's for the same one he has been contracted before all along - tech director (or whatever the title is). I asked him directly - what a novel idea. No conspiracy expect the one you have cooked up on your own.

  17. Hmm...makes it interesting that you (annon 10:29) knew the answer to that question when it was just resolved at the board meeting today. Some inside scoop maybe??

    There's no "conspiracy" going on. Fact is, the board is doing wrongful things, and are being called on it, and questioned because it's on tape, and they don't like it. They feel Elizabeth is being a "pain", and don't like that she makes they answer her questions. I heard her argue today with Rob, when he told her that he didn't "work" for her. He most certainly does (as she explained to him). He is a public official, and she is public. They work for us, the public.

  18. It was resolved at a previous meeting. Pay attention. Check the minutes.

  19. The so-called conflict of interest with Climatech and Kathleen Gardner was openly and publicly addressed at the July 26th board meeting.

    The so-called secret contract with Pat Goff was no secret at all and was certainly available to public scrutiny.

    And 11:25 - you "heard" her? Did you also hear her when she was board chair in the way she addressed the people she worked for? How about the e-mails she sent to teachers and patrons? She certainly didn't behave the way she is damanding others to behave. Quite the opposite in fact. And while we're on the subject, how about Terry Elmore yelling at patrons in open session? Or reading statements saying "this is our final word" and refusing to answer direct questions to her. You have a very short memory.

    And as far as the author of this blog calling people fat and ugly - it's a little of the pot calling the kettle black, don't you think? Or calling people drunks - one only has to read the above posting to deduce that she is using the "it takes one to know one" approach. The person she is referring to doesn't deserve this type of slander and neither do the others mentioned.

  20. The point is that the board was refusing to answer the questions I posed to them via email. If they had provided the answers, there would have been no confrontation this morning. If they continue to ignore my valid requests, I will continue to confront them face-to-face. The questions I asked should not have required a public records request.

  21. Elizabeth, were you not at the July 26th board meeting where the Climatech/Kathleen Gardner issue WAS resolved?

  22. No, 4:43, I wasn't there. I was spending time with my grandkids. Again, a simple answer to my questions would have sufficed. The board members chose to ignore me.

  23. BTW, 12:02:

    Those minutes haven't been approved or posted yet, so there's no way I can check them.

  24. Just FYI, an email sent to the board this afternoon (originally only sent to Alan Ward):

    Subject: School website update
    Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2011 17:19:34 -0700
    From: Elizabeth Dunn

    Since Mr. Ward's address on the school website is either not working or he has blocked me and the message was kicked back, I am sending this to
    the board in general.
    You need to remove James De Foe from the district website. He is currently employed in Tennessee.

    And why can I not find Pat Goff on the website contacts so that I could email him directly about this and not have to go through you?

    If you want to avoid future conflicts with me like this morning, then you and the other board members will answer my legitimate questions when I ask them via email. Otherwise, we will have more face-to-face, come-to-Jesus meetings. Alan, I've reached a point in my life where I don't care what anyone thinks of me. I have no pride, so you can't wound it. Any semblance of pride was beaten out of me years ago when I was a kid.

    You and Hazen wanted to know today why I am so angry all the time. It's because you and your ilk have ruined a good man's reputation and made it almost impossible for him to find work. I hope he sues the district for all he can get. You are despicable.

  25. edunn - if they ignored you, you can join the crowd with the many who were ignored by the former board. There were numerous requests for information that were either ignored altogether or denied. What makes you so special?

  26. Elizabeth Dunn:

    I truly pity you. You need to find a good therapist and work your issues out for your own good. This isn't the way to do it. The fact that you would post something like this for the public to read is just very sad and very clearly a cry for attention. I hope your family, friends and clergy will help you.

    The board did not ruin anyone's reputation. The former super does have responsibility in this as well but you fail to acknowledge that on any level. That said, this kind of thing is not unheard of and good administrators will be able to move on to more suitable employment.

  27. 6:53:

    Examples, please. When I served on the board, I never ignored requests for information.

  28. 7:01:

    I am willing to come out & say who I am. Are you? No cry for attention. Just facts.

    Come and say your vitriol to me face to face and perhaps I'll consider what you have to say.

    The former super did *nothing* that would cause the type of attacks that this board has launched.

  29. 7:01:

    Calling you out. You're a chicken hiding behind the Anonymous posting. I give no credence to anything you have to say.

  30. Gee, I came on to make a statement about what the people I've written about here have done to the Super who was fired for no reason and to wonder about the real slander and libel that has been perpetrated against him. And here is ED, doing it for me.

    First, 2:34, my apologies for calling your friend a fat, ugly teacher--funny you knew to whom I was referring...but that was beneath me. She is what she is--I see her as ugly because of the lies she has told about so many people and the hurt she and her hubby have caused by their libel and slander, along with their "Friends". If you think I slandered anyone here, you either do not know the truth or you do not know the meaning of the word. The facts are there in black and white, unless Hazen and Ward destroyed them when they broke into the office--or were let into the office--in either case, they had no business in the Superintendent's office--nor did they have any business being there in the middle of the night. The teacher (your friend?) and all others named here have ruined a man's current life, reputation, peace of mind, chance to find decent work and all for what? Their agenda. Not the kids. Not the truth. But their agenda. Talk to your friend about slander. Read her accusations against Mike, which were no more than idiotic and irrational mumblings by a woman who appears to be unbalanced and should not be dealing with innocent children.
    2) Please enlighten me. I only saw Mrs. Dunn yell once, at a special school board meeting: Mike Tomnlin was in the process of methodically, with documents, refuting the slander and insinuations against him, made by your "Friends" and which had appeared in the newspaper. Your "Friends" began yelling, out of order, and finally, Mrs. Dunn raised her voice and when that didn't work, she yelled "Be quiet!" or "Shut-Up!" I would have to check my notes, but either of which was quite appropriate under the circumstances. If you heard her yell at another time, again, please enlighten me. 3)Terry Elmore never came close to the behavior of the current board or the patrons who have supported the crimes committed against her, Janelle Ward, Dunn, Tomlin and Fox. In fact, the stress that was placed upon Elmore (and Dunn and Ward) as a volunteer board trustee by the lot of those hounds was almost insurmountable. The way they brutalized Mike Tomlin was downright diabolic. That anyone can defend any of them is beyond me. And shame on anyone who has the gaul to ask the taxpayers of this town to pull money out of their pockets to pay for a $600K levy to bail them out of the financial mess they've created with their vindictive bloodthirst. They can by-gum keep working to fix it themselves--if they have saved any money by hiring this new guy, great. Apply it to the legal fees they've run up the last two months or the ones that were created in defense of their attacks, for the last two years. They can sell their houses and give the money to the school, if they care so much. Asking anyone else to cover their mistakes is disgraceful--but being disgraceful wouldn't be new to any of them.

  31. Thank you, Elizabeth and Angel for having no fear and posting the truth. Thank you for standing up for Mike. He is a wonderful person and has been beaten and slandered by some of the most diabolical and evil people I have ever seen in my life. You both are truly good and amazing women & although I have never met either of you, you have my sincerest thanks. ~S.S.

  32. 7:01, again:

    Didn't think you'd come out. Coward.

  33. Frankly edunn, you scare me. So go ahead and call me a coward but your crazy behavior is escalating.

  34. Just so everyone knows, S.S. is NOT me.

  35. Good job Angel...and Elizabeth, I can't thank you enough! You stand firm with these people and make them do what they are required to do. Soon enough this board will show their true colors and all will be revealed. But will that make folks realize what was done to Tomlin was wrong? Heck no, it's a fight to fight...no one will win. It's just whoever is the last man standing. It's the Hatfields & McCoys...they don't even know WHY they are fighting, just fighting to fight. They (the Friends group & current board) have ruined the lives of people, and I can hardly wait to sit back and watch the lawsuit unfold. It'll be a dandy, that's for sure. And if the Board has any of you convinced that the schools insurance is going to pay for this, you have been misinformed. There is no way the insurance is going to pay out for something like that. Go Tomlin Go.......

  36. It is interesting that the biggest defense in this community for the current board's corrupt and deceitful actions is that people didn't like the previous board, and Tomlin.

    How is that justification for these people's wrongdoing? Your crook is good because my crook was bad? Get real.

    I'll vote NO on any levy until this is fixed. A yes levy vote will come from me when there are no "trustees" who appear on police reports!

  37. Amen Annon 10:31...my no vote will be loud & clear and I will tell everyone I know to do the same. How can anyone watch the video that is above, and not wonder what on earth this board is hiding? What were they afraid he was going to say? Did Elmore ever have to warn anyone when cameras were rolling? I don't think so! They are corrupt from A-Z

  38. My vote will be "YES". Finally the corrupt board and former administrator are out and we are moving forward!

  39. Anyone reading the post from Angel and the responses from Elizabeth can see who is coo-koo.

  40. Thank you Angel for the truth! Go Girl!

    Question? It was mentioned above about a police report, Rob Hazen and Alan Ward? I'm sorry but I don’t know the details. Is there a video of this and/or police report?

  41. Oh good God! The super refused to turn in his keys. The inside of a lock was disabled. End of story. No vandalism, no maliciousness - just someone trying to protect the district. Rob Hazen was not at the school - regardless of the report. "Someone" reported it to the sheriff without knowing anything about the situation. That same "someone" has also been the subject of investigation by officials for her own wrong doing. There is also an ongoing investigation that CONTINUES at the state department of education on our outgoing super.

  42. The 6/2/2011 police report quotes the sheriff's deputy: Robert B. Hazen called and asked to speak to me. I spoke to Robert and he told me that he and Alan D. Ward were at the school and Alan had placed things in the lock to prevent the superintendent from entering the office. I explained that what they had done was vandalism and was technically a crime...after taking the report, I was flagged down by Alan at the Chevron in Garden Valley...Alan told me that as of 9:30 p.m. on 6/01 2011, the superintendent for Garden Valley had been placed on administrative leave and was supposed to return the key but he had failed to turn the key over."

    The Superintendent was delivered of an illegal letter from the school board after 9:30 p.m. Wed, 6/1. Sometime between the hours of 9:30 p.m. and 6:45 a.m., the culprits had entered the office, and then glued up the lock. Gee, did they really expect Tomlin to run over, in the middle of the night, to where? Alan's house? Hazen's house? or perhaps put the keys on Lydia's desk? and walk out in the middle of the night, thus leaving the school unlocked? How responsible would that be? "Protect the district?"

    If "someone" hadn't reported the vandalism (and not wee-hour break-in, but LET IN, by an employee, for we know the board members do not have school keys), that would indeed have been irresponsibility and not doing "her" job. Where do you learn your moral and ethical rationalism? Tell me right here what wrongdoing "she" did or don't mention it again. For years now, you have all been so good at making accusations, with no substance behind them. I am willing and eager to allow discussion here but give up the "facts" you have to all readers or forget the accusations.

  43. "There is also an ongoing investigation that CONTINUES at the state department of education on our outgoing super."

    Oh, really? Haven't heard that one before.

  44. Rob did call but he wasn't at the school.

    The letter was only inproper because the THEN legal counsel advised the board to take action in executive session rather than open session.

    SHE - "lost" important election documents and such.

  45. And call the department of ed and see for yourself.

  46. Anon 5:26: Get your accusations straight before you accuse someone ~ for crying out loud.

    "SHE" didn't lose any important election documents. The paper in question was the minutes from the election in regards to one of the many recalls that the previous clerk had typed. The document WAS FOUND but unfortunately the chair at the time, Alan Ward, signed the official minutes with NO election results stated. There were only the names of who ran and who won. There should have been the actual numbers indicating the results but the Chair and the Clerk made an oversight and signed it anyway.
    P.S. if "SHE" had typed those minutes they would have been done correctly.
    This is fact. Do a records request if you care to check my truth. Anything else is evil gossip. As usual.

  47. Some of this is still a breaking story, for real news people. Three patrons this week had detailed conversations with the sheriff's deputy who conducted the initial investigation. He stands by his report.

    There is a buzz around town that critical investigative documents are missing from the school district, and that the sheriff's department has been notified. This may answer the question of why Ward and Hazen needed inside Tomlin's office in dark of night.

    It has long been asked, answered and confirmed by school district personnel that Tomlin's wife returned his keys the very next day, as he was traveling and in Idaho Falls.

  48. August 5, 2011 1:29 AM
    Frankly edunn, you scare me. So go ahead and call me a coward but your crazy behavior is escalating.

    This is hilarious!

  49. Wow. I hear that Rob Hazen's wife says he's an alcoholic. Just wow. Great leadership we have for our district.

  50. When there are actual police documents...why are there still questions about who did what? It's right there in the report for Pete's sake!

  51. 11:31, it's all part of the corrupt Boise County system. We have reports taken and ignored by our sheriff & prosecutor. Business as usual in Boise County.

  52. Anon 9:46-
    I don't know about that, but I do know that about a year and a half ago, we had an alcoholic for board chair. Until, that is, the people of her zone had the good sense to recall her.

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