Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shuttered Windows in Jerusalem

Travelin' Ron Richter continues with his observations...

It is interesting to note that in all of the more recently built residences one will find a "safe room". This is one room, sometimes large and sometimes not more than a closet that is lined in steel and having a thick metal door. This room would be used in case there was an attack, allowing the residents a safe place to take shelter in.

Remember the movie, Panic Room? Well, these safe rooms are not that elaborate, just a strong metal cube. All of the windows on homes are also covered with metal louvred shutters that, when closed, seal the insides from bombings. I first saw examples of this one night back home, when Ruthie was watching the Home and Garden TV channel's House Hunters International and showing an American Jewish family and their real estate agent looking at homes to buy in Tel Aviv.

I am reminded of some of the homes in central United States where a house would always have some sort of a safe room or cellar where the family could seek safety in case of a tornado...

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