Friday, April 26, 2013

Senior Center: Community Brainstorm!

    I’ll begin. A woman from California, whose father is moving to a house on Packer John, called to ask questions about the Senior Center: “My dad doesn’t get out much but he loves to go to the Senior Center to play pool with friends.”
  How about a pool table and card tables for games at the Center?
  A lady named Nancy announced that she has her mother’s collection of National Geographics and would we want them? I remember when the Center was divested of all magazines and reading material. It seems we have a few token books on a shelf now, but any other readables are seniors’ newspapers. How beckoning is that?
  Perhaps we could use the Center shelves for Granny’s cache of books--on so many subjects. Visitors could enjoy a book here with a cup of joe or drop their 25 or 50 cents into the can and take it home.
  Now, all of our ideas will be worthy, but without the friendly face and willing body of a volunteer (there’s that catchy word again), what good are the ideas? We need OPEN HOURS and a smiling face to say “hello and welcome”, answer the phone and make the coffee.
  We are considering options and asking you to do the same, because the changes are coming, and with CCOA’s lack of funding—cooks and coordinators are not on the menu.
  And—pardon me for harping—why have cooks and coordinators if we can’t afford enough open hours and have very few loyal patrons?
A rare sight of Granny Ruth Richter sitting down,
 but still working on piles of clothing!
  The large building is here and it’s paid for. The Memorial Garden and productive herb and veggie gardens beautifully flourish in three seasons—thanks to dedicated tending by Linda Baker and Jayne Carlson (HELP NEEDED ON TUESDAYS AM).  This is a super, central location and by gum, I’d like to see it thriving!
  If anyone has a light bulb illuminate the darkness of the drab future of the Senior Center, please carry it brightly to the seniors board, via phone (462-3943), e-mail ( or stop in during meals or visit Granny’s.
  Our building is crying out for community activity!
   Thursday Breakfasts are served at 9:30. Affordable and a friendly way to get the day started.
   DINNER is a warm affair at the Center. Your whole family is welcome—low prices also give you the opportunity for family ambience, with all ages.
   If you need a home meal delivered, call Judy.
  Granny’s Closet never stops adding new (gently-used) merchandise, so check her out. Apparel for all sizes and ages, linens, fabric and sewing notions, books galore (bring two, take one), gifts, glass and kitchen wares, pet items, and the hardware corner is a trip to explore. Open Fridays, 12-5 and Saturdays, 11-4.
  Exercise with Petite Ione for free—easy, non-intimidating Fit & Fall-Proof routine—join the ladies—open to all sexes! Come on guys—buck up and get in here.
   NOSY NEIGHBORLY HOME TOUR  is on its way--June 1, from 10-4. $10 a ticket, on sale at the Center, Granny's Closet, Garden Valley Market and the Old Crouch Mercantile Crafts Mall, downtown Crouch.
This tour will be fun, taking you to a variety of homes--Log Houses, Artists' Abodes, Glam Digs and such.
Bistro, Restaurants and Deli options are in Crouch, along with shopping ops. Put it on the calendar!
  Find us at 261 Middle Fork Road, GV/Crouch. 462-3943 or

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