Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New City Museum: Tools & Supplies Needed For Clean-Up!

Neighborly News
From Kim Bosse
Crouch City Clerk

We are fortunate to have 115-130 girls' time donated to us, for 4 hours, on Wednesday, July 20. They are going to help us clean up the “OLD” library and our future “MUSEUM”.  Although they have lots of time, we have no tools or cleaning supplies for all of them. We are asking the community if they would donate or loan tools, cleaning supplies or money (to purchase the same). The types of tools and supplies we need are:

Rakes, shovels, weeding tools, little wagons or wheel barrels, screw drivers, Phillips heads, paint brushes, rollers, hammers, vacuum, mops, scrub brushes, brooms, hedge trimmers…

Masking tape, drop cloths, 409, Pine Sol, toilet bleach, window cleaner and rags.

Perennial plant donations would be appreciated!

If you are loaning your tools, please be sure to mark them with your name and leave your name and phone number with me, so I can be sure to get them returned to you. You can bring the tools to the City Clerk’s office (back side of the Community Hall) and I will hold onto them until the 20th. If you prefer to donate money, please make your check payable to the City of Crouch Museum and send to 329 Village Circle GV Id. 83622, or call me to make arrangements: 208-462-4687.

We are going to need Display Cabinets for the artifacts and historic items we receive. If you know of where we can obtain some that cost next to nothing, please let us know. Also, if you have historic items you would like to donate or loan to the City Museum, please contact me. Everyone has shown great interest in the Museum and we are very excited as well. Let’s not lose our history.

 If you have knowledge of special events, please write them down and send them to me as well. Pictures would be awesome! The sooner we get the Museum cleaned up, the sooner we can start collecting and preserving the history.

Thank you all in advance!

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