Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Children's Library Youth Garden Needs Materials

 Contributed by Christie Jauregui
The Youth Garden setup at GV Library is in progress and they are looking for a few things to help pretty things up and keep things neat.  Contributions are gratefully accepted at the library with a huge ‘Thank You’!
•    Colorful scatter rugs so they don't track SO much dirt inside
•    Any old screw in the wall hooks ( They will use these on the garden posts for hanging up sweatshirts, coats, hats etc) They don't need to match... more fun if they don't
•    Shepard’s hooks that poke into the ground
•    Hummingbird or bird feeders ( and seed until they get the plants going for bird feeding)
•     Bird bath
•     Laundry basket full of wood chunks or like tree branch slices... for nature play ( stacking and sorting)
•     Recycle bin for plastic, paper, aluminum or however they need to be sorted here
•     Latex paint in YELLOW< PINK< PURPLE< BLUE for the tires
•     Cute outdoor bin or basket for left items ( water bottles, hats, etc)

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