Thursday, August 26, 2010


At the Crouch City Council special meeting on Wednesday, August 25, Council discussed a potential bond election, for the proposed City sewer system.

For inclusion in the bond election on the November 2 ballot, Council was aware that a City Ordinance needs to be passed soon. Discussion ensued.

Council President Dawn Smith, who met with Buxton Moore Bond Counsel, said that if the bond election is successful, the costs will be paid out of financing for the sewer. If the bond doesn’t pass, there is a cap of $1200, with an average of $800-900 loss to the City.

There is continued concern over the monthly resident/user cost. Councilor Richard Messick again expressed doubt that, after the school and library bonds, the people will go for this bond.

Mayor Bob Powell admits the cost is prohibitive, but his septic is old and he’s willing to go for it.

Councilor Smith said, “Everything we do on the hill is coming down here (to the village). The DEQ told us it’s affecting our wells down here—they’re at risk. We are also leeching into the river.”

There is concern over the possibility of losing grants if they put it off. Smith mentioned that there is money available at o% interest, but the City will never know until it gets the bond.

County Commissioner Jamie Anderson suggested a chance of debt forgiveness; if the user fee comes to $80, and the quoted/accepted user fee is less, the city could possibly be forgiven the difference.

Smith said, “I think we need to sell it at $45 a month for users. It’s about truth; you’ve all heard DEQ say they could come here and make us take it...we’re on their radar. I would like to see it go through...otherwise, I’m done. I’ve worked hard on this!”

The Council passed the motion to authorize Stephanie Bonney, of Buxton Moore Bond Counsel, to proceed with writing an ordinance to start the process of a bond election. Council plans to hold public meetings in September and October, to get the word out. For this particular bond, a 50% plus one vote is needed, to pass.

Smith informed Council that citizens can take the initiative to make signs and push the bond; Council can only verbally canvas the community. They want the public to know that if the user fee doesn’t come out to be affordable, at say $45, they will not move forward, even if the bond passes.

Two unspecified locations are being considered for the system. One piece of property is closer in and less expensive, while the other, which leaves room for growth, is farther out and will cost more.

The next regular Crouch City Council meeting is Wednesday, September 8, 6:30 p.m., at Crouch Community Hall. For information, contact Jody Waltman, at 462-4687.
Above: Councilor Karen Phillips supports Crouch sewer system!

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