Tuesday, August 9, 2011

MORE TAXES? New School Board Wants Your Money! But Not For The Kids!

Garden Valley School District #71
Supplemental Levy
NEW TAX Election
Tuesday, August 30, 2011
$600,000 over 2 years

•We're already paying for a new school
•We're already paying for a new library
•We're going to pay for the Alamar Ranch fiasco
•Boise County declared bankruptcy

We told them loud and clear last spring "NO!"
 What part of "NO!" didn't they understand?

Now they're coming back again 
asking for even more of our money!
And for what?
"...for the purpose of paying all lawful expenses
of maintaining and operating the District..."

Now, just what does that mean?

It could mean we're going to pony up more money for toilet paper.
It could mean we're going to buy new text books.
Or it could mean we're going to be paying those legal fees
that the District continues to incur.

The county now runs all elections
and has chosen to have a single polling location for this vote:
Crouch Community Hall, Tuesday, August 30, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.

A simple majority (50%+1) will decide the fate of this new tax.

To request an absentee ballot, click on http://idahovotes.gov/VoterReg/absentee.pdf
Download & complete the request form. Print and fax to 208-392-4473, attn: Molly (County Clerk's office) or mail to

County Clerk
420 Main Street
P.O. Box 1300
Idaho City, Idaho 83631

Mail absentee ballot requests must be received
no later than six (6) days prior to an election by 5 p.m.

Vote "NO!" on August 30.

Paid for by job loss, public humiliation, blood, sweat & tears, high blood pressure, emotional pain, disillusion, ethical intentions, doing things by the book, concern for the children, integrity, community volunteer labor, moral obligation, and responsibility.


  1. Thanks Angel,

    Who ARE these people who just go from one screw up to the next?!

    No, no, NO, on the levy!

  2. Love the "Paid for by..." statement!

  3. Great Job Angel....get out...vote NO

  4. Umm... "We" told them no last spring? Really, Angel? Did you vote no last spring? Did any of you? Talk about taking things out on the kids. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  5. Voted no last spring, will vote no again, just as many folks I know will do.

  6. Gee, lost my job, which made you titter last year; now titter when I vote NO! for your new levy. No matter how much Tomlin and the good guys wanted the levy to pass last spring, I couldn't stomach giving the school any more money--I passed then--still feel the same way. No Money Honey--Empty Pockets--get it from Summers and the gang.

    I saw GV School children carrying placards on television with their parents who got rid of the Super--two years of harassment, which cost a whole lotta money for school board defensive legal fees and I don't remember anything being about the children--except parents teaching their children to harass a school superintendent and pick on other kids in school for being the children of board members. Your kids got a new school out of me and my partner (two taxpaying seniors who voted yes) and look what you and your "friends" have done and all for the Children?

    The kids will be fine--somehow they always seem to make it through no matter how many obstacles we throw in their direction--but you, you should be ashamed of yourselves for bringing them up now, finally, and so blithely, when it suits your fancy.

  7. Great answer Angel. The budget was balanced without a levy - thank Tomlin and Fox.

    No, for new taxes.

  8. You are a just perpetuating lies. You should be ashamed of yourself. Last year when Tomlin was promoting the levy, you were all for it. You support HIM and NOT THE KIDS. The legal fees you talk of are not even CLOSE to the abuse of the system when Tomlin was in charge.

    You're doing this for someone but it sure as Hell isn't this community and especially not for the children in it.

  9. Thank Tomlin and Fox??? THAT is a joke. Thank Tomlin for getting us into this mess. With help from Elmore and Dunn.

  10. Anon 11:45,

    What mess? The money comes from the state regardless of who is superintendent.

    The budget is balanced.

    What mess?

    Or do you mean the corrupt actions of the new board?

  11. Great post Angel. I voted no because I have no extra money, and will vote no again, regardless of who is the super. And I agree 100% with what Angel said about the kids. Funny how you can bash on her about the kids, but when those same "kids" were walking around with signs, being taught by their parents to disrespect elders, where was the complaints? make up your mind, you can't continue this one-sided biased BS that has been going on here for years!

  12. Already absentee voted---- NO.

    Time to stop the bloated spending at GVSD, enough is enough and this board needs to make do with what they already get. Don’t forget this board just got a bonus from the state tax surplus account that was well in excess of $50k.

    BTW - I’ve heard Rob Hazen intends to float Levy’s at every opportunity he can until the snow birds or others forget to vote . We need to send a loud and clear NO vote this time and hold the board accountable to balance the budget!


  13. I have kids who attend GVSD, and I will vote yes. I have seen no evidence of the current board being corrupt.

    The old board, now that's a different story. Lies upon lies, upon lies and you people still gobbled up whatever Tomlin told you. You are so concerned with his reputation and well being and yet thought nothing of the many people that he slandered (yes, when you lie about someone in a public forum, it IS slander). Not to mention the good employees that were chased out of the valley.

    By the way, I don't think you are endearing yourselves to the new super by not supporting the levy and being rude at every opportunity.

  14. For $90,000 a year the new guy can endear himself.

    Voting NO.

  15. I agree about the good people chased out of the valley - Mr. Vian, gone; Mrs. Doyle, gone; Mr. Defoe, gone; Codey Huston, gone. It is very sad.

    Not a dime to support this board. Make do with what you have and what you have done.

  16. Great job Annon 8:23...that is exactly who I was thinking of when someone spoke of "good people being run out of this valley". Just wait and see, the new boards true colors will show soon...just wait! We're still in the "honeymoon stage" with them.

  17. Annon 10:40...I agree 100% with you, the budget was balanced with Tomlin & Fox, without a levy. That's the way it should be. We shouldn't have to go ask for money...make it work, and they did. In the 3 months since Tomlin has left, so many of the things he had in the budget have already been overturned, and cost much more money. How do you think that will work? And the previous complaints about all the attorney fees being from the old board...if that is the case, why was there an attorney present at the board meeting last night? Still racking up the charges...good thing that levy will pay for it....NOT!

  18. "I have seen no evidence of the current board being corrupt. "


    Date of this Report: 6-02-2011
    Event: #29953
    Offense or Subject of this Report : Malicious injury to property
    Suspect(s): Ward, Alan D.

  19. Annon 8:47..is there a way to access that report...I'd love to read it. I've been confused about the part where RH said he was there and did it with AW and then changes his mind when asked at another meeting

  20. 8:42 - OK now you're just making stuff up. What was overturned and will cost more money? Not a thing. If Tomlin's budget was so good why did he himself say if we don't pass a levy, the cuts will be "draconian". He and his supporters berated anyone who dared to question the need for a levy. Now you're out there campaigning against what "your man" said we needed so desperately. What gives? You care more about him than your own community or school. Pathetic.

    And yes good people have left including Pam Doyle who wondered aloud many times what Dr. Tomlin did all day besides drink coffee and gossip. Oh ya and write comments on blogs.

    The legal fees paid because of the actions of the former board were just nuts. There will be some more to get things back in order but then it will be drastically reduced.

    And Elmore should be especilly ashamed. She was the one who wagged her finger at patrons shaming them to "think of the kids". Now she is trying to get the school shut down. Is that for the kids too? Beware of the person who goes around telling you what a good christian they are - those are the ones you have to watch.

    And Doyle and DeFoe had jobs. They resigned and both were looking long before this board was seated. DeFoe had house he could unload and Doyle wanted to do some actual counseling.

    And Angel - you voted no last time? Then why didn't you get out there and campaign against the levy then?

  21. When the voters decide yes or no to a school levy, the most important factor in my opinion should be what is the quality of education they want the community's children to receive? The current board has been acting fiscally responsible and I believe will continue to govern that way. Gossip about "racking up" legal fees is just misinformation and untrue.

  22. Finally, a good question. Actually, I passed on the vote last time, as I said, thinking I would be out of here and not dealing with taxes at all, and felt it was not my right to campaign for or against--I left it up to you...but life goes on...and as I am still here, and paying taxes, I am now expressing my thoughts on the subject...poor old Mike T probably thought I was a good little school supporter--sorry. I pay for the school building-that's enough.

    This is the moment to clarify some misconceptions. This is not the Idaho World, where you only get one side--otherwise, you would not be allowed to be on here voicing your good opinions...which you are not allowed to do in the newspaper. So here you are, expressing yourself.

    Now, I consider this blog to be a newspaper and I allow people to put a diversity of information here which often would not get into the paper for one reason or another, such as Tomlin being exonerated from the accusations of Kathleen and David Gardner. We always have gotten only the side of the Fiends in the newspaper and TV.

    Some of the information on my blog I do not agree with or condone, such as the Levy advertising last spring, but that is not my business to agree with or condone. This provides a forum for someone to state their case and people may discuss as long as they are somewhat careful with their libelous comments (me included). If you don't like what I say, you are allowed to say so. Isn't that fun?

    Pertinent to that policy is the fact that Mike Tomlin was never allowed to defend himself against the Fiends and their followers, in the paper or in public. I remember when the Fiends held a public meeting and smeared the Super. He then held an open meeting to answer issues and was publicly crucified by a roomful of people who really didn't give him a chance to talk. I saw some ugly busness there and went away and worked on my blood pressure, which always used to be so low.

    So here we are, discussing the Levy and the school. I am very sorry to tell you all we have a new Super who has, this morning, already exercised his clearly pre-determined reason for being here--and this cute exercise should be the final blow that Stan Kress and his funky "Friends" had planned on all along--congrats to them. I hope Kress and Koenig and Summers and the Riedingers and the Marions and Gibson and all the rest of the fiendish ones are now satisfied. Now it is time for finalizing the lawsuits and--what you all know I have been waiting for--the cannibalistic rituals of eating each other, yum yum, glad I don't have to partake of the foul essences of Ward/Hazen/Gardner/Benedict/Fisher-flesh. Even if I were a carnivore, my palate would meet the taste of diseased reptile with revulsion.

  23. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  24. Angel,

    Could you please clarify what the new super did this morning? What do you belive his pre-determined reason for being here is?

  25. Angel, I just wanted to say thank you for having this blog. I don't agree with you on a lot of issues, but so be it.

    I honestly don't think you can claim you are an unbiased source of news, though.

  26. Mike's a tough guy, he can take care of himself, but when you start messing with his wife, you're outta here.

    No, I am not unbiased when it comes to what the community has done to that family.

  27. Angel,

    Perhaps you are even now typing a witty answer to the earlier question regarding the new super? I do want to know what he did, and what you think his reason is for being here.

    Thank you.

  28. I read the post you took off of the site, and there was no slam against Mrs. T. I had thought that what was said about her was actually giving her the benefit of the doubt.

    Whoever posted that, why not re-post without your last few lines? There was some good information in that post.

  29. The post that was removed just hit a little too close to home for Angel. It's her blog and I guess she can do what she wants. Go ahead and name names calling people alcoholics.....that's ok.

    Mr. T has had more than enough opportunities to defend himself. He has used public meetings, the IW, Blogs, written statements, the school attorneys and statements read at board meetings. In fact that seems to be all he can do - offer excuses.

    The problem is that when he was given a public forum to defend himself, he lied. Again, does anyone really believe that his snow-shoeing friends hacked into the school computers to send out an e-mail to someone they don't know because "they had his back"? That statement contradicts the "Mystery Solved" e-mail that can still be read on KTVB.

    And Angel - your mysterious last paragraph does need some explanation.

  30. 5:52, call the school tomorrow and ask who the new super fired today, at the behest of the board. That will answer the "mysterious last paragraph."

  31. "Someone they don't know"...well, they knew Mike quite well, I guess, and I wonder why you never mention why on earth his friends would just pick two names out of--what--the phone book? a list of patrons? The Marions had harassed him ad nauseum as had their "friends", since he took Kress' place--why wouldn't his own friends know all about them? I know deep secrets of my own friends, even their computer passwords--it's not unusual. But you are all pre-programmed, so go with it.

    Hmm--surprised you haven't heard-it's what was behind all of this, so rejoice. The new Schrader-puppet of the bad-board-guys walked in today and cleaned house for his employers, firing Paula Fox and Donna Root,leaving only one little puppet behind, who is the culprit with the key that let the the bad-boy-board-vandals into the office. For anyone who cares, Mrs. Fox was an 11-year employee of the school district-- Business Manager and Human Resources Manager. She was volunteer Clerk of the Board
    for many years, until Rob Hazen harassed her so much at a meeting, she resigned. Donna Root was Business Office Assistant, Purchasing Agent, and the District Secretary. She was also the School District Fiscal Officer for Project Patch. Stan Kress and his henchmen have gotten the revenge they have pursued for three years. I'll bow out of this conversation now. I don't have hope for the direction the school is going.

  32. It appears Mr. Schrader got his hands dirty quickly, firing two long-time employees without observing their work or evaluating them.

    Can you spell puppet?

  33. Can you spell Professional Standards complaint? I hope Mr. Schrader has his own good attorney.

    Already fired two people? Because the board told him to? No stones.

  34. Wait. He fired Paula and Donna? Some of us haven't even met him yet.

    This is how he will build a team? He won't last a year.

  35. My guess is the district was left with so little money to work with from the previous regime that costs had to be cut drastically.

    And the Kress references really are getting annoying. No one has heard from him since he left and I doubt very much he gives two figs about this stuff.

    Angel, you write in nonsensical partial sentences.

    And I'm sorry but I know Rob Hazen - no way did he harass Paula into resigning. She knew exactly what she was doing the whole time.

    No matter. It's sad when people lose their jobs but if we have to choose between administration and people who work with kids it's a no contest to me. I am sorry for both Paula and Donna but I would be more sorry to lose another teacher, para, or coach.

  36. Do any of you know why Paula was fired? Until you do, I wouldn't be so quick to jump to conclusions about the new super. I know nothing first hand, so will not bother posting what I have been told, but she is an at-will employee, right?

    Oh, and no, Angel we hadn't heard. The current board doesn't leak information out that should be kept confidential.

  37. Oh, I can't resist. Hah hah hah! That last one was a doozy!! Ha Ha Ha. Very funny--ho ho ho ho ho ho--I can't stop laughing. Hee hee hee hee hee!!

    May I quote in my fun nonsensical partial sentences---oh--urr--but---they're not sentences if they are partial>>>>>so you are wrong HA HA HA! Serious though, Seriously...I spoke with Puppet Schrader this a.m. He told me they were "restructuring". He told Paula the same thing and that it "wasn't him". Hmmm. I'm not sure we can trust what Paula says. We can't trust what I say, if you think Kress hasn't been involved, but it is nice to know I'm annoying you...Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha--just because you have forgotten what it's all been about, I haven't! ...neither have any of them. I am sure they are all drunk with glee by now, at the turn of the day. Hee hee hee! And Hazen is really such a nice guy, I must be mistaken, you are correct--golly, harass Paula Fox at a meeting? Hmmm, must have dreamed it. Oh wait, the videos. Well, you can't always believe what you see. And 9:30 p.m., your guess is probably wrong.

  38. This new firing is dirty all the way around. Shrader hasn't even worked with either of those women for more than 10 minutes...so how on earth can he make a decision like that? There were other jobs that either of those ladies could have moved into, given all their seniority, but he tossed them to the curb like they meant nothing after all those years of service. Talk about a slap in the face. Hopefully community members call the school and complain. More ammunition for that levy not passing that's for sure! Get those no votes out there!

    Kathleen...why are you on here blabbing about that stupid email again? Your tired of Angel bringing up Stan and yet you can't let that dang email rest! Who the heck cares now? The guy is gone, give it a rest. I hope his buddies send HUNDREDS to hate emails out now.

  39. I smell another lawsuit coming to the school! Fox has every right to sue. "whistle blower" will win every time..she did last time she went up against Kress for it! She's the one who called the police when someone broke into the supers office and glued the lock shut, so now they are retaliating against her. There were several people in the executive session when RH yelled at her, threw papers at her and treated her horribly, having to leave the room because he was so worked up, and now she's gone??? You've got to be kidding me? She'll sue them for more than they can imagine! By the time her & Tomlin are done with lawsuits, that school will need much more than 600,000.00 to pay them off! Run for your lives!

  40. First, I thought "at-will" employees have no expection of continued employment and need no cause to be explained, but obviously the new superintendent felt there was still "fat" in the district admin to be trimmed away thus the restructuring (if what you say is even true)? Also, whenever I have stopped in to the school over the last couple months no one can tell me why Paula is not at work, or what her work days and hours even are! Let's not blame a new superintendent who only wants to provide the best possible student services in the face of cuts and an overzealous estimate of expected revenue by the former administration. Its also poor form to spread rumors about an executive session and make accusations when trustees are prevented from defending themselves due to the confidentiality. Shame on you for this type of gossip.

  41. Shame on me for this type of gossip...you've got to be joking! I have told this story a million times...there's no gossip..I was standing in the hallway waiting for them to come out of executive session. I saw for myself RH get all red faced, kick the trash can, throw papers at Fox, and then walk out in the hallway to "cool down" for about 5 minutes before returning. No gossip here Sister...I saw it with my own eyes!

  42. Okay, "restructuring." Easy to prove. Just put forth a public records request for the new school district organizational flow chart - chain of command.

    If the board is restructuring then it will have changed the chart, ran it by the public, created job descriptions for the new positions, etc.

    If this was a hatchet job by the new super in exchange for his $90K then those things don't exist and haven't been done, and we will see the board's cronies slid into vacant jobs.

  43. Lawsuit? I don't think so. On what grounds? The district is broke and reduced head count? Good luck with that one. And I didn't know Paula was the one who called the cops about the lock. But I do know it was her vehicle and her child who ran into that back of the old school building and put a rather large hole through the wall. Drinking was involved. Why wasn't there vandalism charges then? Oh that's right, she's "above" the rules.

    8:07 - Thats BS and on some level even you know you're lying.

    What's happening here is pure desperation. There is no one left to give information to Edunn, MT, and Elmore. Oh yes, many people know that this has been going on for some time.

    So go ahead and sue - if you really want a complete investigation. But you and your actions will be looked at with a fine toothed comb too.

  44. And 9:03 - We are weeks from school starting with A LOT less money than we thought we had. For at-will employees, what you suggest is not required. I say Tomlin was right - he predicted big cuts were going to have to be made and now his prediction is coming true.

  45. The firings aren't dirty all around - they aren't firings at all. When you have to reduce costs sometimes good people lose jobs. It's happened all over the country for the last few years. Belt tightening is no fun especially if you happen to be the one getting cut.

  46. Annon 9:07..>I was standing right there and saw it with my own eyes and you're trying to tell me it didn't happen?

    I say bring on the lawsuits, this is retaliation at it's finest. The school obviously still has money, or they wouldn't be open. I hope Tomlin & Fox drain it all and many more cuts happen....starting with that ding-dong secretary who got the 10,000.00 raise. Why isn't anyone fussing about that?

    Here's my POV. When Tomlin & Vian were told BY THE BOARD to go have talks with the paras and the elective teachers, the community had a cow. Now 2 good hard working employees were kicked to the curb for no reason, and no one says a word? They were just warned that it COULD happen and people freaked out, now it happened and this is it? All depends on who we are talking about, that's for sure. Corrupt board has come into play, that is for sure. Nothing Janell, Elmore, Dunn, any of them ever compares to what this new group is doing. Watch and see what happens with that levy!

  47. There's money there alright....how about all the electives that were supposed to be cut? Cut those. No, heck, they are bringing back the art teacher that already retired. Do you have any idea what her salary is? She's worked there forever, I'm sure she makes bank! We can afford that??? Come on! All the electives need to be cut...all of them!

  48. If the art teacher didn't come back, our kids wouldn't have the hamanities credits they are required to have for graduation. She's doing us a favor. We wouldn't have had to worry about that so much if we had music but the music teacher left town without telling anyone officially. No resignation so he was offered a contract. Still waiting to hear back from him. I'm one of the parents who really wanted music but I'm disappointed in the unprofessional actions. Maybe we could have been searching for a suitable replacement and had more music and less art.

    The Tomlin era left a mess and don't think it will just be fixed over noght. It will take time but it will happen.

    And no I don't believe Hazen did anything threatening toward anyone. He may have been steamed but that guy wouldn't hurt a fly. But people who are used to playing victim can interpret it any way they want to.

  49. 9:48 - good point about the levy. It may very well not pass. In fact I thing we have to prepare for the worst. Thank goodness the new administration has done just that to preserve jobs and programs that directly impact the kids.

  50. The music teacher left because the upcoming trustee had made several complaints about him, and was getting ready to be seated on the board. She was so threatening that the school had to block the emails coming from her...she was "threatening & intimidating" to him...why on earth would he stay? He knew if he stayed, she'd have him gone in seconds. He pursued a job in the town he already owned a home in. I do believe he left official word with the super, but oh wait, they kicked him to curb, illegally of course, before he ever got the chance to tell them DeFoe wasn't coming back.

    Wouldn't hurt a fly? Sure didn't look like it from where I was standing!

  51. Annon 10:09..your just plain old crazy. They do not have enough money to run the school if this levy doesn't pass, so WHEN it doesn't, they will make more cuts. Maybe when the cuts actually affect you, you'll feel differently. Your in la-la-land if you think this has ANYTHING to do with what is best for the kids.

  52. "preserve jobs"? Who's job is preserved? Obviously this board has shown that a contract means nothing...except a good lawsuit, and what at will employee feels safe after what happened yesterday? The only ones that are safe are the ones kissing butt with the new guy and the new corrupt board. Must be more of that Koolaide being offered!

  53. I say Karma, when working properly, is a beautiful thing. It's working perfectly right now! ha ha ha

  54. You know what they say about Karma...so just wait and see what happens now. They've laid down their hand, now it's our turn. Karma will be revealed on the 30th when the levy fails because of the way you have treated community members. Ha, ha, ha!

  55. Anon 10:10,

    You obviously don't know the board member of whom you are speaking very well. I do know her, and she agreed that the music program was a benefit to the kids of the school.

    Threatening and intimidating? She wanted to know who had told the music teacher blatant lies about her. I would want to know as well, since it was then put on a blog, and she was publicly chastised for something she didn't even do.

    I think it is more likely that he couldn't take the pay cut they had to give to all teachers.

  56. Maybe the teachers who are so worked up about their pay cut should go boo-hoo to the secretary who got he huge bonus?

  57. Anon 10:58,

    I don't think the teachers mind about the increase to the secretary, seeing as how they have given her more duties and are having her work an extra few months. It's not a bonus. A bonus implies that she is doing the same job, and just getting an extra lump sum payment.

  58. Anon 12:04, you are right, it is not a bonus. It is increased administrative overhead staffing, and increased administrative overhead pay. That equals "NO" on a tax increase.

    Anon 9:03, I like your thinking. Yes, it is either restructuring or a "hatchet" job. If the board approved a new org chart and combined job descriptions, then game over, quit whining to the ladies.

    But if not, and they are pulling retaliation strings and Schrader is part of it - then he is already a failure, we will not support him, and the ladies indeed have a lawsuit.

    Show us the org chart! Is it on the district's website?

  59. Annon 12:30...well put...we had to let 2 ladies go, because the budget can't do it, but yet we give another "lady" a bonus for working this summer? Seems to me every time I'm in there she's yacking on phone with someone, or chatting with someone in the office about school gossip. Work???? I don't think so, they were duped! They paid her for 2 months more of work, and she probably hasn't worked 10 minutes this whole summer. It's OK...let them load her up with work, and when she falls flat on her face we can sit back and laugh! She couldn't handle the job she had last year, always leaving early, spending 1 1/2 hour lunch breaks so she could gossip with the preachers wife, how can she handle this? When will she have time to gossip and back stab more people?

  60. Anon 2:34, Maybe you should ease up on criticizing Paula. She gave some good years of service to the school district. Its sad that she chose not to appreciate or value her work.

  61. If you aren't showing up for your job, can you reasonably expect to keep it?

  62. Anon 12:30,

    One secretary was already retired, and one of the other administrative staff wasn't showing up for work. It was NOT increased administrative overhead. If you don't believe me, just look at what the school speny on admins last year, and look at what they will be spending this year. Definitely an overall savings.

  63. Annon 3:05...a savings after them letting Paula go of course. Previous budgets had 3 "secretaries". It was cut down to 1-1/2 this year, Lydia moved into the school secretary position full time, and Donna was going to be 1/2 time super secretary (which was a huge savings since the former super secretary was full time, and made more than twice the salary Donna did)....this was a big savings for the district, over 1/2 of what is used to be...I'm not sure which part you are having a hard time understanding.

    Annon 2:55...don't be a moron...you know I'm not talking about Paula. Who said she didn't value her job? Was anyone ever there to see her working until 7 PM at night or later? As long as she puts in 8 hours a day, what does it matter what time of the day she does that? Lydia is there for the 8 hours, but talks & gossips for 7 1/2 of those hours. Just sit back and wait folks...she'll fall apart weeks after trying to convince you she can be Superwoman and do it all! Anyone who has fallen for her "woe-is-me" line has been drinking the local Koolaide.

  64. 4:36 - It matters when she's there because when she's gone she isn't available to those who may need the services she provided. She hasn't been there to take phone calls or answer questions only she could answer. But that doesn't really matter - it's a budget issue.

    Any you really need to quit hammering Lydia. She is not guilty of the things you say she is. Just because she is the one still there, she doesn't deserve that kind of slander. Lydia has worked for the district a lot longer than either Paula or Donna.

    And regarding the comment about Paula being a "whistle blower". It's funny how she only blows the whistle only when she gets let go from a position. Convenient.

  65. No, she blew the whistle weeks ago when they broke into the supers office and glued the door shut...that's what whistle blower is. Then when they let her go...it's a retaliation for doing it. Same with Stan...she was a whistle blower when she reported him to the board for trying to move money without the boards approval. When he tried to get rid of her, that's because she blew the whistle.

    I won't back off on the Lydia issue...she deserves everything that is being said. She plays the poor innocent girl, and all the while she's the most back-stabbing person I've ever met. It's sad that people don't realize it...until it's too late of course.

  66. Whistle Blower, I don't think so. She didn't know or see anyone who disabled the lock, right? All she did was call the sheriff's dept, which hardly rises to the Whistle Blower level. Try again.

    Lydia has never been anything but professional and courteous in all the years my kids have been going to school there. No gossip - ever. Can't say the same for some of the others. The only thing Lydia is guilty of is having the seniority and experience the other two don't have. Hate the economy, the budget, whatever but it's not her fault she's still there.

  67. What nonsense! Whistleblower? Lawsuits? Fox was let go due to restructuring. Tomlin for cause. Let them waste THEIR money on lawyers. Or they could go quietly and attempt to preserve their name. If they are so all fired skilled and competent, they'll have no problem finding work.. Leave our kids education and future out of this idiocy!

  68. No employer in his right mind would knowingly hire someone who is or has sued their former company. Something to think about for those who are encouraging others to file a lawsuit.

  69. Lydia...no gossip??? HA, HA, HA, HA! You're cracking me up! Why don't you sit in the corner of that room some time and watch the number of people that come in their each day, each one of them spending all sorts of time, tax payers money time, gossiping...she's the queen of it. Protect her if you will...my feelings are the same about her, and always will be. Can't really talk about seniority, that means nothing. Both Fox & Root had over 11 years there, and yet there are paras there that have only worked for a couple years, yet they stayed. That seniority line means nothing. They were both let go because the took Tomlin's side, and continued to be his friend....period.

    They aren't "wasting their money on lawyers"..you just wait and see what Tomlin comes up with in the end. You've got to be kidding to think that they can fire him, when he still had years left on a contract and not be held liable? The IW & Channel 7 both ruined his name with their biased stories, so hopefully they both get sued, as well as the reporters who chose to do those stories week after week, ruining his reputation. I hope they all fall while he rises! They aren't going to just walk away into the dark...they will be revenge

  70. We'll be out first thing Aug 30th to vote NO!!! ....and looking at all the comments made to this post, I reckon there will be more than just us voting NO!!
    Thank you Angel!!!

  71. Theres probably only about 10 of us posting any comments!

  72. Still be voting NO!! We're drinking the Angel Cool-Aid!!

  73. Bring me so Angel Koolaide...I'll have some. The Koolaide that local preacher was giving out was bad-news stuff.

    Annon 7:46...how would you have any idea how many are posting on here...do you have a crystal ball?

    Get out there and vote NO! Spread the word to your friends. Word is that the new guy has quite a history of lawsuits under his belt (ones he has filed or been involved with)...wait until that hits the air, maybe people will beg Tomlin to come back. You think your legal bills at the school will end with him...your wrong. He has been involved in about 10 lawsuits...he seems to put a "spin" on things. I can hardly wait! He'll have 2 more coming when Tomlin & Fox get done with it all!

  74. So here's the wrap up with the firing situation. It's sad, but bottom line is that Fox is responsible for both Tomlin & Root getting fired. She is the one everyone hates, and she is the one that they were after from the beginning. The other 2 just happened to get in the way, causalities of the war I would call it. She should feel bad that they took the fall because of her.

  75. It is interesting how comments to this blog have moved away from the issue...the levy vote. Right now this is the issue on the table. I have never voted NO for any bond or levy issue, but this time, unless the School Board explains how the $600,000 addition to a blanaced budget will be spent, I will vote NO. I do not sign blank checks, nor should you.

  76. I am sure an answer as to how the $600,000 will be spent is coming.

  77. Fox is the one everyone hates? How come?

  78. Annon 12:39...they just do. I can't really even explain why.

    Annon 12:06..yes, it will come soon when Tomlin's lawsuit shows up on their desk!

  79. ...no trust this board with my dollar$ ...

  80. Angel - I had become a fan of your blog for the many informative posts about a variety of events and issues. I don't tend to get involved with the school stuff as much but I didn't even mind reading about that sometimes. But this has become too much. Go back to the other types of postings, I can't stomach any more of this.

  81. I believe the Lawyer was advising them not to put Tomlin on leave at all, take a poll now keep it quiet and come to your senses. The lawyer knew the three mean guys were making a bad decision. As far as making a decision in executive session…, I know Alan Ward has known for years that NO decisions can take place in executive session. He was put on the board because of his years of previous experience. If everything was on the up and up and there were real reasons for firing Dr. Tomlin there would have been a 5-0 vote and never a question about taking the vote in open meeting. Those who have something to hide? Do. What else is this School board hiding?

  82. Annon 1:14...I appreciate the blog that Angel does and giving us the chance to vent. Maybe when you see it's a controversial subject you can just skip that one? I don't want her to change...this is my therapy!

  83. Yes, all six of us who post need desperately to vent..

  84. 7:49 - How could you possibly know what the lawyer advised? The discussions regarding personnel are all done in Executive session. They have to be done there even if someone is put on probation, etc. I'm sure through that discussion it would be pretty clear to the members how each of them would vote in open session. And if all five had to agree, we wouldn't need five at all. We would only need one. They each bring something and every vote isn't going to be unanimous - nor should they be. That's why we do it this way.

    The people who were unhappy with the previous board were told time and time again, this is the system and that not every decision was going to please anyone. Well the same holds true with this board. We aren't going to like every decision but then we can't rail against the system because of our anger.

  85. 1:56 - Good point. One of the two people who voted no has said to many people they voted no because they were afraid he would sue not because it shouldn't be done.

  86. 2:08 and 1:56 Really so at least one thought Dr. Tomlin would have a reason to sue.

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  91. Getting back to the main subject of this post, I'm thrilled to say that in the last week on my adventures out & about, EVERY SINGLE PERSON I SPOKE TO said NO on the vote. Lets hope this thing fails so miserably that it's embarrassing that Boise County actually spent money to have the election. You would think sooner or later Idaho City will tell GV...get on with it, you're wasting our time with elections.

  92. Well you must travel in limited circles because in the last few weeks everyone I have talked to has said they will vote YES. They want to know how they can help get the word out. They're thrilled to help. We'll see on the 30th.

  93. As a taxpayer, my vote will be NO additional money to the Garden Valley School District. 15 million dollar facility and you are not satisfied only want more of our dollars. You have a budget - work with it.

    Taxpayers are presently paying for a $12+ million Bond. Do the math - add a $600,000 Levy - and divide that by about 200 kids -

    It won't go to programming ... it'll go to attorney fees, a "fat" admin, and a failed SBR system.

    Oh and the Assessor's office was just through the area....hmmmmm wonder what the tax man has in store ?

  94. 10:58 - Actually you couldn't be more wrong. But anyone reading this can do some of their own research and find out.

    The attorney fees have drastically been reduced and will continue to be reduced throughout the year. No way will the district spend even close to what was spent last year and this YTD. Check it out.

    And the fat admin had been cut - by tens of thousands of dollars. Streamlining and reducing has eliminated some of the costs for administration. That's just a fact that can be easily verified if you'll take the time.

    And the SBR is not failed at all. In fact we will see additional savings when we no longer have to contract with the City of Emmett to oversee the running of it for us. This will also happen this year.

    I will vote yes - this district does not have a history of asking for levies - it is not something that has to be perpetual like it is in many other districts. The district is in trouble and to be fair so are a lot of others. It is our responsibility to step up and fill the gaps when they occur once in a while. I would feel differently if I didn't see some significant belt-tightening already.

  95. Actually, ....we, the tax payers will pay attorney's fees - last year, YTD, next year, we will pay.

    Streamlining administration - without a Business Office? That's a fact. Poor business practices for operating a business... we are running a business - FACT !

    The SBR is failing and will require $$$ to repair and restore. Check your "facts". In-house management by a licensed water operator will perhaps cost the District less than the contract with the City of Emmett, none the less, it will cost.

    "this district does not have a history of asking for levies" ....when did you come on board ? The District has historically run levies - fact . Why just last March the District ran a Levy ! It failed.

    No on August 30th !

  96. 1:26 - I did check all of the items you listed. As far as the Business Manager goes, there's more than one way to skin a cat. The SBR was running fine over a year ago so if what you say is true, then the City of Emmett didn't do so well (not a fair statement from you).

    And yes we will pay legal fees in the district. We always have. I'm simply stating that we are looking at paying a lot less in the future than we have paid in the last year and a half.

    I'm not on the board but I have lived in the district for a very long time and I do have a pretty good memory. Many school districts just run perpetual levies all the time. We don't do that. We run them when needed and most of the time they pass - I happen to think they do because the district doesn't ask all that often.

    And as I'll repeat - anyone can sue anyone for anything at any time. It just doesn't mean they will win. To threaten a law suit is a tactic used by some people to intimidate the other party. There are many people who have never had to defend themselves from legal threats and well, those threats often work. It did in this case.

  97. What is with all of the deleted posts yesterday afternoon?

  98. Angel is cherry picking.

  99. So let me get this straight, www.gvschoollevy.com has the same IP address as www.gardenvalleyidaho.net which is run by Elizabeth Dunn. Is that the same person who was vocally SUPPORTING the levy in March? Interesting.

  100. Anon 2:41,

    You remind me of the story about honest government versus corrupt government. When honest government receives an anonymous tip of wrongdoing, they investigate the wrongdoing.

    When corrupt government receives an anonymous tip of wrongdoing they try to expose the tipster, and discredit them.

    Who cares who owns the website service, or how Elizabeth Dunn will vote, or who Grace is, or who the truth blogger is, or who Angel is?

    However, as I learned on the truth blog, some people voted for the levy in March, "BCE" - Before Corrupt Era, and those people will now vote NO, in the "CE" (Corrupt Era). See, you can learn on the internet.

  101. Anon 4:20.. Gee, thanks so much for helping us poor "rubes" to understand. Now go get a job...

  102. LOL, Anon 4:20 - you forgot the law about when people have no argument they simply insult; as shown by Anon 4:44.

    If the "rube" fits...

  103. 4:44 - Love it! Perfect comment.

  104. Boy...miss a day on here and you sure miss you on a bunch of stuff! I love the annon post of 4:20...who cares who opened the website, E Dunn happens to do that for a living, so she could have helped someone do it...doesn't mean she runs it...but even so, WHO CARES if she runs it..she has a right to say what she wants. I voted yes last time, but a STRONG no this time. People's minds changed when all the firings went on, and they know the lawsuits are coming. I can tell you that the lawyer fees will NOT stop, because these lawsuits are up & coming..who do you think will pay for those? They need this money as a cushion to protect against the lawsuits. I'm anxious for Aug 30, like a kid waiting for Christmas to come! I may get surprised and find out that people are stupid and drinking the Koolaide that the new CE (love that) board is serving...but then again, maybe not. I have talked to a lot of people that's for sure. Spreading the word as much as I can....so we'll see.

  105. 7:06 - Your ignorance is astounding. The CE is over. They don't need to defend against lawsuits - even if they do come the district has been paying insurance premiums for years (like all districts) to protect against that. So even if these lawsuits do come regarding employment, it will not come out of the general fund. Once again, something you could find out if you want to. But likely something you already know but would rather tear down a school with your lies and hate instead. You want to win at all costs - be damned the kids. Nice.

  106. The district's insurance may pay some of the costs if they are found liable. More likely the initial things will bounce to a government umbrella insurer.

    HOWEVER, and there is always a "however," that insurer will pay the big bucks if the sue'ers win big, but if the verdict is simply to pay the super's contract, that will be general fund.

    AND, if the district is found liable it could lose its coverage, and/or the cost could go up a lot. THAT is the reason for the levy, padding the coffers to prepare for the loses assuming they will be found liable for their illegal and unethical actions.

    NO on the levy!

  107. And the threats keep on coming...but that's all that's coming. If the super was fired for cause, and the employees let go last week are at will, there are no grounds for any legal action. Myself and many many others I have spoken to are going to vote YES on the bond. I hope for the kids' sake that it passes.

    And, no, anon 7:06 and many others, the $600,000 being asked for is NOT for any legal fees, since the school does have insurance. I believe our legal fee fiasco ended with the old board.

  108. Insurance will not pay for gross negligent, which is the case here. Why more money than the levy ran in March? They only needed $450K in March and now they need $600K what happen in 6 months? We are already spending more money per student than most highs schools in the State. It was reported on channel 6 news last night that more money is coming from the State. I say No!

  109. There was no gross negligence - you KNOW that! And if there were gross negligence, yes, the insurance WOULD cover it. That's why they have it.

    The increase in the levy amount had to be determined based on the information they had at the time. And if you'll recall the budget had been overestimated by $100K by the former super and business manager leaving the district with even less than originally thought.

    The levy is for twho years. After the first year, the second year amount can be cancelled or lowered.

    YES on the levy.

  110. 9:31 you say it is not for legal fees…. what is it for?

  111. I agree with 9:43. I have spoken to all the people who have been fired, and each one of them has a case. You just don't want to admit it. You drank the koolaide that was given out and have fallen under the spell of "don't worry, the insurance will cover it". I look for the insurance company to drop the school next...too much of a liability to carry a place like that. You wait and see. 2 of the 3 have already spoken to lawyers and have their games lined up & ready. Don't fall for the lines they are handing you about insurance, that's a joke. You think an insurance company is just going to pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars just because there were personality issues? None of the employees who were let go had done a thing wrong. All 3 of them have perfect evaluations in their files...what is the reason for letting them go? Tomlin because he didn't get along with people? Fox because the old super didn't like her? Root...well, who knows why she got the axe, being friends with the other 2 I would assume, but all of them were fired for no legitimate reason. NO ON THE LEVY! I think I need to paint my car like SA did with her "I love the board" notes....what a joke!

    Annon 9:49...don't you have a story to write for the IW or something else to keep you busy?

  112. If the budget was over estimated it would be due to student count. Fewer students should need less money not more. Common sense dictates a NO vote.

  113. They thought there was a bunch of students pulled last year for home schooling, wait until they get aload of this year!~

  114. 9:58 - The only koolaid around here is the stuff you drink every day before you post comments - and it's spiked!

    Root was probably let go because her job was superfluous in the first place. Actually she is a great gal and probably did need to be there because the business manager was so frequently gone. But none of that matters. They were both "at-will" employees and can be let go without cause. Only in this case there is a reason- not enough money in the budget to have an overstaffed admin. It's really not that hard to understand.

    And 9:59 - if you were at the budget hearings you would know what the student count used was. It was a mistake plain and simple, only no one seems to be accountable and take responsibility. We were also told one teacher "paid for herself" with reimbursements from the state. Not true. She's a great teacher and she does get some supplies and such. It's that kind of manipulation and well...lies that makes the old admin impossible to trust.

    There will be no lawsuits of any merit coming forth. But if they do - the district does have a mechanism for handling it.

    You just want to scare and terrorize - again.

    We're done with that. Time to move on to something positive.

  115. There won't be anything positive coming out of this town for quite awhile, I can assure you of that. This new super is quite the piece of work. I have seen the listings on him, I believe he has been involved in about 7 lawsuits...and you think you're done with legal fees? And talk about lies, what about the lies this current board is doing, we glued the lock, we didn't glue the lock. We live in our zone when we don't really...come on....lies are all around us, old people, new people. Quit thinking that the new folks are saints, they aren't. Nothing positive can come until those that have been treated poorly have been compensated for their losses, and that will come in time.

    I had to google "superfluous"...didn't even know what the heck that was. I think I've seen that word in the IW before. Next thing you know, you'll be tossing out "delusional"...that's your favorite word to use.

  116. 10:32, glad you're done with it. That is a good. Yes, let's move on. Far too much turmoil to know about how to vote on the 30th, so NO is the safe vote and they can run it again in November if they instill trust with the new guy. We can vote yes then.

    His big day will be Friday when he meets with the teachers - first leadership impressions and all that.

  117. Word on the street is that he won't even BE there on the first day the teachers come back (this Friday). Making them come in, get some work started...but oh, yeah, I won't be there...but you good folks, get to work...I'll be there to bash you, I mean work with you on Monday. Just don't turn your backs...that places has knives flying so fast you can't help but get hit!

  118. Oh yes, here we go. Tired of attacking the same 'ol, same 'ol so now you move on to someone new. Nice.

    Something positive will come out of the district if you people will let it.

    Dewey Fisher lives in his zone. Period. Get over it - there is no big conspiracy there.

  119. Our Kids: lowest student count in 20 years
    Our School: Has been taken over by the frivols wealthy
    Our future: extortion
    Don’t be fooled Vote NO!

  120. Our Kids - Deserve the best from the adults in thier community.

    Our School - has done a great job with declining incomes - preserve teaching staff.

    Our Future - Is bright, with good people of the community pitching in to help.

    Don't be terrorized into voting NO.

  121. Thanks 11:48 for an honest and reasoned appraisal of the situation. Thanks too for the employees and trustees who worked to accomplish these things.

    As soon as we have honest, legal and competent trustees again I will vote yes. Until then - NO!

  122. Vote "NO!" on August 30.

    Not until this School Board proves they are worthy of the title "trustee" will my vote change.

    Where will the money go ? From YOU the taxpayer towards this kind of behavior.

    A recent lawsuit against the District came from Anne Keddy-Hector in regards to a Public Records request. Let me see...who are the terrorists?

    How did this gain anything for education, Anne?

    1 Cases Found.
    Anne Keddy-Hector vs. Garden Valley School District #71
    Case: CV-2010-0000282 District Filed: 12/30/2010 Subtype: Other Claims Judge: Patrick Owen Status: Pending
    Defendants: Garden Valley School District #71,
    Plaintiffs: Keddy-Hector, Anne
    Pending hearings: Date/Time Judge Type of Hearing
    12/08/2011 10:00 AM Patrick Owen Motion
    01/12/2012 3:00 PM Patrick Owen Pretrial Conference
    02/15/2012 9:00 AM Patrick Owen Jury Trial
    Register of actions: Date
    12/30/2010 New Case Filed - Other Claims
    12/30/2010 Filing: A - All initial civil case filings of any type not listed in categories B-H, or the other A listings below Paid by: Idaho Business Law Group, PLLC Receipt number: 0003671 Dated: 12/30/2010 Amount: $88.00 (Check) For: Keddy-hector, Anne (plaintiff)
    12/30/2010 Plaintiff: Keddy-Hector, Anne Appearance Paul J Stark
    12/30/2010 Complaint for Declaratory Judgment and Injunctive Relief
    03/22/2011 Miscellaneous Payment: For Making Copy Of Any File Or Record By The Clerk, Per Page Paid by: Trout-Jones Receipt number: 0000729 Dated: 3/22/2011 Amount: $10.00 (Check)
    03/31/2011 Filing: I1 - Initial Appearance by persons other than the plaintiff or petitioner Paid by: Anderson, Julian & Hull LLP Receipt number: 0000852 Dated: 3/31/2011 Amount: $58.00 (Check) For: Garden Valley School District #71, (defendant)
    03/31/2011 Defendant: Garden Valley School District #71, Appearance Brian K Julian
    03/31/2011 Answer And Demand For Jury Trial
    03/31/2011 Hearing Scheduled (Planning 05/12/2011 01:30 PM) Telephonic Scheduling Conference, Court to Initiate
    03/31/2011 Notice Of Hearing
    05/12/2011 Hearing result for Planning held on 05/12/2011 01:30 PM: Interim Hearing Held Telephonic Scheduling Conference, Court to Initiate
    06/07/2011 Order Governing Proceedings and Setting Trial
    06/10/2011 Hearing Scheduled (Jury Trial 02/15/2012 09:00 AM)
    06/10/2011 Hearing Scheduled (Pretrial Conference 01/12/2012 03:00 PM)
    06/10/2011 Hearing Scheduled (Motion 12/08/2011 10:00 AM) Dispositive Motion date
    06/14/2011 Motion for Leave to Withdraw
    06/14/2011 Affidavit of Counsel in Support of Motion for Leave to Withdraw
    06/30/2011 Plaintiff's Non-Opposition to Motion for Leave to Withdraw
    07/14/2011 Order Granting Leave to Withdraw
    07/15/2011 Certificate Of Mailing
    07/25/2011 Notice Of Appearance
    08/01/2011 Defendant: Garden Valley School District #71, Appearance Steven J. Meade

  123. The levy has nothing to do with Keddy-Hector. This thing went sour right out of the gate with Tomlin's handling of the situation. He just never could minimize a situation - always escalated it. That whole mess could have been dealt with two years ago at a minimal expense. Instead we were fleeced by the previous attorney who apparently needed to get their billing up.

    I don't really care about this PRR or Anne Keddy-Hector. It makes absolutely no difference to me going forward. It is interesting to note though that it is the old administration and board who incurred all the expense and the new one to finally stop the bleeding. So thanks for posting the info.

  124. Again, the question: why the increase from 450K in March to 600K now? Has anyone gotten an answer to that question? Has anyone gotten any answer as to what this 600K for?

  125. 8:36 - yes the answer was that the original budget was underestimated by at least $100K and our reserves have been depleted to a dangerous level.

    There is an article in the IW about where the money would go.

  126. You've got to be kidding me...read the IW??? I wouldn't read that if my life depended on it. When I see it at the checkout stand, I want to spit on it. Until they get rid of their biased reporter, I will not read it. This town has fallen apart because of her and her continued beatings she gave the school. Couldn't let it go, always trying to dig in there and "make" a story. Most of her stories were pure speculation, not facts. Because of her stories, she led people to wonder if there really was something wrong with Tomlin, if there really was something going on at the school, when in reality, there wasn't! She kept the fire going, therefore I put her as one of the most blamed for this situation. It's your fault these good people have lost their jobs. You didn't HAVE to write those stories, no one held a gun to your head. You chose to, and therefore you are to blame. Own it.

  127. 6:52 - Now YOU really are crazy. To give the IW reporter that kind of power is really kind of humorous. I did read the IW articles both when the esteemed owner of this blog wrote for it and the most recent reporter. The bias was reduced to almost nothing when Kathleen took over. All you have to do is look back and read the articles (which I have) to try to see what you're talking about. There's just nothing.

    The previous reporter went after individual teachers and named their names in a defamatory way. They are gone too. Why aren't you stringing her up too?

    And as far as the articles making people wonder if there was something wrong with Tomlin. You have got to be kidding. There was no doubt there was something wrong and that happened way before Wilson started writing for the IW.

    You say it's her fault - why not ask the man himself to be accountable for any of his wrong doings? Why not ask him to OWN what he's done?

  128. Anon 6:52, you want to know what the levy money is for, and then you refuse to read the information? Just from your statement, it's obvious that you don't care what legitimate reasons there might be for this levy. I don't agree with Angel, but I still will read her posting of board meetings and goings-on in the community.

    Also, if there really was anything reported in the IW that was not true, and with all of the legal threats, don't you think they would have been sued by now?

  129. Annon 8:54...sued by now??? that is coming sister, don't worry.

    Annon 8:51 (who really happens to be the same as Annon 8:54). I do not agree with you. I went back and read alot of the stories she did the IW, thinking maybe I might have misunderstood them, or read more into them than really should be. 90% of her stories are "claims" or "I heard" or "rumor has it" type things. She took the time once to sit down and visit with Tomlin, and when he didn't or wouldn't answer her questions right out, she accused him of lying, and never looked back. She has had it out for him since then. "why didn't he come clean when asked about the G mails". We've heard that over & over...she hasn't gotten over that.

    I think when Angel did the paper she had some errors as well, I'm not saying she was perfect. This blog is a perfect fit for Angel, she can speak her mind and no one will stop her or tell her it's not OK. With the IW, the editor wanted to pick apart everything she said, so it just didn't work. Angel went right to people and got the facts straight. This one here gets it from Bunco or wherever else she goes and runs with the gossip they tell her. She runs on rumors and should make her own blog (or wait, she already does have her own blog, under the code name of Grace) or start a National Enquirer up here....that's more her style or reporting.

  130. 9:39 - She hasn't gotten over it because he hasn't answered it. Still. Even after promising to do so in front of a very large crowd.

    Kathleen has never said "rumor has it" or "I heard". You are confusing her with Angel. Again, the proof is right there in black and white in old editions of the IW.

    And I will ask the same question as the previous commenter. Sued by who?

  131. I think it's interesting that after criticizing parents for home-schooling their children last year because of their dissatisfaction with the administration - Terry Elmore and Janell Ward are now home-schooling their children. Last year those parents were called vindictive and accused of using their kids as pawns and even hurting their kids. What is the difference with what they're doing?

    I'm all for personal choice and I support anyone wanting to have a great home-school experience. But this does seem a little ironic. If this ends up being the best thing for the kids, great but if it's done for spite them shame on you.

  132. Who said they were? Did you talk to them personally? I know Janell is tossing it around, but haven't heard anything from Terry. Be sure to get your facts straight from the actual person instead of what you heard while pumping gas at the Chevron.

    Annon 9:46...it's called Defamation of Character, and what IW did, and channel 7 will be answered for. I hope they are both able to go after the individual reporters as well as the company.

  133. And Annon 9:46...see....you STILL can't move past the G-emails. Who the heck cares? We are WAY past that now, and who really cares. There are bigger issues now that if he sent someone who very much deserved to get it, an email. The email had nothing bad in it...nothing..what's the big deal and why can't you let it go?

  134. Terry Elmore is the one who said they were home schooling.

    On your second point - you're dreaming.

  135. And also encouraged many others to do the same in order to "shut the place down".

  136. 10:10 - The G-mails are still an issue because MIke Tomlin refused to take responsibility for them and he also lied to you and me and everyone else. It's not about what was in the e-mail. It was the lying, changing stories, broken promises. All ethical issues involving trust of the community and employees and yes, even the kids. We could move past this issue and others with a little real honesty, accountability, humility and an apology. There has been ample opportunity to do the right thing here but none of those opportunities have been taken.

    It was a turning point for me and I had to wonder what other things have been lied about.

  137. Vote "NO!" on August 30.

    NEW YORK (AP) -- More signs of economic weakness triggered a global sell-off in stocks Thursday. The Dow Jones industrial average fell more than 400 points in a return to the wild swings in the market last week.

    In the United States, there were reports that more people joined the unemployment line last week than a week earlier, gasoline prices contributed to higher inflation and manufacturing slowed in the mid-Atlantic.
    Stan Choe, AP Business Writer, On Thursday August 18, 2011, 12:11 pm

  138. Anon 10:30,

    Mike Tomlin is no longer an employee of the district. So how is it still an issue? Maybe he was fired for it, and paid the price...so how is it still an issue?

    The levy is not about him, it is about our ability to pay higher taxes, the needs of the school, and the trust with the current board.

    So let's see: Higher taxes = NO. Needs of the school? Really, 16% increase AFTER a balanced budget was passed? NO. Trust with the board? NO.

    Levy? NO!

  139. You're dogging on him about a stupid email and saying he was unethical about it...what about the new board who glued locks shut, admitted it on police report, and then changed their story (on film mind you) that RH didn't have anything to do with it? It's on the police report, folks have talked to the police to ask if they made a mistake on their report to which they laugh and say no, that's the report they were given...and yet the current board lies about that..and your worried about an Email? Good grief, don't you hear yourself? People lie, it's a shame, but they do, now get over it. You can't trust him, great, he's gone. WE can't trust the new board because of all their lies and they are the ones still there, so it's only fair.

    At today's meeting they tried to say the 2 employees let go last week "resigned". A resignation is something the employee DOES willingly, and the board needs to accept it. These 2 were "terminated", and therefore, there was no need to "accept" it at the meeting...they had no choice. Just another way for this board to lie and try to make people think they didn't get fired, they quit so that the board didn't look like mean people. Sounds like some spinning going on to me! But your OK with that I assume? It didn't need to be on the agenda..there was no need to "approve" anything

  140. RH DID not have anything to do with it. The person who did confessed and spoke directly with law enforcement. No lying - a bad decision for sure but no evil intent.

  141. The agenda says resignation/termination. It is standard wording. No - no one things they resigned. Nor is the board lying about it.

  142. Regarding the Aug 13 10:47 post. With just 11 days left to the levy election, the taxpayers of the GVSD still do not know exactly how the levy will be spent. There were several public meetings advocating a yes vote for the last levy. In these meetings exact information was supplied about why the levy was needed and how it would be spent. Where are the public meetings for this levy? Some folks think the board has supplied such information in the IW. Read carefully the information provided in the IW front page story Aug 17. “Ultimately, the school board will decide exactly what the money is used for.”

    And therein is the answer to the post. The “Trustees” will decide, unilaterally, without formal public input. Do we trust the trustees with a blank check? Superintendent Schorder is quoted as saying the money will be used to restore cut programs and staff (good, but specifically what programs?) and to provide for imminent facility needs (what are these infrastructure needs for a brand new school?). Unless the school board is forthcoming with detailed information of how this levy will aid the children, like exactly how did they come up with a two year $300,000 need, I will vote NO.

    GV Taxpayer

  143. 1:43 - I will vote "Yes" because I have been paying attention to everything that has been cut and hope the district can stop the cuts, restore some school days that have been cut, offer pay back to the people who are now volunteering their services over and above what's required of them. We have several para-professionals who work one-on-one with kids who need the help and we need to keep a few more so the district can deliver the services required by law. These parapros are considerably less expensive than certified teachers but no less important.

    I will also be voting yes because I checked with the county and on my home valued with them at about $200K my additional assessment will be less than $150 per year. When it was put in those terms to me, I could afford it. I also believe that local communities need to step up and fill the gaps that the state leaves. It's our responsibility.

    I was a YES voter when the levy was attempted last time and I will be again.

    I believe part of the imminent repairs could be securing the old school. I spoke with an off-duty deputy who said it was dangerous and created a liability for the district. Whether we use the old building or not, it still belongs to the district and must be cared for.

    For me, it's not about this board or the previous board. It's not about this superintendent or the previous one. It's about patrons being accountable to the kids in their community.

    The decision you make now will not hurt board members or individual people you do not agree with. It will also not show support to those who have gone. Once again in our community, the people who are most at risk here can't even vote - the kids.

    I am a GV Taxpayer too and am certainly not rich. I hate tax hikes just as much as the next guy. But if I'm going to have a (minimal) tax increase I'd at least like to know the money is staying in the community I live in and benefits the kids I interact with.


    (Another) GV Taxpayer

  144. Vote "NO!" on August 30

  145. So I couldn't care less about this 'adult' drama but I can tell you that none of this is helping US kids. All you guys do is bicker back and forth. How is this going to resolve anything? And just a comment for past comments...we weren't TAUGHT to disrespect elders or told to "hold signs" we CHOSE to do that...because I'm pretty sure we can make our own dicisions in OUR school. We saw what was going on and we wanted to get heard. And as far as kids being mean to kids whose parents are on the board...I've never once seen anything of the sorts happen and I actually attend school.

    All I want is for this drama to stop and for ALL of you to think about the affect this is having for the kids. I really do like to believe there is good in everyone. Embrace it.

    A very tired, annoyed, irritated, jaded, and more important hopeful student of Garden Valley High School.

  146. Oh no...we're getting the kids involved again? Any parent who encourages her kid to read this blog is just wrong! Keep the kids out of it...no one on here has stooped to that level. Oh let me guess, they'll have petitions at school again? Sheesh...this never ends.

  147. Why should the kids be kept out of it?

  148. Vote "NO!" on August 30

    Hey kid vent then go do your homework ...try spelling for starters and then maybe a lesson in civics. Thanks for giving us your opinion.

  149. Hey Aug. 18, 8:15 & 9:46: "The previous reporter went after individual teachers and named their names in a defamatory way. They are gone too. Why aren't you stringing her up too?"

    I am wondering if you are refering to me as the "previous reporter", as I was that person. I am not aware of having done this. Would you please give all of us the issue date(s) of this defamatory writing that I did as a reporter for the IW?

    And the only time I ever used "Rumor has it" was to dispel the rumors! Big dif, Tammy. Issues, please.

  150. If this levy was about the kids I would vote for it in a heartbeat. I have given money directly to the school in the past and will do so again, if programs are in need.

    But this vote is about a board of trustees that paid their (our) attorney to read blogs. It is on the invoice!

    This vote is about a board that has two high paid superintendents on contract at the same time.

    This vote is about a board that hired an attorney who charges us for sitting on hwy 55 during construction. It's on the invoice.

    This vote is about WASTE and ineptness, and yes, corruption. I will not vote for one red cent of tax increases while these people are on the board.

    Voting NO!

  151. Mike is not being paid any longer. And the attorney bills are far less than the previous ones.

  152. Angel:

    Nope, wrong again. But you did do that with the Fishers and Cheryl Reidinger. It's in black and white.

  153. I keep all back issues - January 2010. You did it.

  154. I will vote yes because I care more about the kids and the future than a handfull of hate-filled petty adults who should know better.

  155. (Idaho World, Wednesday, January 20, 2010)
    ..."To address another rumor, thankfully with no validity, there was an undercurrent that Principal Cody Fisher and staffer Cheryl Riedinger were to be let go."

    ????????..."The previous reporter went after individual teachers and named their names in a defamatory way...." Is there another issue with defamatory comments I don't know about? Please name the issue where I defamed teachers.

  156. Vote "NO!" on August 30

    For some of us it is not about hate,,, it is about a shrinking budget, a smaller paycheck, unemployment, cost of insurance, TAXES, foreclosure, ..... We are already paying for a new structure and people can't get along and agree on how to run it or who runs it or run it into the ground. Regain our trust, show us what you can do with the budget that you have.

    "A judge awarded a $4 million settlement and attorney fees, totaling $5.4 million."

    "It's probably two-thirds our annual budget," county comissioner Terry Day told KBOI-TV 2News.

    "County leaders say the only way they can keep up with public services, such as emergency services and trash collection, is to go the bankruptcy route."

    Merry Christmas !

  157. "Mike is not being paid any longer?" How can we be sure with this board?

    Two supers on contract, one paid to stay home - total irresponsibility with the budget.

    The attorney invoices are racing around this town. Incredible - and irresponsible. I haven't seen so much legal action since I looked at the new super's background.

    Didn't the board check references? IRRESPONSIBLE!

    And that means NO to new taxes.

  158. Aug 19, 2:04
    I would sure like to vote "yes", but cannot do so based on "hope" that the board will make all the right decisions. This is asking GVSD taxpayers to trust a mostly appointed and unelected elected board with no experience as board members to make all the right decisions for the children. Ask why this board has not as yet scheduled a levy information meeting, or published details about exactly why the $300,000 is needed. Without such financial details, like exactly which programs will be restored and when, which teaching positions will be offered and when, and what infrastructure needs fixing, I will vote "NO" for the first time on any GVSD request. If the money is to be used to restore the old school for sale as you speculate, then why not detail this? No blank checks please!

    GV Taxpayer

  159. Dear "Sincerely A very tired, annoyed, irritated, jaded, and more important hopeful student of Garden Valley High School"....

    If your mom had any sense, she'd tell you to stay off this blog. It's not for kids. It's for adults who have opinions and want to voice them. This is like a battling ground for us. I'm sure you are all the things you've listed above....so are we, but people in this community have done wrong....very wrong things to our fellow community people and friends, so just as you would defend your own friends and stand up for what you know is right, we will continue until they have been given justice. We appreciate you trying to come on here and "help" us figure it out, but don't. Go to school and concentrate on your studies. Let us do our thing.

  160. The board is not "mostly appointed and unelected" anymore. Three of the five trustees were elected to their positions.

  161. Anon 3:33, I'm curious as to what "until they have been given justice" means? No lawsuit has been filed. No trustee has been removed. I hope you aren't holding your breath - you may turn blue and keel over. And Angel, the one responsible thing you have done lately is remove the innocent post about a school employee wanting to rent an apartment and then being totally trashed by the comments.

  162. This comment has been removed by the author.

  163. Anonymous 4:40:

    I, and many others, do not feel that a single candidate election (when that candidate has not already been elected, i.e., an incumbent) is any election at all. The majority of this board has NOT been elected.

  164. Anon. 5:46 Oops. I meant to answer you. Again, I agree, though perhaps not with the whole inference!--the ad post comments became extremely damaging and distracting. The good news is the school has a new employee who has found a place to live and I hope a happy niche in the school.

  165. Sorry Angel...I see you had to remove my post back to the student who got involved. I just get so many when parents let their children come on here and get involved. They send them to school with petitions and get them involved in things that they really have no use getting into .

  166. Annon 5:46. No lawsuits have been filed? Give it time, do you think those happen overnight. There is a ton of paperwork that needs to be done before the school is actually served with papers. Heck, the AKH lawsuit over emails was put in the que and was going to be 9 months before it ever went to trial. This one could take a year or so, it's huge. About the time you think it's over with, it'll be back. Now the district will face a 3rd situation by hiring a school secretary off the street, when they just let one go less than a week ago who was supposed to do that same job. And yet you people keep saying this board isn't corrupt? Talk about retaliation! That would be like letting the science teacher go for "restructuring", and then hiring another science teacher less than a week later. It's not OK, it's not fair and it's not allowed by law. Another suit coming their way, and more tax dollars being spent on legal fees. Do you have to wonder why my vote will be NO?

  167. The reason so many people miss on why no lawsuit by Tomlin, in fact why he has been so quiet - not his nature - is that he is still on contract, and may still be getting paid, secretly by the board. Along with Mr. $90,000.00.

    That is one of the reasons we hear that Fox and in fact the whole business office had to go - so this board could secretly pay off Tomlin while denying it all along. And the LEVY would cover their tracks without hurting kids or programs.

  168. 11:45: I didn't remove your post. It is still at 3:33 on 8/20. I removed my post, because I was addressing the wrong person!

  169. 11:40 and 12:08 - You really are entertaining. You should write fantasy books for a living. If Tomlin were being paid off, there would be no need for a "Huge" lawsuit. But since there is no way he's being paid off, secretly or otherwise, I guess we'll be waiting for this lawsuit to appear. It does not take that long to prepare a complaint to file. If there were one, we should have seen it by now.

    Even a bad attorney won't take a case unless they have a chance of winning.

  170. I am curious about the charges of lying. I have heard a lot of accusations for the past three years now, and yet never qualifying evidence. If any of you on this blog have accused someone of lying, it would be interesting to hear the evidence. And one thing to remember is, just because you and your friends don't choose to believe someone, it doen't mean they are lying.

    For example, since the anonymous e-mails keep coming up and seem to be the take-off point for some people not believing him and getting quite violent over them, let's just face them and get it out. My thought about the anonymous e-mails is that Mike didn't know about them when he said he didn't. He is not a liar.

    Many people "accused" him of being too smart and good with words--a spin doctor. How then, could you explain his being so stupid as to send two e-mails, one from a school computer and one from his home, to two vicious attackers, who had been harassing him for over a year and were clearly campaigning to get rid of him (for the Friends' Mr. Kress/Fox agenda), of which they were active perpetrators. With this in mind, his friends would have known all about the couple in question, with no problem of getting ahold of their e-mail address. Perhaps he shared harassing e-mails with the guys--I would have shared with my friends and you probably would have too.

    When he realized what happened, he was in an embarrassing position, yes, but he did explain. If you respond to this, please be specific about your reasons for not believing. I was at the 4-hour meeting and no one can tell me he was givin a chance. Even the IW reporter was standing up yelling in public at him and others screaming and accusing. Because music teacher, James Defoe, stood up and said supportive words for Mike, he was attacked and questioned about whether or not he had known Mike before (he had not). What kind of question is that? and why?

    If you were at this meeting and have a take on this personally, please explain your rationalization for blowing off his explanation. Thank you.

  171. Angel - go to KTVB and read the e-mail message he gave to Scott Evans in his own writing. Or the response to the Marions, or the final response in the open meeting. They are conflicting stories. That's why people say he is lying. He also promised to confidentially give the names to a patron in the community. I don't care who the people are but I do care if he followed through with his promise in front of us all. He didn't.

    I do have a different take on the meeting. I was there the entire time and didn't see the reporter get up and yell. I did see Terry Elmore get up and yell - which is fine but if we're going to talk about behavior - good or bad - there was plenty to go around on both sides.

    Mr. DeFoe was treated far better than Mr. Powell was treated for sure.

    It's like anything else, you can see the same thing and draw different conclusions.

    There is film of the event which would come in handy to see what really happened? But suppose you look all those things up and it turns out that there was some lying going on from Mr. T. Would it really change your mind?

  172. And regarding Mr. Tomlin continuing to be paid from the district, I hope that is false. I hope so because Mr. Tomlin would have to repay any overpayments from the district retroactively from the day he was terminated. That's called stealing and I hope you're not now accusing Mr. Tomlin of being a thief.

  173. Annon 2:30, you obviously have no clue how the law system works. As I stated earlier, the AKH lawsuit was put "on the que" as they call it, 9 months after it was filed. 9 month, and that was just about emails for Pete's sake! This case is HUGE...HUGE I tell you, and it will take months for it to surface. As I said, you go ahead and sit back, waiting, thinking it was all a threat, thinking it won't happen, and then BOOM...it'll be there. Trust me on this one. Fox's will be right behind it, although I don't think hers will have as much to deal with, so for all we know, hers could show up before his. His contact being paid out is only 1 of the TINY parts of this lawsuits. I can hardly wait, that's all I can say!

  174. Sorry Angel, I looked real quick and thought that was one of mine you had deleted, and then after I wrote that, saw mine further up. There had been about 10 since I had written it, I wasn't expecting it to be that far up the line! I knew you weren't cherry picking, or being biased...IW reporter does enough of that for all of us!

  175. I have heard about these emails for over a year. Legal messages, not a part of the man's work, sent to people who put falsehoods in the newspaper in a letter. Who cares?

    If he lied about his private life it may be that he never should have been questioned about it in the first place.

    I read someplace, maybe above, that people are more concerned who writes a website, or is the truth guy, or who Grace is, etc., just like everyone seems to care who wrote emails. Don't care about any of that.

    I do care about police reports and damage to schools. I do care about a new administrator to oversee the school's budget who has his own salary garnished for non payment.

    I do care about two superintendents on contract. I do care about EEOC violations in firing two clerical employees and hiring a new one.

    I do care about mounting legal bills and pending litigation.

    Let's wait until November and see how some of this levels out - right now, vote NO.

  176. EEOC violations must rise to the level of violating protected classes under the law. Under what EEOC violation were the two people fired? You're grasping at straws and it's making you look very foolish.

    The e-mails from Tomlin were not in regards to his personal life. They were in regards to issues at the school he was being questioned about. AND more importantly, the G-mails were originated on school grounds using the school computers and internet connections. And paramount to all of that - HE LIED to all of us about them. That's just one example.

    It just has made me wonder since then what else do we not believe?

  177. Annon 12:25. I'm not taking the time to explain EEOC violations to you, you can check out the website yourself, and see that the top reason for EEOC complaints filed is retaliation. Funny isn't it? Both of those ladies have documentation that supports their case, with emails and letters, so don't worry. Once again you're jumping into something, and making assumptions when you do not know the inside facts. They have the proof, they'll file their complaints and we'll see what happens. Everything isn't black & white and you of all people should know that. Just because this corrupt board tells you that they did things by the law, or that they covered their tracks does not mean that they did. Quit drinking the Koolaide, come to your senses and realize there is truth behind this.

    OMG....I'm SO tired of the Gmail conversation, it's done, it's gone, and who the heck CARES??? What else do we not believe? WHO CARES...he's gone, you don't NEED to believe anything else he said or did. Get over it, move on and drop it! You just want to have the last word on that and it's childish. I tell you what not to believe, what is wrote in the IW, THAT'S what I don't believe!

  178. 6:56 - you are clearly ignorant. There has to be a specific violation under a protected class. You can't just say "retaliation" in an EEOC complaint.

    And Angel asked why people think he lied. I just answered the question.

  179. Maybe you should read this article from the EEOC website:

    That might help you better understand how retaliation is what these 3 people will fall under. Shouldn't have to explain myself..you should just know that it's the fact!

  180. Annon 7:15...I wouldn't go to KTVB if my life depended on it! That channel has been part of the problem here in GV...Scott Evans looking for some "National Enquirer" story. Unfortunately, he had a couple cronies up here calling him when they "thought" he had a story he could report on. I have emailed and called them to tell them what a joke they are, and how disappointed I was that they stooped to that level of "news". That's not news, that's gossip!~

  181. I just can't wait until the lawsuits come down, and it all is on the table. Like I said, it may take a year or more, but when that day comes, I might just have to call up a certain person and say SEEEEE...I told you so!

  182. 10:03 - The e-mail posted on KTVB was written by Mike Tomlin himself. They are his words, not Scott Evans'.

    And 10:05 - your glee over the district being sued is disgusting. If it comes, your big payoff is you get to say "I told you so"? If that happens (and I really don't think it will) but if it does, and the district pays some big payout and can't function as a district, the state can come in and take over. And before you get too excited about that - they will come in and you will have no say in anything especially the taxes - they can just impose a tax and you will pay - WITHOUT VOTING.

    Be careful what you wish for.

  183. The study you refer to is on federal employees and refers to retaliation after a discrimination complaint has been filed - not before. So did the two office workers who were let go file EEOC diecrimination suits prior to being let go?

  184. I don't know if they did file prior complaints or not, but both of them have documentation supporting the retaliation.

    Annon 10:18...I could care less if that state came in and took over. That happened in HSB and was probably the best thing that ever happened to them. I wish the state would have stepped in about a year ago, then we wouldn't be in the mess we are now. It has nothing to do with "glee", it has to do with people who were wrongly treated and that needs to be answered for. They need to know that what they did was wrong, and pay for their choices. You can't just toss people to the curb, especially those with contracts, and think it's not going to come back. Did you actually think, or expect these people to just walk away, heads hung down? No. They were treated unfairly and justice needs to be done. If that justice involves a major lawsuit or 2 that has to shut down the school, or have the state take over, so be it. Whatever has to happen will happen. Am I going to be sad, sure probably, but I will also say "what did you expect". Just as in every part of your life, you have to be accountable for the choices you make. This corrupt board has made some nasty choices in the last 3 1/2 months, and it'll be time to pay.....soon enough. That's not a threat, and you shouldn't take it that way, it's just the facts.

  185. Annon 10:26..you are wrong. You do not have to be a federal employee to file a claim with EEOC, nor do you have to file a complaint before getting fired in order to file a claim. Maybe you should check out the website and read some.

  186. I guess it's all a matter of your perspective. You have an opinion and so do I.

    But please try to follow - the retaliation the study is referring to is retaliation FOR FILING A DISCRIMINATION COMPLAINT. That did not happen here or I'm sure it would have been reported on this blog on the morning it was filed.

    You think this board is corrupt - I think several on the previous board were corrupt. You think someone with a contract lost thier job for no reason, I think there was ample reason a lot earlier and could have been done sooner. Yes, accountability is the key.

    We have a goal here, a mission even, to provide an education to the students in GV. But you're more interested in Mike getting a big payday. If there was anything that Mike could make a claim against, I'm sure he will and if there's a reason to payout some or all of the contract, the insurance will cover it. It's really no more dramatic than that.

    This kind of thing is really not all that unusual. You can just google information of the firing of superintendents and you will find a ton of examples. And yes, those supers had contracts too.

    The other two folks have a much tougher battle if they are considering legal action.

  187. "Retaliation & Work Situations

    The law forbids retaliation when it comes to any aspect of employment, including hiring, firing, pay, job assignments, promotions, layoff, training, fringe benefits, and any other term or condition of employment."

    Pretty simple stuff there!

  188. 11:59 - I KNOW you don't have to be a federal employee to file a complaint. I was pointing out that the release was about filingy by federal employees. It did specifically refer to reprisals for those filing complaints. It simply wasn't a good example for what's going on here.

  189. To 8/21, 7:16: I have gone over the KBTV coverage and e-mail Mike sent to Scott Evans, and the remarks to the Marions and I know what Mike said during the "Q&A" session. There were discrepancies and conflicting explanations, and I can see where people would be upset and not trust Mike.

    I suspect that what happened is the trail from not knowing anything about the playful e-mails to trying to track down the culprits led to the trail of growing explanations. I am sorry for Mike that his irresponsible friends would do something so stupid--the Marions were clearly after him, along with the "Fiends", from the beginning of the Kress debacle. Why would these men antagonize patrons who would certainly crucify their friend if evidence against him was found? Who need friends like that?

    I heard Mike tell a patron at the "Q&A" that if they went to his office with him after the meeting, he would give them the names and numbers. Did that person go? Apparently not.

    This was an extremely unfortunate development for Mike. Perhaps it would be fair to remember that when he arrived at the school, there was an antagonistic atmosphere and I was told by then members of the board that Mike convinced the board to not sue Kress for his financial blunders...Tomlin told them "there is no need to humiliate the man in public". Mike then gave a promotion to the lady everyone was mad at, for doing what any good business manager should have done: She protected the school's money. So many of you are supporting board "trustees" Ward and Hazen for "protecting the school through vandalism"-- protecting from what? What is the right way to protect the school? Priorities seem to have gotten out of whack.

    If Mike had not been attacked so viciously from the beginning, by people already angry, none of this would have happened. I can empathize with some of the school patrons who have found Mike's credibility lacking. With the e-mail fiasco, it is understandable.

    What I saw at the "Q&A" was more troubling: People who didn't want, and never have wanted, the school problem, they created, to heal. This would have defeated their purpose of revenge. They created a mood of violent emotion to hurt someone and because they had to get rid of Tomlin to do it, nothing would stop them until they got it.

    They intimidated and harassed the school district personnel verbally, by e-mail, and by constantly making public records requests (including the largest ever by Delores Bedard aka Keddy-Hector), thus putting the district in a defensive position of constantly having to avail themselves of legal counsel; they wrote letters to the IW editor, wrote biased articles, made numerous submissions to an unscrupulous TV station, and I won't insult your intelligence by repeating what has been said here by so many, about the corrupt board and illegal functions by them.

    No, they never wanted the school to heal. The avengers made the problem with vindictive aggression. Now, they talk about the children and school programs. They call the taxpayers, who refuse to pay for the war, hateful and say we are punishing the children.

    Maybe the citizens who met in the doctor's house should pull out their resources and give the money to the children to pay back the money they have cost the district and the money their hero spent on illegal bonuses and shabby deals.

    Mike may have gotten befuddled and you can blame him. Or blame it on the Jews. Or blame it on the reporter who "defamed teachers", which you can't seem to prove. Or blame it on a school board who refused to fire an innocent woman in favor of keeping someone who loved to spend your money...and thus began the Civil War of Garden Valley.

  190. I'm not sure you're doing him any good with your comments.

  191. Great, great post Angel. Very well said, very clear and very accurate.

  192. Annon 1:12 "doing him any good"...good with what? He's already lost his job, can't sell his home in this market, can't find a new job because IW & Channel 7 have ruined his reputation...what do you think she's hurting? There's nothing left to hurt on the man, he's been knocked down, run over and backed up and run over again...can't do much more to him, even though you people continue to try!

  193. August 20, 4:40 [The board is not "mostly appointed and unelected" anymore. Three of the five trustees were elected to their positions.]

    Well, it all depends on your definition of "elected".

    Alan Ward (zone V) was applointed to fulfil Roesmary's term
    Dewy Fisher (zone I) was apointed to fulfil Terry's position
    Rob Hazen (zone II) was elected to replace Dawn.
    There was no election for Tim Benedict (V) and Kathleen Gardner (IV) as they ran unopposed and were legally seated.

  194. Angel says "Or blame it on the Jews". Using that kind of inflammatory expression exposes you as being prejudiced against an entire religion. Bigotry is ugly in any form Angel.

  195. Anon 3:14:

    I, and many others, do not feel that a single candidate election (when that candidate has not already been elected, i.e., an incumbent) is any election at all. The majority of this board has NOT been elected, semantics aside.

  196. Anon 3:37:

    Nothing about Angel's "Or blame it on the Jews" is inflammatory. She's just expressing that you might as well blame it on the Jews as they get blamed for everything in this world anyway. Get a life.

  197. I agree wtih Annon 3:42. Rob Hazen was the only one who won an election. Running unopposed is NOT winning. No one in their right mind would run for the board, so they had a clear shot. Such a shame. All I can say is the next time the seats come up....I'm all over it. We need to get a better group in there. It'll be awhile until some of them are up, but slowly & surly we have to get that board back and turn things around.

  198. Anon 3:37 - and you are the problem. Angel's blame example in no way disparages the Jew's or anyone else. It simply shows the uselessness of the blame game.

    To call a statement bigotry is to show ignorance of the writer's heart. Shallow. Ignorant. Sad.

    Yes, get a life (thank you "3:45").

  199. If you don't like single candidate elections then get off your duff and run. If not quit griping.

    Angel, you really are no better that the other sites and papers so often criticized on this blog. You are perpetuating rumors, lies and hate on both sides.