Friday, June 22, 2012

Support Our 4th of July!

Help support the Fireworks by purchasing one of the above fireworks.    All donations are greatly appreciated, and a special thanks and your name will be printed in the Idaho World.   If you would like to donate, please contact:  GV Chamber of Commerce 462-5003 Diane Caughlin @ Julie Leslie @

The 4th of July celebration costs several thousand dollars to put on each year, monies we have to raise to make it happen. If you, your family and friends have fun year after year, please help us with any size donation. There are cans all around town to drop your change in, or you can donate to the fireworks fund and be acknowledged in our thank-you publication.
· BIG SHOT $100.00
· BIG BOOMER $75.00
· BLACK CAT $50.00
· SPARKLER $25.00
You can also purchase GV Gear, with the Chamber Logo; we have hats, visors, vests, t-shirts, mugs, shot glasses, and insulated tumblers. We will also have “I survived the 4th or "July in Crouch Idaho”, and this year’s theme, “Red, White & Wild”, 4th of July T-shirts. They are available at many members stores as well as the Chamber Booth, which will be located in front of GV Communications on the 4th.

For more info, please contact or call 462-5003.
***Hey Everyone,
I just got off the phone with Bryan Wewers our Idaho Power Chamber Representative; he will match the First 4-$100.00 (BIG SHOT) donations the Chamber receives for the Fireworks Fundraiser!
Thanks so much, Idaho Power and Bryan!!! Who can help us out with this? The fireworks alone cost $2500.00 + advertising, cash prizes for the parade, prizes for the kids games, signs etc…
Also, don’t forget, you can help out by buying the last 10 Starlight Tickets, all proceeds go to the 4th of July Celebration!!!
Diane Caughlin, President
Greater Garden Valley area Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 10
Garden Valley, Idaho 83622
208-462-5003 or 208-462-4620
FAX 208-462-3321

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  1. Sheesh, why would anyone want to contribute to the mayhem that is Crouch on the 4th????

    On the other hand, if Alan Ward gets arrested again, I'm on board. LOL!!!!!