Saturday, June 30, 2012

GV Market on the 4th!

We are heading into the July 4th week, which is full of fun activities around the Valley. We hope you enjoy your Holiday on the 4th and let’s all remember to focus on safety during the upcoming fireworks celebrations.
At the Market, we’ve stocked up in anticipation of a busy week. If this weekend begins to sell us down, we have a delivery on Sunday and then again on Wed, the 4th in the early am….so we feel we have your needs covered. We apologize in advance if we run out of a popular product.
To plan for family BBQ’s don’t forget to check out our meat and chicken and hot dog value buys. As a fun treat, we brought in good ole fashioned watermelon “with” seeds to keep with the tradition.
Finally, feel free to park at the Market on the 4th. We’ll have designated parking areas for those that want to park and walk to the Park or into the downtown core for fireworks. We’ll reserve some spaces for customers going in and out and we’ll have some blocked off for the soap box derby at 12:30 that day.
Have a great Holiday week and we look forward to your next visit!!!!!!
Greg and Gerold
Garden Valley Market

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