Monday, April 8, 2013

Sam Rosen Garden Valley Photos Available!

Even though Sam and Sandie's Gallery and Frame shop are long gone from Garden Valley, they still can provide residents with Sam's images.

Now that he's retired, Sam has more time to pursue his passion for photography.  He has just set up a new site with many images of Garden Valley on it, in a gallery.

Check out his site on   You can click the Galleries tab to get to the Garden Valley Gallery.

Since Hinsel, the new web developer for the Garden Valley Chamber made a slide show on the new Chamber of Commerce site with Sam's pictures on it, you can go to this link to see them:   Sam will give people here a place to get his pictures from the slide show for their walls...just like he used to.

 He also has some images of their new home up in the cold white North, posted on the site!

More Garden Valley images will be added as he gets the time.

Sam has set up a 15% discount for Garden Valley residents.  If you subscribe to his site, he will reply with the code.

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