Monday, June 6, 2011

Will Radio Really Hit Waves?

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The quest to provide low power radio to Garden Valley has been in motion for years, driven by the dream of one man, Rex LeFevre. Co-hort Rich Smith provides some hard-core notes to contemtemplate and the possibilities Radio will bring to the valley.

By Rich Smith
Garden Valley Communications Inc.

KXGV is a low power (30-100 watt) LPFM radio station serving the Garden Valley area.

Purpose: To provide Garden Valley residents access to their own locally owned and operated public FM radio station.

* (Will be) Licensed under the FCC LPFM (low power FM) operating rules recently approved by Congress (Local Radio Act of 2010).
* Non-commercial; totally funded and supported by grants and contributions, and operated by local volunteers.
* 30-100 watt transmitter and antenna located on Garden Mtn. and hosted by the Garden Valley TV Translator District.
* On the air for 20-30 hours/week, presenting local and transcribed general programming.
* A member of the EBS (Emergency Broadcasting System), ready to support the valley with emergency information and local instructions in the event of an emergency.
* Local programming, including Garden Valley news, call in programs, music, current events, discussion programs, student generated programs, and special events such as GV High School football and basketball sports broadcasting.
* Sunday broadcasting of pre-recorded programming, sponsored by local churches.
* Although commercial advertising cannot be solicited or sold, sponsorship by local businesses is encouraged, and business sponsorship will be credited on the air.
* Because licensing is not expected until late 2011, begin limited operations with an internet radio service.

* Home for a small office and studio (less than 500sq. ft.) visible from road. Must be able to install a small microwave dish with a line of sight to Garden Mountain.
* Access to power, bathroom, telephone and broadband internet service.
* Furniture. Desk, table, chairs, etc.
* Purchase studio equipment including a master control board, microphones, head phones, computer and software, auto answer two-line telephone, transcription and editing equipment (computer controlled tape recorder and player, record player, CD player), battery backup system, tables, movable partitions, desk, blackboard and chairs.
* Open a web site and develop a web page.
* Select and purchase a 100 watt FM transmitter and antenna ($5,000), and microwave transmit/receive equipment ($2,000).
* Install microwave antenna, receiver, FM transmitter and antenna on Garden Mountain and perform limited testing until the FCC issues our permanent LPFM operating license.
* Purchase and install solar powered battery backup system
*Add three more persons to the Garden Valley Communications Inc. board.
*Solicit sufficient local volunteers to participation in and operate the station on air and off air. At least 5 additional volunteers will be needed on a part time basis to operate 20 hours/week. Student Members of the Radio Club will have after school access to the station.
* Form a Radio Club for GVHS students to participate and learn about radio and internet
* Solicit donations and grants to help purchase a transmitter, microwave equipment, and construct and equip a temporary broadcast studio.
* Startup costs estimated to be less than $10,000 and monthly operating budget is limited to $500, including rent, power, telephone, broadband internet, insurance, and maintenance.

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