Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Garden Valley Market Opens Its Doors !

It can't be helped--residents are now calling the new Garden Valley Market "The New Merc" and woe to them that try to do anything about that !

Meanwhile, the new Garden Valley Market opened its doors for business, today, Tuesday, July 19, with what the owners call a "soft opening".

It wasn't a grand party or an advertised celebration,  according to owners, Gerold Dennett and Greg Simione. They just "opened for business and will begin to work out the kinks". Customers will have a new experience, as they explore and get familiar with the setup. The owners estimate it will take about 3 weeks to work everything out and to stock to full capacity.

Simione says, "Crouch is hosting a Classic Auto Show
at the end of July, on that week-end, so we'll wait one additional
week for our Grand Opening! There will be mailers,
prizes, incredible specials and fun for everyone."

Simione goes on: "We have been so
excited during the set up,
we can hardly stand it. We look at our shelf designs and we just know
you will be excited too! Any touch up on
construction will also be happening during these first 3 weeks.
Our exterior sign might be a temporary banner until we get the lighting complete and the permanent sign hung."

Finally, we wanted to take some time
and remind folks why we're even at this
moment. 4 years have passed since we went public with our plans to move and
3 years have passed since our "ground breaking", so it's understandable
if urban legend and rumor have taken over and people have forgotten what this
is really about.

~ Greg and Gerold sent out a note to the
community, with a biographical timeline
on their business:

We moved here in 1995. We were low key, kept to ourselves and enjoyed life in
Garden Valley, with our friends and family. In 2002, we struck up a series
of conversations with Dick and Jan McDowell, who owned the Crouch Merc at that time. They indicated they were selling and we were actually frequent customers over the years, so we gave it some thought. By Memorial day of 2002, we did make the decision and we purchased the Merc.

We fell in love with the store. Always,
our goal was to grow the store from
convenience to full time grocery. We wanted to contribute to our community
and offer a choice of shopping locally or driving to Boise. To do that, we needed
 to expand our selection, work with vendors on pricing and align ourselves with a large distributor specializing in Independent Grocery Stores (Associated Foods).
Within a couple of years, we accomplished our goal and were quickly outgrowing
the space.

Excited, we moved ahead with plans to
finance and build a more practical space
if we wanted to offer a true quality choice for residents and visitors. As 2008 was
coming to an end, we secured an SBA Loan and we held a ground breaking.
Does anyone recall October of 2008? The funding was withdrawn as banks
rushed to pull back from the economic downturn that had just happened.
We had to start over one month after our "groundbreaking".

Les Bois Credit Union stepped up to
the plate and jumped through all of the
hoops and obstacles presented during the recession, to put a loan package
together. We were able to resume last year and now are nearing
completion. The new financing, however, was smaller
than the original amount and did not include the gas station and some other
original plans for the store. That is why you'll see us open in stages and not have the gas, first thing.

Bottom line,

The new space is beautiful, with a warm
inviting atmosphere.
 It’s convenient for our customers and does not negatively affect
our downtown retail core. In fact, it has become
common for visitors and residents to park
at the new store and walk into the core of downtown to shop
or dine.

What will happen to the Old Merc?

First of all, the name will stay so that whateve
r business happens to lease the space
in the future, the building will always be the Crouch Merc. We think enough said.
There is a lot of history with this building, so we did not want to even contemplate
taking the identity away from the building. 

Gasoline will continue to be pumped from
the Merc Building. We will staff until we are successful in moving the gas station or until the building leases. The hours of operation will be cut back in the
 beginning and expanded as we find a
 new use for the building. Hours of
operation will be communicated
 as they are established.
Of course, none of this would be
happening if it wasn’t for your continued
support and your choice to utilize our
services. We are just as committed as ever
 to make living here more convenient and
affordable and in line with the quality
of life we already enjoy in our Valley.

Thank you Thank you Thank you,
and we look forward to seeing you
this week at the new Market.

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