Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lady Wolverines End Season With 3 State Games

Reported by Mike Uhl

The GARDEN VALLEY Wolverines (11-7) played in the semi-final game of the District 3 Tournament, on February 5. The Wolverines lost to Meadows Valley 47-38. After that loss, Garden Valley played Council in an elimination game on Thursday, February 10, in McCall.

With an (11-8) record, the Lady Wolverines smashed the Lady Lumberjacks, 52-16, and moved on to the Saturday, February 12 game, to play Meadows Valley again, with the winner going to State and the loser eliminated.

With everything on the line, the Wolverines won the game, 55-44, and increased their record to (13-8). Chancey Jones scored 35 points and added 16 rebounds. The most points scored by the Wolverines during the district were 22 in the fourth quarter.

In the three games in the District 3 Tournament, the Garden Valley girls scored a total of 145 points. Every point in every game by every player helped the Wolverines make it to State:

Johanna Backe~~2 points
Emily Dovel~~~~12 points
Desirae Goff~~~~15 points
Aimee Johnson~~13 points
Chancey Jones~~ 59 points
Tess McInally~~~28 points
Logan Pergande~~4 points
Katie Vincent~~~11 points

Chancey Jones added 40 rebounds and 10 assist over the three games, with Desirae Goff and Katie Vincent both adding to the victories with rebounds and assist.

Now it’s time for the 1A Division 2 State Championship games.

These games took place in Nampa, Idaho. Garden Valley is just one of eight teams to make it to State from this division. Garden Valley was the only girls team from Boise County to make it into the State Tournament: Clark Fork (12-8) * Dietrich (20-2) * Garden Valley (13-8) * MacKay (12-9) * North Gem (22-0) * Richfield (17-5) * Summit Academy (17-8) * Tri-Valley (16-3)

The Wolverines with a (13-8) record opened the State Tournament with a tough game against Richfield, who had a (17-5) record. Richfield is a two-time defending State champion. They have been in four championship games in the last five seasons.

The game starts with a bang for Richfield, scoring 13 points in each of the first two quarters, to lead the Wolverines 26-15 at the end of the first half. The ladies from Richfield crushed Garden Valley, with 23 points in the third quarter. The Wolverines could not buy a single point.

After three quarters, the score stood at Richfield 49, Garden Valley 15. But Tess McInally and Chancey Jones and the rest of the outscored team stood up to Richfield, 13-7 in the fourth. The Wolverines, though, could not overcome the 23 points they were faced with at the start of the second half.
Final score: Richfield 56, Garden Valley 28.

On Friday, February 18, Garden Valley (13-9) get to play another game. This is the Elimination Game, the winner going on, the loser going home. This time it’s against Clark Fork (12-10). After the last game, the Lady Wolverines pull themselves up by their sneakers. But Clark Fork starts out with an 11-5 first quarter lead.

Garden Valley comes back with 13 points to lead at halftime, 18-17. When the second half starts, the Wolverines pick up where they left off, with 10 points. Clark Fork can only muster 2 in this quarter. Garden Valley gets 11 points in the fourth and Clark Fork can only add 9 to their total.
Final score: Garden Valley 39, Clark Fork 28.
Tess McInally’s 15 points, and Chancey Jones’ 12 points and 13 rebounds helped the Wolverines to the victory.

On Saturday, February 19, the Consolation Game is between Garden Valley (14-9) and Summit Academy (18-9). The winner of this game will take home the fifth place trophy in the state. In the first two quarters, Garden Valley scores just 16 points, while Summit Academy scores 32, led by Savana Prigge 25 points and 15 rebounds, for the game.

Garden Valley was led in scoring by Chancey Jones, with 19 points and 12 rebounds and Tess McInally, with 16 points. The Wolverines could not overcome their slow start in the first quarter and took home the sixth place trophy at State, with a final season record (14-10).

During the three games in the State Tournament, the Garden Valley players scored a total of 106 points, but Clark Fork, Richfield and Summit Academy players scored 138 points.

Joanna Becke 3 points
Emily Dovel 2 points
Desirae Goff 7 points
Aimee Johnson 4 points
Chancey Jones 38 points
Tess McInally 44 points
Katie Vincent 8 points

Again, every point in every game by every player helped the Lady Wolverines this season. I would like to thank the girls, coaches, parents and community for the good season!

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