Thursday, March 3, 2011

Meeting: Game Plan for Job Creation

By John Cottingham

You should all have seen the draft Game Plan for Garden Valley job creation and retention by now. If you need to review, see the February 9 posting on Garden Valley Daily News (Job Creation Council: Game Plan Meeting). We will hold the final Game Plan meeting from 6-8 p.m. on Tuesday, March 8, in the Flex classroom of the GV High School.

I promise we'll be out by 8 p.m. There will be no other meeting in tandem with this one. If you are not familiar with the room's location, enter the front door of the high school and turn left down the long hall to the second to the last room on the right. It will hold about 35 people, the same size as the initial meeting. No food this time, so if you want a drink, please bring one. This is a low budget operation.

Progress has already begun with the formation of two committees! Our objective will be to finalize the Game Plan, to guide a successful job creation and retention program.

Thanks for all your suggestions in the initial meeting and afterwards. The interest has been exciting!

-- John

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  1. "Is this one of the guys that just sued Boise County and was awarded four million plus dollars? Is this one of the guys that has a large portion of property in Boise County and has yet to pay any property taxes? I say let the other communities have him and the rest of his partners and corporations, and good luck to those communities."

    "Sounds like they are trying to use us to create a "buzz" and pressure the county commissioners into using public money to help their defunct South Fork Landing.

    These slick operators are just like the ones that tried for the nuke plant in Payette County--prey upon the unsuspecting people of GV and hold JOBS out on a stick. They don't have money for their schemes and want us to pay. If it was a good honest deal, there would be investors lined up up all over the place--that is until the SEC shows up.

    This attempt at manipulating public opinion would give Mr. Ponzi a run for his money."

    "We found this pristine place..." = FUBAR

    "We have a very significant job creation opportunity in Garden Valley." = SNAFU

    "Dynamis Energy is creating waste gasification projects...." = PUD

    "Hey let's build the plaintiffs a bridge while we're at it ! Oh and make sure to thank ;

    T. Erik Oaas, Steven H. Laney, C. Lloyd Mahaffey, John B Cottingham, et al.."

  2. ..."It gets confusing here, so stay with us. Mahaffey is one of the partners in Eagle Springs Ranch which owns South Fork Landing at Garden Valley. They are delinquent on the taxes. Two of those partners, T. Erik Oaas and Steven H. Laney, are the guys who won the judgement on the troubled youth facility under the name of Alamar Ranch which also owes property tax. Here is how Mahaffey sees it:

    “Since the County is struggling to meet their obligations of the judgement, Oaas Laney, with my support, has proposed to Boise County that the Southfork Landing taxes owed to the County be waived and the judgement reduced by that amount. This would help the County meet their obligations. As a side note, as Linda Zimmer (Horseshoe Bend), former County Commissioner will confirm, I have tried, as an individual with business interests in Garden Valley, to help the County and Oaas Laney reach a settlement in this matter since February 2010.

    “I took this step because Dynamis Energy is planning to build a 3,000 square foot Network Operations Center to monitor and manage our waste to energy plants in Garden Valley (tech jobs, property taxes, etc…). Accordingly, I sincerely hope Boise County can find a way to overcome their material financial problems caused by certain elected and appointed officials during the Alamar land development process in a timely manner. Our offer on the taxes is designed to lower their cash payment obligation.”

    There should be some interesting public hearings when Dynamis files to build the operations center.

  3. Taxes were due before the law suit. Taxes should not be waived!! Guess what you need to pay your taxes just like everyone else. Pay your taxes or lose your land after all you wouldn’t want the county to discriminate against you. You would like us to be confused wouldn’t you?

  4. Southfork Landing is Oaas Laney's most ambitious residential development. We are pleased to have partnered with Dynamis Group, LLC in Eagle, ID to develop this outstanding property. As a bedroom community to the Treasure Valley and with nearly seven hundred majestic acres and 3 1/2 miles of river frontage along the South Fork of the Payette River in Garden Valley, Southfork Landing will be home to private mountain estates, condos, restaurants, retail shops, and much more. Located less than 1 hour from Boise, Southfork Landing is a perfect retreat from the city, yet close enough to make it your home. With a number of outstanding amenities, Southfork Landing will fit all your needs for a first or second home.

  5. “We have been looking forward to this event with great anticipation and excitement because
    the groundbreaking of our first phase lots truly marks a milestone in the thoughtful
    development of Idaho’s rural communities. We are working hard to complement our natural
    environment with one of Idaho and the Northwest’s most unique mountain communities that
    possesses signature outdoor adventure amenities like the Payette River Whitewater Park (the
    world’s first residentially-integrated whitewater park in partnership with Cascade Raft &
    Kayak and Whitewater Parks Int’l.), 40 acres of lakes, 2 miles of catch-and-release trout
    streams, fly fishing outfitting (in partnership with Idaho Angler), snowmobile and all-terrain
    guided adventures (in partnership with Idaho X-Sports), outdoor acoustic amphitheater, swim
    and racquet club, community lodge and conference center, equestrian center, restaurant and
    winery and miles of trails – all combining to deliver a memorable outdoor lifestyle experience
    for residents and guests of all ages – only 45 minutes from Boise and the Treasure Valley.”
    comments Lloyd Mahaffey, Development Partner, He adds, “Groundbreaking at Southfork
    Landing also marks the rebirth of the affordable ‘Idaho family mountain cabin’.”
    New Southfork Landing homeowner, John Cottingham states, “I am ecstatic to be one of the first
    new residents of this exciting outdoor community. We have already become close friends with
    our new neighbors and we have just begun to build.” Mr. Cottingham adds, “The concept of
    Southfork Landing is an exciting one for our entire family. No matter your age, it is very
    apparent that this community is all about sharing the best quality of life Idaho has to offer and
    sharing it all with friends and family.”
    Southfork Landing is a planned community with a mission to inspire, educate and engage
    residents and guests in a lifetime of outdoor adventure at their own pace and on their own terms.
    Erik Oaas, Managing Partner of Southfork Landing, Inc. states, “Our vision for Southfork
    Landing began with a recognition of the striking beauty of this valley location and our role in
    protecting the natural assets of the South Fork of the Payette River and our surrounding
    mountains. We consider Southfork Landing a canvas on which every resident and guest can
    paint their own landscape of personal adventure and enjoy the best Idaho has to offer.”

    John Cottingham has been a shameless promoter of Oaas Laney and Lloyd Mahaffey's Dynamis Energy for years. It was the same story when he was a member of Boise County P & Z during the Alamar proceedings. We all know how that turned out. He is helping these big players pick Boise County apart. Watch!

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