Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Update on New Garden Valley Market

Market due to open March 2011 "Yes, the rumors in the Valley are true," according to Crouch Merc co-owner Greg Simione. The long awaited financing has been funded and the City of Crouch was able to get the Water Grant, which depended upon the Merc receiving final approval.

Merc owners Gerold Dennett and Simione want to thank all of their customers for their support and understanding throughout this long journey. Simione says, "We also want to thank and acknowledge two companies, White-Leasure Development (Larry Leasure) and Les Bois Federal Credit Union (Ken Clifford), for their tireless and relentless efforts to secure funding and keep the project alive."

After all of the waiting and apprehension, the most satisfying conclusion has happened: After many twists and turns, Garden Valley residents will see construction begin on a new Grocery Store and a new Credit Union.

The town will have a store, supported by a local financial institution, with local contractor participation at several levels and catering to the local Valley population.

Simione says people can expect lots of behind the scenes work going on (ordering construction material, etc.), and construction beginning within two weeks.

The partners are still looking for a Pharmacist willing to lease the Pharmacy space they are building inside the store.

With a perfect schedule, Dennett and Simione plan on a grand opening in March of 2011.

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  1. Great news - although the old store will be missed it will be nice to shop at this new store.