Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Left: Jono Lawler and Coach Yearsley. Below, right: Tucker Leiva, Logan Pergande and Zach
Root hefting the big ponderosa round. Bottom: Coach Hileman and Mr. Palmiotto sawing.

Last Saturday, August 14th, was the second time that a large group of Garden Valley teachers, parents, coaches and student athletes all came together to buck and stack a log truck load of firewood.

The students will be selling the wood to help fund the Wolverine Athletics Programs this year. Local delivery will be made by the teams, with the ponderosa and lodgepole rounds selling for $140/cord. Contact Bob Powell, Athletic Director at GVHS - 462-3756 - for more information, or to place your order. Thanks to Linda Bass for photos & info.


  1. Thanks Linda for sharing.

    Good work everyone, great to see so many folks pullng together in support of this fundraiser for the school athletes.

    Go Wolverines.

  2. Way to go!!! What a relief to see a great POSITIVE note from our school. Teachers, students and parents all working together for a GREAT cause. "Friends" take note.. try working together instead of creating conflict!

  3. Good job men! Way to work together and be a "team".

  4. Hey Anonymous - quit stirring the pot.