Monday, February 21, 2011

Absentee Voter Information and Ballot for School Levy

Absentee requests need to be completed and faxed or e-mailed.

Fax to: 208-392-4473 Attn: Molly.

E-mailing the request will work as well, as long as the same information is included that is asked for on the request below; additionally, it needs to contain the actual signature of the elector.
Emails are sent to: .
February 4th – Absentee voting began through the County election office.

March 2nd – Last day for application for mail-in absentee voting through the County election office in Idaho City.

March 7th at 5 PM – Last day for walk-ins to vote in absentia at the County election office in Idaho City.

March 8th – Election day – polls will be open from 8 AM – 8 PM – right now it is my guess the voting precinct will be at the Community Hall in Garden Valley. As soon as we have confirmation we will notify everyone.

If someone is not registered:

They may register (and vote) by walk-in, in Idaho City, through March 7th at 5 PM or on the day of election.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me or the county election clerk or view the Boise County election website located at .
Paula Fox
Business and Human Resource Manager
Clerk, Board of Trustees
(208) 462-3756 ext. 1013


State of Idaho
County of ____________________}s.s.

Date: _____________________________, ___________

I, ___________________________________________, hereby make application for an absent elector's ballot or ballots to be voted at the election held on

(Check election this application is to be used)

􀂆 2nd Tuesday in March (School Bond or Levy)
􀂆 3rd Tuesday in May (Primary Election and/or Taxing Districts Elections)
􀂆 Last Tuesday in August (School Bond or Levy)
􀂆 Tuesday following 1st Monday in November (General Election and/or Taxing
Districts Election)
􀂆 Special Emergency Election to be held on _____________________, ___________.

My home address is: ___________________________________________________________ in

__________________________________________, and I am duly registered in _________________________ County, Idaho.

Please mail ballot(s) to me at the following address:


(Mailing Address)

(City, State and Zip Code)


Signed: _____________________________________________________

EA-4 Approved by the Secretary of State, 2011

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