Friday, February 11, 2011

Week-End Shopping For Valentine's Day!

Make Garden Valley
Your Destination
This Week-End
~Rent a Cabin, Snowmobile or Cross-Country Skis.
~Tube the Hill at Idaho X Sports,
Southfork Landing
~Snowshoe or just tramp around.

~~Shop Downtown Crouch~~
Fellows, this is your chance to make points.

30% - 50% OFF of All Coats, Vests, Sweaters, Warm Winter Clothes
The Red Rooster makes ladies swoon. Mariann carries a fashionable selection of clothing & accessories, and much more~~

Toiletries, Linens, Vintage Quilts and Kitchen Wares & Antique Furniture.


Need I say more? Hint Hint Hint Hint Hint...
Well, Maybe Chocolate???? Get it Here!
Lynne has Beautiful Jewelry & Anything Your Valentine Might Desire, Wrapped To Perfection.

Breakfast , Lunch & Dinner~~We Have It!
The Longhorn, Wild Bill's Bistro, The Dirty Shame~~Check Our Menus.

Greetings From THE MERC! We hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s weekend and that you enjoy some great down time just relaxing. If you’re not planning on going out for dinner, but want to make something fun at home, then Annie has some great choices for you in the meat counter:

Rib Eye Steaks and Rib Eye Filets
Great selection of Roasts

And in our freezer (first door with the seafood products), check the newest addition, 4 – 6 oz portions of steelhead salmon from Chile. These are great for those that don’t want or need to buy the larger family size package of salmon steaks. Great portion sizes and you simply purchase by the each.

On your next trip to The Merc, be sure to keep an eye out for some fun specials this week!
Krusteaz Muffin and Lemon, Lime Bar mixes - $2.19

Pillsbury Classic Fudge Brownie Mix – 99 cents

Jello gelatin and Jello Pudding mixes - $1.19

Campbells Cream of Mushroom soup - 99 cents

Western Family Instant Oatmeal *10packs - 2 for $3.00

Nestle’s Hot Chocolate mix *10 packs - 99 cents
Kraft Salad Dressings 16 oz size - $2.79
Artichokes - 99 cents
Strawberries - $3.99
Green Grapes - $1.89 lb
Red Grapes - $2.19 lb
Grapefruit - 3 for $1.00
Lean Ground Beef - $2.79 lb
Extra Lean Ground Beef - $2.99 lb
Cranberry Sage Roasted Turkey Breast (Deli item) $4.86 lb

New items this week!

Stacy’s Pita chips, perfect for dipping with hummus or your own mixin’s…found on the Deli Table!

Svenhard’s cinnamon rolls, butter horns, cheese and fruit Danish – grab and go sizes – found in the bread aisle


Many of you have noticed the dwindling supply of White Cloud coffee beans and the Merc Branded coffee. White Cloud has been experiencing production issues and we made the decision to move to Dawson Taylor Coffee. We will continue to sell out of remaining White Cloud coffee and transition to a full line of Dawson Taylor Roasted Coffees, whole beans and ground. Thank you for your patience!

Don’t forget Valentine’s Day on Monday. We have a small assortment of boxed chocolates, fun balloons and cards.

Finally, One week left in our Box Tops for Education Challenge
– we have collected 150 box tops…that’s a $15.00 value and
we’ll match the $15, for a total of $30…
However…Doesn’t 1000 sound better for a
value of $100 with a cash match of $100…
...Let’s get those box tops in here!!!!!!

We look forward to your next visit, Greg and Gerold

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