Monday, August 16, 2010

Garden Valley Chamber Updates


*Labor Day Rodeo: Contact Jan Youren.

*September 11/12: UTV/ATV Rally, presented by Blake and Tammy Oseen, of Idaho X-Sports. Rides up Garden Mountain, Silver Creek Mountain and Grimes Creek, escorted by the County Sheriff. 208-462-2555,

*September 17-19: Mountain Rendezvous: Classic Motorcycles (Dirty Shame 208-462-2000)

*“Write by the River” Writer’s Retreat/Elaine Ambrose,

*September 18: Classic Car Show at Yogi’s (208-462-3897)

*Bike-A-Thon fundraiser for Crouch Volunteer Ambulance (208-462-2307)

*Low Country Shrimp Boil fundraiser for GV Fire District. (Only 200 tickets will be sold—get ‘em while they’re hot! Local artists, raffle, no pay just for music. 208-462-4620)

Chamber Prez Greg Simione says, “Business is up!” He attributes it to the work that was put into the “Just Turn Right” signs that lead tourists to Garden Valley. “We have an attractive face when they come into the valley and we have seen nothing but positive growth.”

GV LIBRARY: Dick Goetsch informed members that the library board is looking at ideas anyone might have for fundraising. He said, “The budget will cover the opening; there will be no paved parking lot for awhile and some of the trim will be unfinished. We’ve had a suggestion to ask for donations from people who supported the levy, for what the levy would have been--$40-50.” The fundraising committee will meet soon--anyone willing to help telephone supporters would be welcome. Goetsch says they have $60K in pledges and are looking for another $30-40K. Donations of paving, among other things, would be greatly appreciated. (208-462-3317)

RADIO STATION: Rex LeFevre says GV lacks communication and the station will fulfill that need. “We propose to put together an emergency station. We have to figure out a way to get people to turn on the station. We’d also set up a time folks could tune in to hear local stuff. If you have ideas on where we can put it, let us know. (Rich Smith 208-462-3013)

LES BOIS CREDIT UNION: Eileen St. Denis offers an opportunity to business owners. She’s on the board of the Garden City Library Foundation. They have an online auction website, which filters out to thousands of people. It’s a great op for businesses to get online with this—involves online bids, for non-profit. 9/7-9/23. Call Tami at Les Bois, (208) 462-4222.

GV RECREATION DISTRICT: Acting President Carol Smith says they are working on the Pavilion and have funds for a good deal of it. Hopes are to present it late Fall or Spring. More hopes—they want to have events in Weilmunster Park. They like partnering with local fundraisers, for a “small pittance”.

CROUCH VOLUNTEER AMBULANCE: Donnie Adams and Donna Sevilla reported 31 ambulance runs for July; 10 were airlifted by Air St. Luke’s and 4 by Life Flight.
The 20th Annual Bike-A-Thon, September 18, will provide funds for training and equipment.

GV SCHOOL: Superintendent Mike Tomlin announced the hiring of new principal, Bob Vian, who has moved here from Klamath Falls, with his wife, Sue. 2nd item: The school welcomes the new Biomass Boiler on August 17. The RIBBON CUTTING will be September 13. It is a $2.7M project. Bids are out to eight places in the area, for 400 tons of wood chips. Tomlin stated, “The District paid $12,000 a month for electric heat. This year it may cost $15,000—incredible. Five years ago, we’d have been rich—today, just broke.”

Remember the 4-Day Week: School starts on Monday, August 23; Buses will be on the road at 4 p.m.

WILD BILL'S BISTRO & DAHLIA’S: Bill Hadzor told the Chamber that last week, the Idaho Travel Council met in Hailey, at the Largest Dog in the World. Due to his personable schmoozing, it looks like there’s a good chance they will meet in GV next year.

RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT GROUP: New member Jon Jauregui does business consulting, helping people with strategic planning, quality process improvement and leadership development. (571-264-6498)

Board of Directors election will be Thursday, November 11. All officers will be stepping down. Greg Simione says the Chamber will be heading toward professionally-planned events. He said, “Think about that next level up...having a paid organizer for our four major events and working with people at the State level. Any time you are approached by State Tourism, I advise you to get involved.”


  1. Tell me more about the classic car show...where's Yogi's?

  2. Contact Yogi at 462-3897. And thanks! I'm hoping the people who are organizing these events will contact me with more info. Otherwise, keep yer eyes and ears open.