Wednesday, July 27, 2011

CuMo Exploration Project Moves Forward

to Provide Jobs in Boise County...despite Environmental Groups’ Complaint Aimed at U.S. Forest Service

Vancouver, Canada, July 27, 2011 – Mosquito Consolidated Gold Mines (TSX.V: MSQ; US OTCQX: MQCMF - “Mosquito” or the “Company”) – wishes to announce that it has received notice that the U.S. Forest Service has been issued notice to litigate with the issuance of a Complaint by three Idaho environmental groups opposed to its approved exploration within approximately 2,900 acres of National Forest land, about 14 miles northwest of Idaho City, Idaho. In May 2011, the U.S. Forest Service, Intermountain Region, rejected the same environmental groups’ appeal of the Environmental Assessment for the CuMo Exploration Project. CuMo plans to move forward with its approved exploration, beginning in August 2011.

“This complaint is simply another expected delaying tactic by environmental groups whose arguments have already been rejected by a thorough U.S. Forest Service Environmental Assessment,” said Shaun Dykes, CuMo project manager. “We are confident that the Forest Service’s environmental specialists and their consultants have done their job and the court will support the Service’s findings and dismiss the complaint.”

Since the summer of 2010, when the Environmental Assessment was released for public comment, the CuMo project team has held onsite information sessions with environmental groups, conducted public hearings with over 500 responses, coordinated in-depth studies on impact on water, vegetation and wildlife and has obtained all necessary permits. In addition, over $1.5 million has been spent on obtaining accurate and scientific data that supports the U.S. Forest Service conclusions. The U.S. Forest Service found that the exploration posed “no significant impact on the environment” and subsequently affirmed the findings, after carefully reviewing a 76-page appeal by the environmental groups, comprised of the Sierra Club, the Idaho Conservation League, Idaho Rivers United, and Golden Eagle Audubon Society. The Sierra Club is not party to this action.

“This is nothing more than a frivolous attempt by environmental groups to slow exploration that will lead to jobs and community resources, as well as restoration of an area impacted by mining as far back as a hundred years ago,” said Dykes. “It is unfortunate that these various groups refuse to work in co-operation with Mosquito but instead are attempting to stop a tremendously beneficial project for the local people. We are pleased to have overwhelming community support for this project and look forward to continuing the exploration to further examine the abundance of minerals that have the opportunity to strengthen the region’s economy.”

Mosquito Consolidated Gold Mines Limited is a mining exploration and development company with a diverse portfolio of high potential precious and base metals projects, located in low political risk environments in North America. The company’s primary focus is developing its Idaho-based CuMo project, one of the world’s largest molybdenum deposits. For more information about the company, please visit and

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  1. Not A American Company. air, light, smell, sight, pollutions wake up people most of you wont get the jobs anyway they bring all the high paying jobs in, look it up. then most the rest will come from the Boise area. what two for road building two for hauling two for tree cutting 150 for clean up. Wake up garden valley this is not frivolous environmentalist quest. They think were stupid. Its south fork landing, and people with outside money. Look what they did to Mary Jo's land. Stole it put two mounds up and a few trees. please

  2. What was that about Mary Jo's land?