Thursday, March 31, 2011

Garden Valley Chamber of Commerce News

At the March 10 meeting of the GV Chamber of Commerce, co- President Diane Caughlin noted member cards are available and asked Marlene Roberts to read off Member-to-Member discounts. Marlene reviewed the current discounts available and said they are available to members in good standing, i.e., dues paid up for 2011. Please present your Chamber membership card to receive your discount for MEMBER-TO-MEMBER DISCOUNTS.

Unfinished Business
*Diane Caughlin informed the group that the Garden Valley Job Creation and Retention Council activities are tabled for the time being.
*John Jauregui announced there are two remaining strands of store-front lights available from the Chamber “Light-Up-The-Town” initiative. Each strand costs $18.

New Business
*Diane Caughlin reminded Chamber Members that Chamber dues should be paid by the end of March. A schedule of payments can be arranged; contact the Chamber Treasurer, Vicky Burford, to set it up.
*Carol Scharf discussed plans for the Chamber Spring Fling scheduled for April 23rd in Crouch from 10 AM to 4 PM. Coupons and booths are available for $25. Call her at 462-2902, for any questions you may have concerning Spring Fling.
 *John Cottingham announced he is organizing the 4th of July celebration and needs volunteers for a number of duties including organizing the Chamber booth.
 *John Jauregui noted he is organizing October’s Trunk or Treat and needs hot Ghouls and Goblins to make the event memorable for all.

Member Updates
Toni Palmiotto noted: · The Young Life high school group meets every Monday night at 7 PM in the Community Hall. They are planning to attend the Young Life Camp Malibu in British Columbia, Canada, this summer. These kids need good paying work to cover costs of attending this summer camp. Please contact Toni Palmiotto at Garden Valley Properties, 462-4620, if you can use some extra help this spring and summer.
· Also, please provide Toni your calendar events and any coupons, advertisements of goodies you want included in Chamber welcome baskets for new arrivals in the valley.
 · For complete nutrition and vitamin supplements especially beneficial for weight loss, women’s health, joint support and athletic performance, see her website

Darl Allred described current Sawtooth Wilderness Outfitters current activities. Sawtooth Wilderness Outfitters specializes in family adventure vacations that will accommodate all types of outdoor enthusiasts. They are currently offering sleigh rides and tubing until about the April 1st, weather permitting.

Henry Vanderwyk explained his business, Mountain Landscapes, provides full service landscape maintenance, as well as application insecticides and herbicides to control insect and plant pests at a rate of $70 per house visit or bi-annual visits for $140.

Jerry McLain summarized the electrical and technical services McLain Electric provides. You won’t be shocked by either the great service or the reasonable prices.

Marlene Robison emphasized the need for Chamber members to provision and maintain the Chamber Bulletin Board slots with their business brochures. She also noted her long-held business, Evergreen Insurance Agency, provides a full suite of insurance products from auto insurance to funeral insurance. Drive safely!

Mike Tomlin lamented that the school levy failed and noted that the school board will press on to make the necessary cuts to the school budget while hoping for a more positive outcome at the levy retry in May. Wish them luck in both endeavors. Three trustee seats are up for election in May for zones 2, 3 and 4.

Phil and Dana of Longhorn and Dirty Shame fame announced an upcoming benefit raffle and silent auction at the Longhorn and Community Hall, beginning at 11 AM, on April 2nd, and live entertainment, with auction at the Dirty Shame, starting at 8 PM. Proceeds go to an educational trust fund for Dawn Smith’s surviving children.

Jacqueline Kraupp announced that the ERA West Wind is still operating at full steam.

Joe Roberts noted he is the new chairman for the local Cub Scout pack, which currently has 29 active boys. The pack needs donations for books and uniforms. Uniforms run about $55.

Carole Scharf noted she sells photography and jewelry at the Crouch Farmers Market and on-line at eBay and Don’t hesitate to call her at 208-861-6742.

Tami Smith announced Les Bois Federal Credit Union is planning to open at their new location in May. 

Lynne McKibbin announced the start of “1st Tuesday” events featuring flowers, gifts, fashion, accessories, antiques and books, sponsored by Dahlias, Red Rooster and Book the Attic, beginning April 5th. Mark your calendars.

Also, just to let you know, Greg Simione, past president, will be running the April 14th meeting, since most of the current board members will be out of town or unavailable. The Longhorn has offered to cater the food for the meeting, so there should be some good eats! 

 For general information on Chamber activities, contact:
Diane Caughlin, Co-President Greater Garden Valley area Chamber of Commerce PO Box 10 Garden Valley, Idaho 83622 208-462-5003 or 208-462-4620 FAX 208-462-3321


  1. So the school district is going to try the levy vote again in May? Even with the sound clobbering they got? Good luck with that!

  2. Good point, Anon 8:09. I'm pretty sure that was the assumption 3 weeks ago. But I hear they have "got" the message and will not run the levy again.

    Hopefully that large majority that opposed the levy will now support the board as it must make the cuts.

  3. Good luck Dr. Tomlin and the board in getting this levy passed. I commend you on your approach but it seems a little late to cut budgets now. The GVSD teachers have survived two years of state budget cuts without cuts to their base pay. Other districts have made significant cuts to teachers pay and it’s time for GVSD to do the same; in a big way! It's the only option given the percentage of the total budget represented by teacher’s payroll, taxes and benefits. Don't cut programs like music, art, and sports; cut salaries across the board and keep all programs. These programs give students opportunities to become more rounded and better prepared for life. The private sector has seen huge lay-offs, salary reductions and work hour reductions, time for the public sector including teachers to do the same.

  4. @ April 4, 2011 11:16 AM

    BRAVO !!! One of the best comments I have read on this very important subject. Have we forgotten ... ? It's about educating our young people to be prepared for the future .

    "Don't cut programs like music, art, and sports; cut salaries across the board and keep all programs."

  5. In some ways I agree, in other ways I don't. I think an across the board cut is a good idea, but I just don't think we need programs like music, art, PE..things that only a small handful of students participate in. I think the elem. teachers need to go back to doing their own art, music, PE, the way things were years ago. Then hire teachers that can teach multiple things, such as music AND art, or PE and History...things like that. I just think it's a shame to keep things like art when there is such a small handful that take it.

    I hope the school does NOT run the levy again. The board is always getting accused of not listening to the public...this is the perfect chance to say "the public has spoken, loud & clear, and we are listening...cuts will be made". Period!

  6. I have a real problem with the school levy. The school board will run and re-run the levy until it passes. They will use scare tactics to get people to vote for it, as they did with the school bond (if the bond does not pass, the state will come in and take over the school). They are already doing it with this levy, (if the levy isn't passed, things like art, music, PE, football will have to be cut). I hate scare tactics, leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    I don't know of anyone in the valley that has a money tree in their back yard where they can go out and pick money from it to pay for taxes. We have seen the taxes go up from things like the school bond, library bond, county budget increases, etc. We still don't know how much the lawsuit the county has to pay will cost, but we (tax payers) will end up paying for it. Enough taxes.

    If I have a budget for my home and my income is not enough to support it, where do I go to get more money? Do I say "Boss, I need more money to support myself". When my boss says NO, I just keep coming back to the boss again, and again, and again. How long do I keep my job? NO, I cut my budget to fit my income, duh! The school board needs to do the math, if their budget is 'x' and their income is 'y', it does not work. If their income is 'y', then their budget needs to be 'y'.

    I know schooling kids is important, but everything at the school cannot be free for them. It wasn't for me, my parents had to pay, not only taxes but extras when I wanted to take art, music, go on school trips, etc. If today's parents can afford cell phones, blackberrys, etc. for their kids, they can afford to pay extra for the extras in the classes, i.e., supplies.

    The legislators just canned a bill that would stop the subsidizing of $125.00 per student for driving lessons because the people in Idaho could not afford the increase to have to pay for it themselves. Hum, think that says anything? People cannot afford increases in taxes.

    I think the school board has to wake up and smell the roses, the people have once spoken, NO MORE TAXES. What part of 'NO' don't they understand.

  7. anon 10:10

    Excellent points.

    In May, we have the opportunity to elect several GVSD board members. This is the perfect time to vote-in board members who represent our individual values.

  8. I am not certain what the concern is. Tomlin made his Chamber of Commerce comments two days after the election - probably still in shock.

    Have you heard or seen anything from the board regarding another vote? I have not.

    I think these trustees get it and understand.

  9. Annon seem to be under the impression that they will run another levy. I called my board rep and was told, no, they will not run another one. The public has spoken and they will respect that. So, in their defense, please don't slam them (annon 11:01), by saying "this is the perfect time to vote in board members who represent our individual values". I told my rep what I feel, which is not run the levy again, they aren't, so I'm thrilled with the representation I am receiving. Also, I believe all the election things are set, and they are ready to roll in May with appointing new people. I must say, I am not thrilled AT ALL with who is running, and feel we'll be in worse shape than we are now, but what can you do? I sure don't want the gig...wouldn't want that for all the tea in China!

  10. I agree with you, 3:14, when you say "I must say, I am not thrilled AT ALL with who is running, and feel we'll be in worse shape than we are now..." 2 of the 3 zones are now considered "single candidate elections" (no election will be held) and the remaining zone may end up the same way if the 2nd candidate isn't deemed eligible (there's a question of residency). I resent not being able to actually vote for my trustee (I don't trust the one that will be coming in any further than I can throw it), but as you said, what can you do? I also wouldn't want the gig! But I would wish it on my worst enemy! :-)

  11. Tomlin had NO right to speak for the board at the chamber meeting when he said they wouldn't re-run the levy. That is a board decision - period. But he does have a way of acting or speaking first and asking forgiveness later - or denying whichever method seems to work best.

    The deadline to file an intent to run the levy in May has already past. The next opportunity will be in August. The legislature isn't done and hasn't returned the actual numbers to the districts yet so running another levy in May without those numbers would be silly.

    Now the district is contending with a lawsuit which absolutely could have been handled two years ago - but our crack administrator seems to love a fight. If they spend one more dime on this, heads should roll for misusing public funds. I've had it - produce the documents and move on!

    Many teachers and other staff members have all had meetings with the administration telling them to start looking for a job and that some of them MAY be re-hired.

  12. 6:00:

    I believe that the district should have told the entire staff that they would not be offered contracts in May. That's what other districts are doing, and it makes sense. Don't offer contracts if you don't know what your budget will be!

    As far as Tomlin acting first and asking forgiveness later....hmmmmmm.....reminds me of a previous super who liked to play with district money without board approval...don't think that's the case here.

  13. 7:19 - The entire staff? Maybe you propose just closing the school down - that's brilliant. I haven't heard of one other district doing that.

    And I don't care a whit about the previous super. It's the one we have now I'm concerned with - he has NOT done a good job as evidenced by the money spent to clean up messes he made.

  14. 8:43
    Yes, the entire staff. Providence, RI did that. Makes a lot of sense. As I said, you don't offer contracts if you don't know what your budget will be. No, you don't have to close the school...the district just isn't locked into contracts that they can't fulfill. The staff become "at will" employees.

  15. You're giving ONE example in Providence, RI? Ok, that's relevent......NOT. It stands to reason that there are certain subjects that must be taught by law - the basics like math, science and English. Why give pink slips to the people you know we need and cause further upset? At least there is SOME stability.

  16. Meant relevant - sorry.

  17. I agree. In bigger schools, they give everyone pink slips, until they see what the budget will be, and also see what enrollment will be. What if the school hires 5 para's for spec-ed, and then after school starts, find out they only need 2. Do they THEN let the other 3 go? No, you only bring back 2 of them, see how it goes, and move forward from there. You can't expect people to sit around and wait for the school to call with an opening. They have gotten their pink slips, now they need to move on for the best of their family and find new work. If they get called back to school, great, but if not, they have plan B already in action.

    Annon 6:00...when did Tomlin speak for the board saying they "weren't" going to rerun the election? I just went up and re-read the article and it clearly says, ".....necessary cuts to the school budget while hoping for a more positive outcome at the levy retry in May" the point he made the comment, March 10th, they didn't know if they would or wouldn't re-run it.

    Annon 5:23...the new board members that are coming in are going to be awful. They are all coming in with agendas, the same thing they have accused others of. They aren't coming in for the best of the school. We have to some how find a way to get a new board...a board that is strong and will stand up to the public nonsense and put a stop to it all. They are all a bunch of chickens....

  18. When were the board candidates announced, and just who are they?

  19. 8:26 - Said it several times to people in town.

    The new board coming in at least cares about children and educational outcomes instead of employing only those that line up and agree with an inexperienced first-time superintendent.

  20. @ 8:55 AM So you do not advocate for "an inexperienced, first-time superintendent", however, inexperienced, new, board members with their feelings in order is your answer to solving the issues....? Swell ... and with "single candidate elections" (no election will be held) little chance of an opportunity there !

  21. Annon 8:55..."inexperienced first-time superintendent"...that's not OK..but yet it was OK to have an inexperienced first-time principal?? One who didn't know up from down, didn't even HAVE his certificate to BE a principal and yet they loved him? Why the difference? I'm not sure which new board members you have heard about, but at least 1 of them is coming in with an agenda so big it's not even funny.

  22. Annon 8:55...did he say "they won't run it, or they will run it" or did he say something along the lines of "I'm not sure what they will do, but my recommendation would be to not run it"...which is completely different. As I have said before, the public is always quick to jump all over board members telling them they don't listen to the public. The public has spoken...very loudly...2 to 1 vote, and so they are listening and NOT running it....NOW you wanna jump all over them for listening? They can't win..bottom line!

  23. I know many in the "public" voted no but will vote yes as soon as there is someone who understands the value of a dollar in a leadership position. I know the response will be "we passed every audit". Well isn't that what you're supposed to do? Also, the audit doesn't cover poor decision making resulting in increased turnover, and legal costs.

    The principal was hired to work with an experienced superintendent as is done in many small districts. That principal had more natural leadership ability than anyone in the current positions - not perfect, just tons of potential. You can't manufacture or buy that kind of ability. Which is not to say he didn't need mentoring or training - just need someone who is a worthy mentor.

  24. Those inexperienced first-time board members have more of a vested interest in this community than anyone in the administration. They have or have had children who attend GVSD -they have homes and businesses and have lived here for many years. And don't forget that not all seats are up. Two experienced board members will remain. The system was designed that way.

    I'm looking forward to having five board members and some balance for a change.

  25. Elizabeth Dunn had experience, and you threw her out. Obama has no experience and is a first time president. Some people love him.

    Tom Luna is a second term elected state superintendent and the teachers want him recalled.

    Experience only matters if you like the guy, or dislike the guy. It is an unsound argument.

    Now some of you are starting to argue on the silly. This blog is usually better than that.

  26. Elizabeth Dunn??? You must be joking. Isn't she the one who sends out e-mails to teachers, patrons and board members full of "crazy". I think so.

  27. My point is the system is designed to hopefully always have at least two experienced board members on - it's why the elections are staggered. Nothing silly about it.

  28. And by the way, I didn't throw Dunn out.

  29. Annon 11:13...I totally agree. Has nothing to do with years of experience, where you live, how long you've lived there. Bottom line is the people here have had a bug about them since Tomlin arrived. All because he gave Boy Wonder a run for his money and made him act like the professional he was hired to do. Once he did that, there was no looking back. I'm so tired of the people in this town crying fowl ALL THE TIME! I don't even know what to think anymore, don't know what to's so bad up here! If I didn't own a home, I'd have been long gone MONTHS ago. This is the most unforgiving place I have ever seen in my life.

    We have 2 good people on the board right now, and then one has-been that just won't go away. Thinks he can solve all the problems, or at least solve the ones that his girlfriend tells him to solve, and then a newer member who has only spent a few short months on the board, disliked it so much that she won't run again, but yet wants to be involved with things she knows absolutely nothing about. I guess with that in mind, the new board members can't possibly get much worse.....except for that one I mentioned before with the agenda!

  30. 1:31 - Wow, way to go slamming a new board member. How in the world would you know she knows nothing about "things". She has an impressive background and is always very well-spoken at the meetings. She educated us all in certain elements of personnel documents and that was very valuable.

    Hey, don't let your house hold you back. There are good people wanting to rent all the time - call a local agent and get the ball rolling.

  31. I didn't "slam" anyone...never mentioned who I was talking about, you "assumed" who I was talking about. A little sensitive are we?

  32. Annon 1:43...I don't think that was a "slam", and no one questioned anyone not having an impressive background, and being well spoken at meetings, and even being educated in certain elements of personal was simply mentioned that it appears she gets involved in things that she probably doesn't know the whole story on, and therefore shouldn't get too involved with. I have a feeling she has a couple good folks filling her ears with nonsense information, and is basing her opinions on that.

  33. Annon 1:43, if you want to read some good "slams", read the post above with slams against the super. But that's OK right? Can't talk out both sides of the old mouth there!

  34. Annon 6:00

    "the next opportunity is in August"...are you serious? you think people will get pink slips and then sit around until August to see what will happen? I think not. Most teacher jobs are filling in May...sometimes June. So if someone got a pink slip, they'd be foolish to just sit back and wait to see how the levy goes in August. Why would they, 2 to 1 is a pretty impressive think all the sudden it'll be better? Did people think the school was just joking when they ran it the first time?

  35. 1:51 - There's only one new board member that's a "she". Not too difficult to know who you were referring to. And what has she said or done to make anyone think she is biased or doesn't have the whole story?

  36. We're losing all our electives teachers. Great. You folks should be so proud of yourselves.

    Good bye, Mr. De Foe. The best, most qualified music teacher we've ever had, or ever will have. No one of his caliber will ever come to this backwoods, redneck, ignorant valley again.

    I've been trying for years to tell people that Boise county residents are *not* backwoods, redneck & ignorant, but it seems you folks have proven me wrong. Way to go.

  37. Well under the current budget circumstances, I would rather lose a qualified music teacher than a qualified math teacher. We have our priorities all screwed up. GET A NEW LEADER!!!!

  38. 8:42, *You* are so screwed up. Don't you know that it's been proven that students who also take music classes are better at math? There's a reason for that! YOU have your priorities all screwed up! BTW, some students will only stay in school for the music, just as some will only stay for the sports. We don't need a new leader....we need a reasonable voter base that will put the needs of the STUDENTS first and bury all the political crap where it belongs!

  39. Ok great. Let's keep the music teacher and screw math. That will really help our students get into college. If you HAVE to CHOOSE, would you really choose music. Nuts!!!!

  40. Wow -- years ago when I was the Chamber President, and put out a press release, I certainly didn't get this much response. Man, I must've done something wrong -- this "was" about Chamber activities wasn't it? Maybe I'm wrong. After wading through all the comments, I really can't remember what the article was about.

  41. 9:41 - It's not the ONE guy, it's the entire voter base? I guess if I was that ONE guy, I would get out of town as fast as I could because good luck trying to change an entire town. I'll help him pack.

  42. ~from the Greater GV Chamber Board ~

    Unfinished Business
    Garden Valley Job Creation and Retention Council activities are tabled for the time being.

    John Cottingham has resigned from the Greater GV Chamber Board and role as Co-President to focus his attention on the Garden Valley Job Creation/Retention Council, bringing jobs to our valley and adult education to our residents. ...So as not to burden others on the Board he has agreed to continue to coordinate the July 4 celebration.